I hate football season.

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I hate football season.

Post by SupremeSpiderman » Fri Sep 04, 2015 11:54 am

God it's that time of the year again. Football season the part of the year I dread the most. it's like flu season, only the wise people get the immunization against this. All year long I must put up with my dad's sports fanaticism, he watches tennis baseball golf, basketball, hockey Well he only gets to watch it at night though because I hog the TV 90 percent of the time.. So he's usually shouting at his stupid radio in the house, almost having conversations with it as if an inanimate object could talk back to him. And of course he jump on the bandwagon every time a major event such as the world cup happen. Despite the fact that he otherwise doesn't watch soccer.
I've always seen sports as just another excuse for people to get drunk and claim little or no responsibility for their actions. And lately I've been fed up and been getting into arguments with him over the amount of noise he makes. I especially hate when you hear random people on your block shouting like some is trying to kill them.

I really hate sports, it drives me crazy especially the way its causes its fans to act. Fans who may even go as far as to get into get into physical fights all because their team lost a freaking game. The keyword is game. It's not meant to be taken so seriously, after all this isn't The Hunger Games. Although if there was a Hunger Games and sports fans were selected I don't think many would be physically prepared, as quite a few sports fans simply watch people exercise yet they don't practice it themselves.
And one thing that irritates the hell out of me is that my dad says that everybody likes sports. That's a load of bullshit. Everyone doesn't like sports. People have different tastes.If they didn't we'd all be brainwashed into obsessing over this irrelevant crap. It's especially stupid that the news has a sports segment. Sports isn't news, isn't vital information they waste part of the news on dumb sports that they could be using for more crucial news.

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Re: I hate football season.

Post by Ray » Sat Sep 05, 2015 3:14 pm

You know what I can't figure out is WHY the NFL got so much coverage for deflategate. I saw on the news a couple of days ago where some court overruled some other court's previous decision as to who was to blame for the deflated footballs. HOW did this silliness EVER find its way INTO COURT?? WHAT DOES FOOTBALL MATTER SO MUCH THAT IT WAS NECESSARY FOR A COURT TO GET INVOLVED?? *&^%$#!


I Hope We Lose!

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