I hate sports with a passion

Welcome, Mates! Post here for discussions on how thoroughly sports suck. In general.
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I hate sports with a passion

Post by FSR » Sat Jan 31, 2015 12:20 pm

I am new here and so glad to see I am not alone. I was the person who got beat up in school because there is no one lower than sports hating Dungeons & Dragon nerd. When I got into the work world it was the same thing except the beatings were replaced by verbal abuse and cruel jokes. I am 50 and yes, I still hate sports and play Dungeons & Dragons. Tomorrow is the stupid brawl and I will adventuring and slaying Trolls and Orcs and taking their stuff. My D&D friends will feast on home made BBQ beef, BBQ chicken. Homemade pies and other assorted mostly homemade snacks.
:evil: Is there a way both teams can lose? :evil:

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