We are not all the same

Welcome, Mates! Post here for discussions on how thoroughly sports suck. In general.
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We are not all the same

Post by BlackSheepAthelete » Wed Jun 24, 2015 5:18 pm

I came across this website after I hit a wall that has been coming my way for a looooonggg time. I am an athlete, not only an athlete but a very "gifted" athlete. I am 6''10 with very impressive athletic ability, both my parents played D1 and professional basketball and I am currently a D1 basketball player as well. Let me not waste any time getting right to the point... I HATE SPORTS!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot emphasize it enough, I have NEVER enjoyed watching sports, playing sports video games, practicing, hanging out with sports fans, and many times I did not even enjoy playing in games. The people that surround you your whole life when you are any type of "good" at a sport are the most brain dead sheep that you will ever come across. All they do is discuss pointless things like "What are the best pair of Jordans?" or "Who is the best athlete of all time?" and if you dont enjoy these types of things you are looked at as weird or an outsider. Growing up I did not have many friends because of this and I am finally realizing that it is not necessarily me who is the weird one. I could really go on and on in this post thanks to 23 years of being an athlete, however I just want to make something clear. Although I personally have never met another athlete with the same mindset as myself, it does not mean that they are not out there. A lot of what I have seen on this website is putting down athletes themselves, and although for the 99% of athletes out there the stereotypes probably fit them to a tee, we are not all the same. If the fact that I could play basketball didn't pay for 5 years of college and get me an undergrad and masters degree, there is NO WAY IN HELL I would put myself through this madness.

All in all I am VERY happy to have found this website, and I hope you all are not too upset when I take to this message board to vent on some things that I have been silent about for YEARS.

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Re: We are not all the same

Post by Ray » Wed Jun 24, 2015 7:15 pm

Thanks for a great post. Believe it or not, what you say makes a lot of sense to me. Although I am not an athlete I can easily imagine the kind of people you refer to. The fans are the main reason I don't like sports.

And, although we sometimes ridicule sports nuts and "athletes" most of us realize that we are all individuals. But there is enough truth in the stereotype of sports fans and jocks that we will never be far off the mark no matter what is said.

Welcome to the forums and please feel free to express yourself.

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Re: We are not all the same

Post by Millhouse » Tue Oct 13, 2015 11:44 am

I'm actually pro fitness. You certainly sound at least that. Just have a problem with the religious overblown overcommercialized, damagingly competitive culture known as professional sports. More often than not it's the sports bores (fans/sports star wannabes) that wind up not sitting well with me.
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