You are a WEAK C#@$!

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You are a WEAK C#@$!

Post by Richo » Wed Oct 21, 2009 10:03 pm

Final post before I go to work :wink: .

I was playing football on a nice warm day. I was having quite a lot of fun doing this silly ritual, until one of my team mates absolutely clobbers his opponent. It's behind play, completely unfair and un-necessary. The guy drops like a sack of poop as anyone would from a clothesline like this one. He's knocked unconcious and so when the umpire actually realises something happened, play is held up while we have the momentum. The crowd dosn't like this at all. They boo and hiss at the guy getting stretchered off, and then someone utters those magical words - "You are an absolute WEAK C@#$!". It's not an inaccurate statement. Anyone in that position I'm sure wouldn't be having delusions of Hercules type strength. One of his team mates hears the insult and I watch as it slowly processes through his brain.

The statement is a reflection on HIM as a person. Not the guy who got knocked out, not the team, but HIM. He plays for that team and is associated with the person who got knocked out. Therefore the insult is his own, and none other. I watch him jog off in anger after my team mate that knocked out the other player. He is not a 'weak c@#$' and is about to prove it with his fists. A fight breaks out. Suddenly everyone on the field believes that the spotlight is on them to join the fight, and prove once and for all that they are not a 'Weak C@#$'. The scoreboard has become irrelevant and the whole aspect of the game has changed. We were playing for a spot in the finals, but that entire concept holds no importance as to being called a 'Weak C#@$'. The crowd is loving every minute of it, the game was very low scoring and not much was actually happening until this point. The umpires are running around like headless chickens throwing about yellow, red and black cards (we have a send off system in the Amatuer league). Play eventually resumes and everyone feels justified that they threw a punch, or have some form of scar to prove that they were not a 'Weak C@#$' this day.

The siren goes and it's 3 quarter time. The coach blasts us all for our lack of discipline. That we were unable to contain our tempers during such an important stage of the game, and pulls aside several players to apologise to us for stuffing up the game. Feeling dejected, we come out in the last quarter with our tails down and end up losing by three goals.

At the end of the game the coach yells at us all saying we are the biggest bunch of 'Weak C@#$s' that he has ever been in charge of. It's times like this I actually agree with him.
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Re: You are a WEAK C#@$!

Post by Ray » Wed Oct 21, 2009 10:25 pm

I didn't see that coming. Irony. :)

I Hope We Lose!

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Re: You are a WEAK C#@$!

Post by blackdog4444 » Sat Oct 24, 2009 1:42 am

Damn... reminds me of a line in a book I read...

"The dark weakens as it is fighting its own self"

Well it's more like this really..

"Sports' psycho grip weakens as the crazed jocks start fighting amongst themselves"

Off topic sorry.. : How long does it take to build an AK-47?

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