Religious Cyber-Bully VenomFangX Back On YouTube Again!

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Religious Cyber-Bully VenomFangX Back On YouTube Again!

Post by Fat Man » Fri Apr 15, 2011 5:46 am

OK, over a year ago I had posted a topic titled . . .

3 Years of Cyber-Bullying By Religious Fanatics On YouTube!

And of course, tonight I have bumped that old topic back up to the top because of some recent new developments.

Sometime back, a YouTube member who goes by the user name VenomFangX had been banned from YouTube because he had filed over a hundred false DMCA claims against many science videos on evolution, in an attempt to get their YouTube channels shut down.

The DMCA is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and some people misuse it to file false claims against videos they don't like. You do so, under the penalty of perjury, and you can get up to 5 years in prison for that.

VenomFangX had been given a choice, to either leave YouTube or face the consequences of his actions.

But now, I have some news.

Sometime, either very late Wednesday evening or early Thursday morning, this April 14,2011 sometime after midnight, I had discovered that VenomFangX has his YouTube channel back up again.


Now, I don't know how he manage to get his channel reinstated. I guess he did a lot of ass-kissing, and of course, he is a spoiled rotten brat from a rich family up there in Toronto Canada. You know. Money talks!

Anyway, here is his channel.

Jesus is Lord
VenomFangX's Channel

Now, you can't post comments on his channel. I allow people to post comments on my channel.

But you can post comments under his videos, which I had done last night under one of his videos.

I had posted the following.
BigFatMan1951 wrote:Well, I see VenomFangX is back on YouTube again! I thought he was banned for good! Hey! VenomFangX you little snake!!! Are you going to try to have some more evolution channels shut down by down-thumbing all the positive comments, false flagging, setting up a vote-bot, and filing some more false DMCA claims? Eh? Do that, and you might end up in prison for perjury! Then you and Kent Hovind can be butt-buddies! He'll make you his personal bitch!!! Yeah, Pretty Boy!!! Ya got that? Eh? Pretty Boy?
Later on about a few hours later, I went back to that video again to see if there were any responses to my comment, and it was deleted. When I tried to post another comment, it would not post.

Instead, I got . . . You have been blocked by the owner of this video. Gee! I wonder why!!! Like, I five a flying fuck!

Anyway . . .

Kent Hovind is another fellow Creationist whom VenomFangX admires so much, and even tries to emulate on some of his own videos.

But now, Kent Hovind is currently serving 10 years in prison at Edgefield, South Carolina for tax evasion and fraud.

Of course, VenomFangX lives in Toronto Canada, so if he ever does go to prison or anything, he won't be with his butt-buddy, Kent Hovind, but someone will probably make VenomFangX his personal bitch.

Almost every prison usually has some big guy named Bubbah who keeps a large can of Crisco in his cell.
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