Original Definition Of Heretic. Heresy Is Good!!!

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Original Definition Of Heretic. Heresy Is Good!!!

Post by Fat Man » Tue Sep 06, 2011 1:18 pm

OK, as we all know, a heretic is one who has an opinion or embraces a doctrine that is at variance with established religious beliefs, especially dissension from, or denial of Roman Catholic dogma!

So, that is the definition of heresy or being a heretic, one who embraces a heresy.


NO . . . . . WRONG!!!

Here are the original definitions of heretic, and heresy.

Original Definition of heretic: [Middle English, heretik, from Old French, heretique, from Late Latin, haereticus, from Greek, hairetikos, able to choose, factious, from hairetos, chosen, from haireisthai, to choose;]

And also . . . . .

Original Definition of heresy: [Middle English, heresie, from Old French and from Late Latin, haeresis, from Late Greek, hairesis, from Greek, a choosing, faction, from, haireisthai, to choose, middle voice of hairein, to take.]

OK, so originally, heresy meant being able to choose, or to make choices, and heretic meant, a person who chooses, or make choices.


The original definitions say nothing about whether heresy or being a heretic is right or wrong, good or evil.

NO! It only means, to choose.

Now, it's possible to make either good choices or bad choices, wise choices or foolish choices.

So, there are good heresies and bad heresies, and there are good heretics or bad heretics, if you go by the original definitions of having the ability to choose or make choices.

But heresy itself simply means choice, and a heretic is simply a person who make choices, one who chooses.

That's all it means, and nothing more. That's all it ever meant. Nothing more than that!

That is what these words meant for many centuries.

That is . . . . . until . . . . . the Catholic Church came along.

So, the Catholic Church had re-defined those words to mean, a disagreement with, or to be at variance with or to be in conflict with church doctrine, which meant, that at best, you were in error, or something evil and blasphemous at worst!

And so, heresy was no longer a matter of choice or choosing, but became re-defined as being in direct opposition to church doctrine. Heresy became re-defined as evil.

That is like saying, that all hammers and all cars are deadly weapons.

But as we all know, a hammer and a car are not weapons.

A hammer is merely just a tool and a car is merely just a mode of transportation.

Sure, one can choose to use a hammer or a car as a weapon.

With a hammer, you can build a house, or crush a skull. With a car, you can drive to work or drive to the supermarket to purchase food and household items, or drive your children to school or your family to church, etc etc. or if you happen to see somebody walking along side that highway, somebody you probably don't like or hate and despise, then you can swerve your car off the road to run that person down, thus killing him or her.

Well, of course, hammers do have a history of having been used a weapons more often than cars.

Also, one could accidentally be injured or killed by a hammer or a car. You could be working on the roof of a tall barn driving nails with a hammer, and the hammer could slip from your hand falling toward the earth and striking a bystander on top of the head, and people die in car accidents every day somewhere in the world. Of course, cars have a more extensive history of accidentally killing people than hammers.

But the original intention behind inventing the hammer and the car was for the purpose of being a tool and a mode of transportation.

so, hammers and cars are not weapons, but merely tools and vehicles invented and designed for good and useful purposes.

To reclassify them as weapons is just plane stupid and moronic, since that is not their original purpose.

And that is what the Catholic Church has done to the words heresy and heretic.

The church and taken these two words and re-defined them from something that was originally neutral, neither good or evil, but something neutral into something evil and blasphemous.

That's because, the Catholic Church did not, and still does not believe in freedom of choice, the right to choose. No, instead, the church believes in absolute obedience to church doctrine. There is no choice.

Thus, heresy no longer meant choice, and a heretic no longer meant, one who choose.

Those two words were re-defined to mean, being in direct conflict with Catholic Church doctrine.

And that is WRONG!!!

Heresy only means choice, and heretic only means, one who chooses. This and nothing more!

And so, I say, lets take these two words back.

Let us reclaim ownership of these two words.

Let us be heretics again, and embrace heresy.

Heresy is good!

Therefore, I'm proud to embrace heresy, and proud to proclaim myself a heretic.

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