Can football practice be child abuse?

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Re: Can football practice be child abuse?

Post by The Imperialist » Tue Oct 05, 2010 2:24 pm

These so called 'adults' maybe should come to my wonderful investment prediction sessions.
I mean, looking at the Financial Times (and actually PAYING ATTENTION TO CURRENT FUCKING AFFAIRS) can give you a very good look into what you should and shouldn't invest.
As a person who officially is still not 'criminally responsible' a.k.a being under-18, I CAN MAKE BETTER INVESTMENT decisions than the total brainpower of these idiot athletes who think they are adults an dshould know better.

If you give me $250 million, oh boy, looking at the economic climate now, I can make a very good short term return (1~5 years from now) and definitely more than 10 times the original sum if we think long term (assuming that the economy of the developed countries goes to 80% of what it used to be before the bust- this is like, almost certain so foolproof in a way)

But before even RISKING your mony on investments, why in the name of all that is holy, do idiots like these people try to look clever and try investing? With the amount mentioned above, you can live SOLELY ON INTERESTS. I mean, think through this. Assuming Bank interest to be 1% (this is quite a bad interest actually- oh by the way, excluding tax) per annum, it means that per year you get waaait for it...

$2.5 million.
$2.5 bloody million. Even with tax, (let us just assume it is one of those crazy 40% super tax- that still gives you $1.5 million left) you still have $1.5 million left. Even with the HUGE tax various countries put on. (Which never quite reached 50% unless you are in Sweden or Norway) These athletes should stop whining. (And maybe give me the money, because I can make them more money than they can imagine doing it themselves)
Long live Japan, and down with the DPJ.

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