Archived 2012 Letters

1 Jan 12

Subject: 2012

Another year of sport hatred is ahead of us, 2012 will feature many, many more exhausting broadcasts of the thing we hate. Hopefully the community that has been created here will push on into the future and continue growing with more people such as myself filled with disgust and prepared to make change happen. Schools will always have sport but one day they may not be the dreaded subject of non athletic students. Stadiums will always be filled with thousands of screaming sport fanatics but one day we may not have to hear about. Whether the day will come that a general lack of interest in sporting rituals among males becomes a recognized thing is uncertain.


1 Jan 12

Subject: your amazing website

Hi, I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your website. I, like practically every person who contributes to your haven of a website, thought I was alone in a world of brain-dead loser jocks. Sports themselves are mind-numbing enough without having to listen to some douchebag ramble hours on end, talking in circles about closely related subjects.

While I have nothing against homosexuals, I absolutely hate the typical, hypocritocal jock, who get into piles, chasing after balls, and then all take a shower with all that ass slapping. And then, they call us gay for not liking sports! What the fuck?!

The worst part is school. Although I will admit my P.E. teacher was actually pretty nice, understanding that, since I have asthma, I couldn't do their dumbass jock stuff, and although I don't have to take any more P.E. classes ever again, I would still like it to be banned from school, which is a place for learning. If you want to be healthy, that's totally fine, just take health classes. Anyway, the worst part about school and sports is that, due to my size (I do admit that I am highly overweight, but nobady makes fun of me), I am just naturally a sports fan. I am not. Also, some teachers have sports based questions, like in math or physical science. One time, my physical science test had a question about sports, and it is because of that one question thad I had failed the test. And the teacher called the whole damn class 'sports fans'! That pissed me off so much, I almost threw something at him. He called us that multiple times. Although, I suppose I could use the fact that everyone thinks I am a brain-dead jock like them to my own advantage, like being a secret double agent or something for your site. That would be so much fun!

I hate sports, I am not gay, I am not a homophobe, I like girls, and I love playing video games above all else. And I love your site! Especially seeing e-mails from Glenn, Two-Dog, and Ray. Sorry that this was long, I just had to get all that off my chest. Hopefully, I can contribute to your site soon.


7 Jan 12

Subject: Please post this among the letters

Hello sports haters,
Do you remember the kid that was always picked last? Well, that wasn't me. I was the kid that was never picked. I'd usually just sit in the outfield and read my science fiction magazines. Usually the coaches insisted that everyone participated. Not in my case. I was deemed as "does not play well with others".
I'd end up hurting someone whenever I did get to play. I had ADD before anyone knew what it was.

I'm 57 years old and remember having only one television in the house that got only about 6 television channels. I couldn't stand to watch television on the weekends other than the Saturday morning cartoons. My dad and three brothers would hound around our only television to watch sports events right after another. I had no vote in the matter. Fortunately, there was a public swimming pool and a roller skating rink nearby. After school on weekdays, after the Wallace and Ladmo show, I'd hibernate in my room whenever a game was on television. They thought that I was weird but didn't mess with me too much. I enjoyed playing baseball and basketball with my dad and my brothers. At least until I'd accidentally hurt someone. It just bored me to tears to watch others play. Sitting on the sidelines wasn't my style. Going to watch the Phoenix Suns play basketball and the Phoenix Giants play baseball wasn't my idea of fun. If it weren't for the sodas and hot dogs, I'd have gone insane.


13 Jan 12

Subject: 1-0 to the resistance

Went to my local pub to get over breaking up with my girlfriend. I was delighted to find Challenge TV showing re runs of the eighties late teen quiz Blockbusters, where sixth form kids took part in a quiz to win prizes for their schools (a very noble idea for a show). Recalling the fashions and references to such places as the Soviet Union, I was really enjoying this intelligent nostalgia fest with a few other guys. Next thing, sports bore appears, "there's a big match in Spain on Sky." Look of complete apathy and disinterest and comments on the line of, "who cares?". Sports bore seeing he was outnumbered slinks off into the corner, looking upset.

Not often we score a victory like this, but at last those of us who aren't interested in Real SEAT Ibiza FC or whatever weren't subject to yet more tedious football, especially foreign football. A minor victory in the battle to free our pubs from this tyranny, but a victory nonetheless.

For our American friends wondering what a SEAT Ibiza is, this is a small car about the same size as a Hyundai made in Spain.


14 Jan 12

Subject: Games teachers

It has been commented on before that some people who teach games are bullies and sexual perverts, and I can think of one example a friend was telling me about. I changed schools at 13, but for my first two years of secondary education we had this sadist and inadequate for a games teacher who was notorious for hitting and belittling pupils who had no aptitude at sport and who was widely hated.

I left this school at 13, but my friend Colin stayed there until he was 16 and recounted his many run ins with this teacher, which went from being humiliated and slippered in front of the class to a particularly horrific incident when he was 14. Colin was a non swimmer and the games teacher in one of his periodic outbursts of Colin bashing decided to throw him in the ten foot end of the pool. As he couldn't swim and started to drown, the games teacher stood there laughing at him until at the final moment asked a good swimmer to dive in to save him. Colin almost drowned and the games teacher thought his joke was hilarious. However, when his parents made an official complaint and demanded the teacher be dismissed, the teacher, who was notorious for bending the truth and sucking up to his superiors, said it was an accident and Colin fell in the deep end by mistake. So Colin had another two years of bullying and humiliation to endure at the hands of this sadist until on his last day he trashed the changing rooms and took a swing at him, laying him out.

I do recall hearing of this teacher being sacked some years ago for gross misconduct and dying recently. I hope it was a nice, slow death and he was buried in an unmarked grave as this man was a monster.


18 Jan 12

Subject: Response To Glenn

I was shocked to hear of such an evil human being but not surprised it came from a sport aficionado who happend to enjoy the suffering of young school boys. I doubt this sort of behavior is very common today (though there may be some isolated incidents) but there is still a noticeable level of abuse from both Students and Teachers that is not always intentional but always hurtful.

I am completely stunned at the utter lack of recognition for this serious issue.

People who can't level with us at all on some of our concepts on sport are ussualy the ones who's words display differentaly on this site so we can't let them stand in our way.

My generation may have to tolerate this sort of unfairness and soul crushing discrimination but I think in perhaps the next 10-15 years more people will become aware of the problem and this website is an excellent start. I have endured medium to intense levels of this sort of humiliation throughout my life and have walked away from it feeling down. It is a unique experience as many come away from sporting events filled with glory because they won or struck with gloom because they lost. I am doing my best to try to keep my sporting attendance level to a minimum and try and focus on everything else as much as I can. I don't know many kids who don't care for sport, so it can get hard.

Keep your chins up, Things will change.


19 Jan 12

Subject: joke i made up

So, a jock walks into a bar, and, believe it or not, the T.V. isn't playing a stupid sport thingy. The jock says, "Hey, bartender, can you change the channel? The game's on!" or something stupid like that.

Believe it or not, the bartender actually has a strong dislike for sports, but decides to make a deal with the jock, and says, "Sir, if you can tell me what ESPN stands for, I'll change the channel."

"Oh, that's easy; it stands for international sports network!"

Needless to say, the jock was kicked out of the bar, and everyone lived happily ever after.

The end.

Thomas V

23 Jan 12

Subject: Another sports hater!

I just wanted to say thank you guys for such a good website and a club. Especially for the past few days (apparently it's the playoffs right now), I've grown more and more sick of hearing about professional sports.

My hatred of sports started even before birth - I was unlucky enough to be born on the most dreaded day to the anti-sports intellectual: Superbowl Sunday. My father missed my birth because he was watching the game, and things have pretty much sucked ever since then. Every six or seven years, my birthday falls on that horrible day, and I hate it. My sweet sixteen was very sparsely attended thanks to every boy in my grade being preoccupied with watching the big game.

In springtime, it's baseball. In winter, it's football. And don't even get me started on the Olympics, because trying to find news or a tv show to watch that doesn't have to do with who has how many medals is practically impossible. I, like the other members of the I Hate Sports Club, treasure the few months out of the year when there's no major sports competitions going on and small talk can involve something else. When my favorite TV shows aren't interrupted or forced on hiatus, and when other news and events aren't overshadowed by some strangers getting paid way too much to play a game I don't even understand.

Thanks for letting me vent! And thank god, my birthday's on a Thursday this year!

The Unloved Superbowl Baby

25 Jan 12

Subject: Letter


First of all, thanks for the awesome website. I typed “I hate sports” into Google (tennis and cricket are currently occupying every single channel on TV) and found a whole group of like-minded people! Hurrah! Sports have been the bane of my life from day one. My mother watches almost every sport available with the volume turned up to maximum so that she can hear it in every room; the nasal, manic voices of commentators have therefore haunted my entire life.

And don’t get me started on school P.E. I went to an all-girls school, and the athletic girls were just as aggressively competitive as boys. I’ve always been an introvert, and would rather spend my time reading or (god forbid) actually learning something in a real class.


Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value. -Albert Einstein

26 Jan 12

Subject: stupid pep ralley

Tomorrow, there's going to be another awful pep ralley at my school. Really, all pep ralleys do is just parade all the jocks around as if they're royalty! It's absolutely disgusting! Honestly, all the money that could be sent to the band people like me instead of those damn jocks...also, I refuse to wear my school's color (blue, which is unfortunate, since it is my favorite color.)

Anyway, when it comes time for the pep ralley, I shall try something new: instead of sitting in the back so I at least won't have to watch this macabre, I shall attempt to go to the library (I can't believe I just thought of this today...). From there, I shall see what the damn jock-loving adults will have me do. If they allow me to remain in the library, where I can actually hear my music and concentrate on reading, I might have something nice to say about my school. If they make me go to the pep ralley, I will see my school for what it truley is: a dark, decaying old factory to produce sport-loving jock plebeians. Just a bunch of antidisenstablishmentarians, except, instead of being opposed to church and state, they are against the sepperation of the human race and stupid sports.

I will report my findings on Saturday evening, because I'll be at my dad's house until then. He's not a jock, I just don't like using the computer at his house for various reasons. I will anxiously await the new knowledge I will recieve tomorrow, and I hope the rest of you will as well.

Thoms V

27 Jan 12

Subject: FA Cup weekend

Hey guess what, just as you Americans have your qualifying rounds for the Stupidbowl, we are having qualifying rounds in England for our version, the soccer FA Cup? I could hear some bores getting orgasmic at work because Liverpool and Man U are playing this weekend and they are such deadly rivals whose fans loath each other with a passion- actually most of their fans come from hundreds of miles away, so I can't see what the beef is about two cities most never visit and why hate someone you don't know because they come from either Liverpool or Manchester. Also tonight , when I go for a drink and try to lie low, we have Watford vs Tottenham in the cup, again something of major importance to the football mafia, even though both places are at least 300 miles away and in the case of Tottenham, their manager is currently awaiting prison for a massive tax fraud. However, even if Harry Redknapp was a genocidal maniac, none of this would matter to a football bore who would be more concerned with which was the right choice for left back than any of his crimes against humanity.

Yet switching on my Facebook account, I was accosted by a massive advert for ESPN, whose European division has quite a lot of football rights nowadays. When asked about my opinion on the weekend's big game, I gave them an answer ending in off. No surprises the advert disappeared quite quickly.

28 Jan 12

Subject: The Alarm Bells Are Ringing !!!


I just realized (with a very queasy shock) that it's only nine days to Stupid Bore Sunday. The relatives will throw a truly tacky get together to scream at the television, and my wife (who for some unfathomable reason believes this behavior to be "normal") will actually take my DAUGHTERS to view the whole trashy gladiatorial spectacle. Needless to say I find this acutely embarrassing, but I've found a way to cope and would like to invite you all to join me. Since it's been well established that I'd rather be set on fire than watch a ball game, it's a given that I will stay at home by myself. However, this year will be different. This year, rather than rattle around the house and pick through leftovers, I will be taking myself out for the finest lunch I can afford. Crowds should be light and service excellent so long as I pick a spot with no TV in the dining room. Get a good meal AND stand as a beacon of civilization. How can you go wrong?


28 Jan 12

Subject: results

Well, in my previous letter, I said I would report my findings on what would happen if I tried to go to the library instead of the overly obnoxious pep ralley. Guess what. I was FORCED to go to the damned thing. Like every time this debauchery occurs, I sit outside the gym until somebody notices and am forced to sit inside. However, this time when I did this, two people noticed and I was allowed to remain where I was. I will continue to say my school is an antidisenstablishmentarianism of sport and human. Every last idiot there is besotted with sports. I may not have been able to read in the total silence of the library (discounting my MP3 Player. Can you believe that having the volume up all the way on it is still not as loud as the stupid pep ralley?), I was at least allowed to be outside the gym, where it is still less quiet, but I could unfortunately still hear some of the garbage those damn rednecks were saying as if I were having a normal conversation with the person right in front of me. I suppose we shouldn't be all that surprised. We need to convince children at a very young age that sports, most sport fans, (I say most because, although I have met quite a few obnoxious sports fans, some sport fans at my school are actually quiet and smart, and if i weren't friends with any of them, I would only have like, two or three friends), and pep ralleys are evil and must be avoided. We need to convince our schools to set up rooms for kids to go if they have intense dislike for sport and/or pep ralleys. Thank you for letting me rant.

Thomas V

29 Jan 12

Subject: Response to Smith

Re: Holy Smokes:

Very good observation. One thing very obvious to me during the nearly day-long ( a slow moving maximize commercial breaks...and all the pre-post game hype BS ) superbowl shinnig is how devoid the streets/neighborhoods are of people out and about. I like that. Normally I do as you do; Go out and about and enjoy myself conspicuously. Everyone else you run into while out and about could be viewed as another fellow protest vote against this idiotic rite. At least it heralds the end of televised football for a few months.

Unfortunately I have to work this stupidbowl sunday; but the breakroom TV will be on ( and blaring I'm sure ) and us non-fans will be doing most of the work will the fans ( and management ) will be goofing off and screaming at the TV. I'm going to make it a point to be as disruptive as possible when it's on. I'll play it cool. Not like I hate it, but more in a "oh, what's going on?" way, as I make work related queries loudly in what could be in any other room, but I'll block the TV and be a nuissance wherever I can.

A rabid sports hater.

29 Jan 12

Subject: It sucks to be unwillingly cattled around.

Much like Thomas V, I loathed spectator sports as a kid and I still loath them. As I hate to admit it spectator sports do stimulate our economy. So, you might say that our society needs the silly sports fans. Now that I'm an adult (57 years young) I can avoid televised sporting events. Both my wife and I can't stand spectator sports. I'm not completely off the hook when it comes to being exposed to spectator sports. I live in the Gainesville, Florida area. The University of Florida is in Gainesville. AKA Gator country central. Gainesville is an over crowded town on game days. There are more people here than in Orlando, Florida. There's not enough motel and hotel rooms in the area so people just camp out anywhere they can like on sidewalks and the back alleys of stores. At work, I'm known as the odd ball that doesn't watch sports. I'm just thankful that I'm an odd ball and that I can think for myself. I'd hate to think of myself as a cliché or a boring conformist.


2 Feb 12

Subject: Footbal fanatics

74 people dead and hundreds injured in Cairo all because of a stupid game involving a bag of wind being kicked between two nets. This is even worse than people being killed during the revolution as it is all over a stupid, pointless game called football. Not that this is the first time- so called football supporters, most of them English, were involved in a riot in Brussels 27 years ago that led to 39 deaths. Is there any other sport on earth that has had a death toll equivalent to a medium sized war as there are countless cases of riots, murders and shootings involving this useless boring game? Closer to home a guy was knocked out in a bar for simply wearing the wrong colours at the wrong time during the FA Cup.
Football- should be called murderball in my opinion.

2 Feb 12

Subject: sports suck

I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful website. There is not much I can say that wouldn't be preaching to the choir. I have always felt a sense that professional sports at best don't matter and at worst are actively bad for society as they promote corporatism, fake masculinity, violence, and alienation. All the cliches about how "sports build character" etc. if they WERE true would only apply to people actually playing them- it wouldn't justify the attention and reverence given to spectator sports.

Even while I knew these things I would still watch sports with my friends as a matter of attempting to be social. I would find it bizarre when they would yell at their television and clap, etc. Taking more control of my life means actively deciding to say no when people want to glorify and participate into being passive spectators of these bread and circus events, and even trying to engage them in discussion about it. The way people refer to their teams as "we" always really rubbed me the wrong way. As though they have anything to do with it and are not just a dumb tool for the owners to drain of money. The "we" shows that somewhere deep down people are essentially alienated from their identity and actual relationships and so latch onto a connection which doesn't actually exist.

How can people base their happiness or worth on things which have nothing to do with them? It's also always amused me how the fans are more upset with a loss than the actual athletes. The athletes themselves go back to their mansion and supermodel wives and see losing a game as just that. It's the fans who sulk about it and let it get to them. In all of this, as much as I think they are not heros and vastly overvalued to society, I don't dislike the athletes as much as the fans. From the point of view of the athletes it makes sense... get paid millions to play a game and travel around. It's the fans that drive me crazy. Sports should be something played for the point of fitness, or a game for children, not something which adults are vicariously obsessed with.

Another thing which really bothers me is how the model of sports goes down to younger and younger ages into middle school, normalizing and popularizing the hideous jock mentality against more humane values and ways of developing the mind.


5 Feb 12


There's nothing like the roar of the crowd filling the arena... To make my eyes roll up in my head. To make me change the station. To make me want to fall asleep.

All evening long, I've seen cops pulling people over---no less than eight cases in half an hour. I couldn't figure out what the hell was going on. Fugitive manhunt? Child abduction? Some holiday that slipped my mind? Quota fulfillment? I suddenly realized: Superbowl Sunday. Dear God, all this hullabaloo and inconvenience because some neanderthals 1,700 miles away were fighting over an inflated pigskin and a bunch of unimaginative local dimwits had to get drunk to enjoy it?

Uhh. Thanks again, sportsfans.


5 Feb 12

Subject: The Perfect Stupid Bore Sunday

Hi Compatriots,

A few days ago I announced my plans for the Big Game, here's how it went. When my target restaurant proved to be closed on Sundays, I went to Plan B. I stayed home this AM because I knew the family wouldn't be coming home after church (it's a LONG way) so no need to set my alarm. For pre-game I slept late, took a long, hot shower, checked my e-mail and read the news. When the time for kick-off arrived, I popped in the first of two good movies, which I accompanied by a heaping plate of Mexican takeout and a cold Coke. After the game sputtered to a halt I watched the news until my family got home. Now it's midnight and the big day is gone I'm trundling off to bed to read a good book and sleep the sleep of the fulfilled. It's been a wonderful day. I can hardly wait for next year so I can do it again.

Smith Smith

6 Feb 12

Subject: Another stuporbore boycotted

As an Englishman who has lived in the USA since 1990, I can say, with some personal pride, that I have ignored the stuporbore for the twenty second time. My wife and I watched an absorbing movie instead.

At my place of work, most of the employees are women who are not concerned with sports, so the chances are minimal of my having to hear any dull, pointless post-game blather.

On principle, I will not watch sports, I will not discuss sports and I will not attend a sporting event. It really is possible to banish sports and arse-brained sport fanatics from your life. In this way, I also plan to ignore the o-lame-pic games when they rear their dull, pointless head this summer.


15 Feb 12

Subject: Ultimate TV Sports WEAPON

Hi there - Love the site - Hate the sports.

I happen to live near baltimore, in the heart of "RAVENS COUNTRY' - i.e. people that wear purple camo sweatpants in public. It is always a frenzy of sports blather around here....redskins, ravens, flacco, ray rice, ray rice, (who is this ray rice fellow anyway?). during the BIG GAME my wife and i had a great fire in the back yard, had actual DISCUSSIONS and listened to great music. Then we made passionate love while the rest of 'MERICA was drooling, screaming and glued to the IDIOT BOX. OUR COUNTRY IS 16 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT, YET EVERYONE HAS THE $150 TO BUY THE NEW RAVENS JERSEY (on credit)....AAAARRRGGGGHHH.

I plan on posting more in the future...but just to help everyone out - DIG THIS FANTASTIC PRODUCT!!!!!

TV-B-GONE - I have one and use it all the TURN OFF TELEVISED SPORTING EVENTS!!!

Q. Why would one want to live without TV?

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Q. What about good programs?

A. Sure, there are programs on TV that are entertaining or informative. Go ahead and watch. But when that good show is over, you may want to turn off the TV. Turning off a TV is a choice!

Q. Are TV-B-Gone® remote controls harmful to people or animals?

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Q. What about Children?

A. Here at Cornfield Electronics, we believe that children should be encouraged to watch TV as little as possible. TV-B-Gone® remote controls may be useful tools for kids to learn to turn off TVs in an enjoyable way. Of course, TV-B-Gone® remotes should not be used by children who might choke on small plastic items.

Q. What do you mean when you say that TV-B-Gone® is an environmental management device?

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Q. Won't I get hurt if I use my TV-B-Gone® remote control in someplace crowded?

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20 Feb 12

Subject:My letter for 2012

I am pleased to have found such a site that endeavours to promote the disliking of professional sports. I myself, happen to find professional sports incredibly tedious, I mean, come on, grown men swatting balls and the whole world pays to watch? Preposterous! Why pay for what you can do yourself, with friends, absolutely free? And if you wish not to play, there is certainly a great deal many other activities that one can embark upon to spend their time with more productively. I also happen to find fashion to be quite tedious as well, I often cannot fathom which is more useless.


27 Feb 12

Subject: Sport Coordinator

Recently a new Sport Coordinator has joined my school in replacement of the previous one who was frankly, a complete slacker.

This new guy is the type of person that everyone in this community would hate. Not only does he speak as though he is the president of another country but seriously believes sport has a major importance in the education system. I have even heard rumours about him telling students that sport is "all that matters". He spoke at a school assembly trying to reinforce the importance of the sport program at the school and believes sport will assist academic achievement.

He is also remarkably cruel and unfair to students In many ways regarding there participance in the sporting program, at least the last sport coordinator had a sense of humour about his job!

So what does this mean? Well. Its people like this that would object to everything we believe to be true and right and the more we hear about them, the more disgusted we become.


29 Feb 12

Subject: I love your web-site

As I’m sitting here, at 300 lbs., I realize that in my life every time I’ve been overweight it was because of stress and shame. Whenever I was away from my hometown, the shame went away -and so did the weight.

35 years ago -yes, that's how long the memories have haunted me -I had junior-high school "gym class." In 7th grade, I was “overweight” compared to my classmates. I weighed 90 lbs., they weighed 75 lbs. (or something like that). First day of “gym class” we were told to “run the mile for time.” Run a mile? This is how we start out physical “education” by treating everybody as equal -even the kid in the class with cerebral palsy (who could barely WALK) to run a mile? Who was the fucking idiot orangutan running this class? Oh, yes, I forgot...a wanna-be jock who couldn't do anything now except torment junior high school kids.

Every Monday we “ran the mile” for time. The kids who ran it the fastest got “A’s”. Those who ran it the slowest got “c’s” or “d’s”. There were no “conditioning”, there were no treadmills, there was no physical “education”, there was no nutrition training. It was about having a teacher get a paycheck who did NO teaching. It was torture. We went into the showers at 9 am -where one of the big fat football player bullies (let’s see, I was 12...this kid was 16 and failed 3 years of school) turned the shower nozzle on us, focused to a sharp, pithing stream, of cold water onto our bodies.

Our teacher? Where was he? Who gave a shit...he wouldn’t have done anything anyways.

When it came time for basketball, we were asked to strip into “shirts” and “skins”...because wearing a colored jersey would have cost the fucking school too much money. Those kids who were overweight (me) or super skinny were chastised and made fun of. And, how come every time I stripped, in walked the cheerleader we had a crush on? Can this get worse?

Sure it can...and it did.

We were then asked to do, every Thursday, “calisthenics”. What this meant was doing TIMED sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, etc. There was no “conditioning”, no “strength building”; nope, we were just doing 50,000 sit-ups as fast as we could!

Now, as a doctor, trained in nutrition, health, and conditioning—I wondered about the kids who had asthma, diabetes, or CEREBRAL PALSY doing this shit. Where were they? If I was straining, they must have wanted to commit suicide. The scars are real. 35 years later I’m writing on a fucking blog about this shit. I remember it like yesterday. More importantly, I remember the SHAME like yesterday. Horrible, horrible, demeaning, shame. I remember the kid who said to me, “YOU…YOU are trying out for football? Ha ha ha bah ha ha!!!!!”

I remember the kid, who now looking at his pictures on Facebook has grown morbidly obese, said to me, “if they checked you for scoliosis, they’d just find a lot of fat.” I’d like to punch that fucker in the face today and twist his fat nipples until they bleed. That was in 10th grade.

PE, in its current form, has NO role in education. None. If I have to take PE, then EVERY football player and jock MUST take advanced calculus -and if they fail, they don’t graduate. They have to take a TIMED quantum mechanics exam their first day of school. Their scores must be POSTED for all to see.

Oh...and that bully that sprayed us in the shower. I told my big brother about him. He came down to my junior high school, with his 3 buddies, and beat the shit out of this 16 year old loser. He never bullied us again.

For those of you who think violence is never the answer to bullying. I disagree. The schools do nothing. Going to the police doesn't count. Bullies must be dealt with the way they deal with others. Pummel their fucking asses into the ground...fuck their lockers up...and spray their naked bodies in the shower...then pummel them some more. No mercy for bullies. No mercy for PE teachers.

This shitty P.E. “teacher” died a few years ago. He was Mormon...didn’t smoke…didn’t drink...led the “good life”. He believed in Joseph Smith...but he died at 64 years of age. How come all that Jack LaLanne fitness didn’t let HIM live to be 100 years of age. I don’t care...I hope he rots in his fucking casket for the emotion trauma he has caused me over 30 years later. This shit is real and people need to realize that “jocks” suck.

And all those “nice” little kids who chastised me and made fun of me and the other kids...who called us fat pigs, and lazy...they were Mormon kids, too. Now, ask me if I’ll vote for Mitt Romney. When I see him, I think of all his “nice little Mormon kids” who would NEVER treat anybody different. Liars. Filth. Mormon kids and their sport-jock-loving parents and their “brain-washing” colleagues can burn in hell.

Thanks for letting me vent.


16 Mar 12

Subject: No Subject

Hi Im a spaniard living in the USA and I must say i hate sports, i despise sports. Not only me but my father and my best friends also hate sports. I think is a waste of time spending watching sports and sitting down. I am not even a big fan of soccer. Baseball is the most ridiculuous sport in the world and very boring, also the NFL, first of all why do they call it football if they don't use the foot, the real football is soccer. not only that i think American football is very boring and very violent I call it the gladiator game just like boxing and UFC. Dont get me started with the superbowl what kind of ridiculuous garbage americans watch. Thank god for this website to show that they are people who are fed up with sports.


4 Apr 12

Subject: Sports are so overrated and that's that

After 67 years of life, I can say you don't need sports to enjoy it to its fullest. I have nothing against sports being a giant interest on this planet but...... I hate it when it comes into our educational system where our kids' brains are supposedly programmed to make it in this world. Schools have changed since I read "Dick and Jane", how to write and add 2 and 2. Oh also, I learned how to spell. There was also gym, drama, music etc etc the years passed and all these new employees, counselors, advisors, unions, (people who know what's best???) came along and now the whole system is messed up. Let's go back to keeping it simple. Common sense prevailed when I went to school (my opinion).

Now to the sports issue. Too many trophies for sports related activities and probably very few if any in science, math, literature and subjects other than sports. Where's the incentive for the kids except in sports??? Seems like schools are trying to make our Country # sports and not in anything that requires "great thinkiing".

My sister has 2 smart grand children, 9 and 12. All they do is compete in sports. (much of this is their parent's fault since they have the final say so). I myself love music and both those kids are taking music lessions and when I talk music with them, they change the subject to the many sports they are involved in. I'm afraid this is common these days and it really disappoints me regarding the emphasis on sports vs other subject matters that would really be fun to talk with them about, but when they talk sports, I'm out of the conversation and I feel I can share a lot of good information with them while they are young.

Sports will be considered important from birth til death since it is America's favorite pastime. I'm glad for this site to allow me to vent. Whenever I hear a kid talk of anything but sports, I am impressed. Even more so if he or she says "I don't care for sports". Then I know they're going somewhere in their life.

Regards to all


10 May 12

Subject: The Avengers geek and nerd pride

I went last week to see the Avengers and it was absolutely AWESOMEEEEEEE. The reason im writing this is because i heard someone say that the Avengers movie is the Superbowl for nerds in which i found it very truthful. Because im a nerd and a geek and very proud of it. Getting to hear everywhere about the superbowl and how the Giants are going to win and all the crap. So for all the geeks and nerds and movielovers watch the Avengers and tell the jocks FUCK SPORTS.



11 May 12

Subject: My favorite sports

Now hold on; I haven't turned into a cockhead jock. I realize I'm a rabid, sports hating regular here, but I've neglected to tell you guys something. I do exercise. I go to the gym, do 20 minutes on the elliptical, 20 minutes on weights and 20 minutes in the swimming pool, and I try to do it every other day. Since I've started a regular exercise routine a year and a half ago, I notice I have less back pain and can move around faster and feel less sluggish. I plan to keep it up, but it's not always easy. Now, food is another thing. I notice I'll eat healthy for two days, then indulge in junk eating on the third day. I know if I stuck to a diet, I'd feel even better.

When it comes to group sports, I pick volleyball. A year ago I found some people who got together twice a week for indoor volleyball. We called it walleyball, because we used the walls on either side to bounce the ball around. Lemme tell ya, it was fun. The great thing about it, you can run, jump, catch, throw, serve -- and you can also stand and do nothing for bits of time too. Plus I like hitting big balls; there's no challenge there.

Back in 2000, I signed up for tennis class once a week at a local high school. While I pretty much sucked, every now and then I managed to catch a good volley back and forth ,and I did a lot of running around. As far as I'm concerned, even if I'm a bad player, getting the exercise in sure counts. It sure takes a lot of skill and practice to get good in tennis, and it's more important to be in shape if you plan to be a regular player.

So for me, an enjoyable group sport can break up the monotony of exercising by yourself. These days, due to my job, I'm hardly able to get off nights to play volleyball, but I do plan to look for a game on the weekends. I think it's important to remain active because, due to increasing lazy-friendly technology, it seems our lifestyles dictate that our asses remain glued to a chair, sofa or bed 24 hours a day. I can tell you that the years I was at my former job in the cubicle with no physical outlet were miserable, as I was overweight, short of breath and lacked energy.

So basically I enjoy certain sports for health, socializing, and a little friendly competition. Sports nutz can still ask me did you see the game last night, did you hear about the trade of Dick Sweatpants to the Gonads, and I still won't have an answer for them.


10 Jun 12

Subject: hate sports

Hey fellow sports haters, I just want to say that I love the site, couldn’t agree with it more in fact I would like to put the “Evolution takes a turn for the worse” thing and put it on a t-shirt, then wear it to work. I happen to work at what most of us would consider the most ANNOYING bar in america, Buffalo Wild Wings, worst place for a sports hater to work, makes me sick to even see the parking lot packed with cars because of a long drawn out baseball game or UFC fight. I don’t even want to get started on UFC, I’d be at the computer typing all day if I did.

People try talking sports with me all the time, since I wait tables, and I straight up tell ‘em “ I don’t watch sports “. I am a guy that is definitely not gay, the only sport I know how to play is picking up girls I think. I wrench on cars in my free time, listen to country music, work on tractors, etc. Everything you’d expect a DUDE to be doing, but I have almost no patience left for sports.

I cannot for the life of me, understand the fascination with sports and should probably take a shot of whiskey or a xanax if I so much as see/hear a sporting event taking place. Its good to know there are others out there with the same views. And yes, I’m always looking for a new job, its tough to go out and make what I make somewhere else, people spend ridiculous amounts of money to eat and drink while watching some stupid ass game and the place gets packed. I don’t understand it but I’m just trying to suck it up and make a living, been there dealing with these parakeet brain sports fanatics for 5 years so far, with that being said, I’m probably due for a psych evaluation any day now!

15 Jun 12

Subject: Letter (People are stupid)

Hello. I found this page, while my flat mate volumed up some soccer game on TV once again. I never understood this mass hysteria of brainwashed dumb people, who, through watching other people compete in sports, get false sense of wining. Wining with which they had nothing do with in the first place. What I ever more don't understand is after game commentaries and whole TV shows about analyzing past games. Who gives a f**k. As one article here describes, people pay to watch other people play. How stupid can you really be? Also, as said in the article, people have lousy jobs, walking with head down and had to accept their bosses orders and go through life stupid and humiliated and through winning of their favorite team they get this little sense of (non existing) achievement which they had nothing contributed to and nothing to gain from.

Only thing which I understand is the actual players, who pursue their passion and succeed as top athletes. They become famous, get rich and gain glory for their hard work and discipline. But other milions and milions of sheep who follow them to be part of this success is just plain stupid. There is a fun side though. After some soccer match I find it amusing how thousands and thousands of angry young men beat each other for no f****ng reason to get their bitterness of their empty life filtered out through aggression. Good, let they do so. In the mean time I will be hanging around with some nice lady in nature, travel, read some books and educate my self, recreate or just enjoy some music, movies or recreation. And I was quite a bit sport guy myself, but I did it only for myself, to have a strong healthy body, to be in good condition and I enjoyed doing it.

But to watch other people chasing ball, players who get all the glory and money, while you keep getting stuck in your shallow, empty, meaningless life is just stupid. It is like gaining sense of winning, when your boss collect good money and you don't. Wake up and turn off TV. I am very happy to see that I am not the only one with this kind of thoughts.


15 Jun 12

Subject: The European Football Championships

England are playing tonight. I really need a few beers to chill after a hard week at work and a split with my partner. Unfortunately the pubs will all be showing the England football match tonight and the football Nazis will be out in force looking for dissenters who are less than avid about watching this 90 minutes of boredom and will regard as non fans as traitors and gay or some other rubbish only a football Nazi could think up. However, in true resistance fashion I shall turn my back and find the quiet corner of the pub to escape this mass worship of a bag of wind and then really piss off some bore when he( and it almost always is a he) asks, " Did you think Frank Lampard was offside in the 65 th minute", to which I will reply, " I don't care, I didn't watch it." Stunned silence followed by a retreat, or some kind of gay comment.

Sadly speaking of Nazis, these do exist for real in Polish and Ukrainian football and the Ukraine is full of unpleasant men with crew cuts and bomber jackets who consider it funny to throw bananas at black players and for attacking rival fans who look different to them. I don't get it as 4 million Ukrainians were murdered by the Nazis, but this is how this monstrous game has developed


15 Jun 12

Subject: Sport...

How refreshing to find your website. I typed "sport is pathetic" into Google and settled on "sport is pointless" as the next best search term which led me to your site.

As a keen runner, swimmer, rower, sailer and similar such things, I am often challenged when I openly say that I don't like sport. I fail to see what getting out into the open country and taking the fresh air - what I call Practical Physiology - has to do with being faster or slower than someone else - or caring either way, let alone watching someone else do the same thing! Neither do I understand the apparently arbitrary setting of boundaries in a competition - e.g. - if you're a human with big hands and feet - you're more likely to be a fast swimmer. What a surprise! Why don't dolphins get to enter Olympic swimming events then? Or why not put a Cheetah in the 100 metre sprint? How do people get excited about events in which some arbitrary improvements in technology (e.g. costumes with low aerodynamic drag and protein meals) are allowed but others (e.g. performance enhancing drugs) are not?

Sport is mindless, brain-rotting pap, used by government-media-coroprate collaborators worldwide as a sedative against free and disruptive thought. It's no different to soap operas, ready meals or Botox. The brainwashed masses that fill sports stadia across the world are the same bleating sheep that hailed at the Nuremberg Rallies, or turned a blind eye at Srebrenica or during the Rwandan genocide.

When will the privileged and educated disciples of on-tap sports celebrities wake up and divert their energies into something real?


29 Jun 12

Subject: At last some peace

Hurrah, the European Footbore Championship ends on Sunday and six weeks of freedom from this tedious game and this tedious tournament, which should really be held in the winter months. Typical response from some fan today, " What am I gonna do for the next six weeks?"

I could think of lots of things, if the summer weather gets better, go for a picnic, take a long walk, take the car out to see the Lake District or visit a museum. No football bores tend to go into withdrawal and get miserable as their game isn't around 24/7 on the television. Even other sports tend not to do it for them, though I can undestand why anyone wants to avoid the spoiled and boring prima donnas strutting around at Wimbledon for two weeks.

Football fans often can't see much else, apart from crass and banal TV shows like South Park, or getting legless in some hellhole nightclub, that can hold their interest. However, I do think it is odd how anyone else's interests in life to them are classed as sad, geekish or gay, yet they quite willingly sit and watch a bunch of bores kick a bag of wind about for 90 minutes, which I find very sad.

PS I wish the television over here would show a bit of balance when covering these footbore tournaments by allowing non fans some airtime as most women and about 40 per cent of men have no interest in the game. All I can recall in recent years was a group of people being interviewed on local news who were going rock climbing to avoid the tournament and an old man on national news who got thirty seconds to say he wasn't interested.


2 Jul 12

Subject: Thank You So Much

To Whom it May Concern:

I absolutely love your website. As a high school ACADEMICALLY inclined student, I can completely relate to the "Free our schools". I don't enjoy sports. Maybe playing a game of volleyball with my family on vacation, but not this crap. We get these idiotic "pep" rallies, where the whole school has to go to the auditorium and see them announce all the football players, the whole cheerleading team performing their slutty -excuse my language performance, and listen to people scream at the top of their lungs. Last I checked, school was for LEARNING. Do tax payers know their money is being wasted on this monstrosity? It's disgusting.

On the announcements in the morning, they show all these videos about school sports...nothing about actual school. It makes me sick. They wear their uniforms to school. They criticize you for not being athletic. Then, these morons talk all the time about "how hard practice was yesterday". Then they get at least half the yearbook -that's why I didn't buy one. My school is awful, and I hate it. We have to take a gym class in order to graduate, and we have to run for 20 minutes. It affects our GPA. I want to go to college -FOR MATH I just want to get my diploma!! That's all! I do not care about football, cheer, or anything related. Just let me read my book in peace.

I'm sorry for complaining so much, but I'd just like to empathise with you.


2 Jul 12

Subject: Response to Danielle's letter

Hello Danielle and thank you for visiting our site. Please don't feel bad about complaining -- we all need a place to vent sometimes! :)

I graduated high school back in 1988, and your description of your school could be a carbon copy of mine. So I see, things haven't changed much in almost 25 years! >:(

I didn't care for the pep rallies either -- I didn't even *like* most of the football players, as they acted arrogant, obnoxious, and privileged most of the time. (I never once remembered an athlete in one of the "major" sports -- baseball, football, or basketball -- ever getting suspended or facing much discipline at all, even though they were often the instigators of bullying, class disruption, etc.) Why, I felt, should I cheer and bootlick for people I didn't even lke? Sometimes the option was given to go sit in study hall instead of the pep rally -- many students saw that as a punishment, but I took that option whenever offered.

Personally, I don't see why sports can't be private-pay or sponsored clear through high school. It's done in Little League, etc. -- why does it suddenly become the schools' (and the taxpayers') responsibility to provide sports once students start middle school and high school?

Once again, thanks for your letter and best wishes on your academic career, even if it means swimming against the tide!


5 Jul 12

Subject: A Beautiful Moment

I was watching David Letterman last night, and he had on three kids demonstrating their science projects. As they were futzing with a metal container which eventually imploded when sealed, Dave asked one boy about school. "It's all right," he said. Then Dave questioned if he had any hobbies other then science. "How about sports?" Dave inquired. "No, I'm not interested in sports," the youngster responded. At that moment, my heart swelled with pride. I hope the entire staff at ESPN saw this.

- Ted

15 Jul 12

Subject: My thoughts on sport

When I first read on this site that hundreds of letters are received from people who don't like sports, I thought it might have been a bit of an exaggeration, but considering the amount of letters on display, there really are many. Isn't it strange that while there are probably a lot of us out in the world we feel isolated? Then again we are still a minority in comparison to the people who disagree with us.

The only time the word sport passes through my head is when I think about how much I hate it which is usually during P.E class. I pay no attention at all to recent sporting events and most of the time it's as if sport doesn't exist. I'd much rather listen to the works of Bob Dylan or Donovan, watch a film or work on a creative project because there's enough excitement in my life that I don't need to become some sport obsessed retard who screams at the TV in his spare time to fulfill themselves.


17 Jul 12

Subject: amusing anti-olympics article

The Huffington Post has this article, about how the olamepic games and the attendant security/ propaganda b.s. are making a mess of London for those who live and work there. And about the suppression of dissent.

dont forget its your olympics

Read it while you still can.


20 Jul 12

Subject: Even in July

Yes a lovely summer's evening, time to chill in the pub with some chilled sport like golf on( yes I don't mind the more chilled nature of summer sports in England in the background) or some music when this finishes, but to my horror, the Great Britain olympic football team are playing a friendly against Brazil. Peace shattered, my idea of unwinding with some ale ruined, as this load of junk will pollute the pub television until 9.30 tonight.

FFS this is the middle of summer, this monument to boredom and idiocy at least is normally off air, but hell no the state funded BBC has decreed that football must be shown at a time of year when mercifully non fans can escape from it- no doubt to appease the saddos whose life cannot exist without this tedious game. At least being a nice night I can sit on the patio, but should the weather change, my chilled post work windown will be ruined by footbore and is tedious fans who we usually get a break from in July.

Actually this sport and its notorious reputation for violence made a very nasty appearance at what I'd class as a very civilised event, a family horse racing meeting in the peaceful town of Newbury, a place like you'd find in somewhere like Vermont. Seemingly two groups of football yobs, bored because they hadn't hit anyone for a few weeks, decided to prearrange a fight at this peaceful event as it was badly policed and 100 miles from their hunting grounds. For thirty minutes over a hundred of these thugs smashed up the racecourse, intimidated racegoers and brawled among themselves until police reinforcements intervened and made 60 arrests. A family funday ruined by the idiots that follow this moronic game and it makes you wonder if the Badminton Horse Trials, the Proms or The Cumberland Show are next on the agenda for football hooligans bored during the summer months.

I long for the day when non fans and even many fans sickened with this game's fanatical, SS like following, greed and violence rise up and have football reduced to the level of tiddly winks, a very minor irrelevance for a few saddos.


26 Jul 12

Subject: Danielle's Letter

Dear Danielle,
Your letter warmed my heart. You could truly be my spiritual daughter. Chris told you true. I graduated in 19 SIXTY 8, so things haven't changed a lot in FORTY five years. Sounds grim but keep your chin up. High school is only four years, and since the day I walked away from Goober High NO ONE has been able to force me to run laps, play ball, or shower with strangers. College or work will be a whole new world where you can structure your time to totally shut out the jocks. Hang in there, real life is coming.

S Smith

27 Jul 12

Subject: Duck & Cover

Oh Crap. Here come the Olympics...again.

S Smith

12 Aug 12

Subject: What a Relief

As a Londoner, I was beginning to feel really guilty for not following every single second of the 2012 Olympics, when I discovered your website - not feeling quite so guilty now :)

Well done to all the athletes (I cannot imagine what it must be like to train like they have) but I hate having major events like this shoved in my face 24/7 and pretty much being told I have no choice but to enjoy it. Puts my back up big time.

Chipmunks Forever

13 Aug 12

Subject: olympics

At last the olympics is over. I hated every minute of it. I wonder how much it has cost me in taxes. There was an interesting piece on the news this morning; evidently the olympics has coincided with the end of many an athletes career and now they are depressed and wondering how to cash in on any success they had. Unfortunately team GB has won too many medals and that has diluted their worth in the sponsorship market. One or two athletes will make a packet and get to become "personalities" but the vast majority especially the thousands of losers will sink into obscurity, poverty and depression. Jessy Owens ended up racing horses and dogs at fairgrounds to make a buck but what will eventually become of the olympic also rans. I have a feeling they will be brushed under the carpet and forgotten.

Meanwhile we have to listen to the prime minister spouting drivel about the sporting legacy and character building etc in fact all the rhetoric debunked in the book "foul play" that I have just read. Sport is just a form of mind control for the masses to keep us placid and diverted from our humdrum lives. I have only just discovered your site and I would like to contribute in the future.

Scouse John

14 Aug 12

Subject: So, that's out of the way for another four years

As someone who refuses to watch sports (too many bad associations with my schooldays) and also avoids network television, I can say with some satisfaction that I saw none of the olamepic games. I watched not one single solitary second.

I am relieved to be able to say this because I try, as much as possible, to not be drawn in by anything the media tell me. "This is must-see TV." Is it? Is it interesting, informative, thrilling or funny? No, it's just another TV programme that will bore me. "The TV event of the year." Is it? Will I feel regretful if I miss watching it? No, it's just as easily ignorable as the rest.

The media are there to glorify mediocrity, and that's what the olamepic games are: a lot of running and jumping about to no effect. Millions of people enjoy watching such activities, (possibly because they do unthinkingly allow themselves to be drawn in by the propaganda), and good luck to them, but it's boring to me; I have other interests.

I've been taken in, here and there in the past, by a new situation comedy that I am told will amuse me, but it's turned out to contain no laughs. I've noticed, now and then, that a film I enjoy is being shown that evening, and sat to watch it only for it to have been hacked to pieces so the network can cram irrelevant, insulting commercials in there.

Add to that the reports we've been seeing of draconian, freedom-sapping, dissent-quashing laws that were passed in the UK, pushed through by a greedy and powerful games committee, reducing East London to a police state, and we are left with a bad taste. So much for the Spirit of the games - whatever that is.

So, when the media shove olamepic propaganda in my face, on the internet, I say No Thank You. I have music to play, fun fiction to write, a beautiful wife to talk to, absorbing DVDs to watch, and more.

Bollocks to sports, bollocks to the media and bollocks to the olamepics.


15 Aug 12


u people forget that humans have been doing it for 100s of years from roman chariots to todays superbowl it is never going to change. Some kids dont get any exersice during the day so pe is their only excrise so they will die younger then the rest of us. Also you cant be mad for people not playing with u if u didnt play sports then the other kids didnt really have nothing to realate or do with u. You want to stop sports like the football and thats not really fair to the player who has devoted his life and body to the sport and suddenly have it ripped away and have him end up on the streets I am from a very atheletic school and i have a over weight friend that got best athlete of the year award. I am a "jock" but I have very good grades. Just because a school is very sporty doesnt mean the for get other things. Our drama club acts for the school. You cant get mad for other people celebrating for thier team. Its like celebrating obama election over mccain. If the majority of the people want it they shall have it. That is the american way isnt it. Also running the mile is a fair process. That means that the over weight kid gets an A for completing the mile in 14 mins while my atheletic friends get Cs and Ds for completing it in 6 that also make s the over weight kid hated for his easier life . it make the over wieght kid strive to be better. And you cant be steriotypical.i find it very offensve that u have met me and u think that im a dumbass.

Adrian R.

15 Aug 12

Subject: dumbass

I dont't think being a jock makes you a dumbass. It's your spelling and inarticulate turn of phrase that does.

Scouse John

15 Aug 12

Subject: my story

I was born in Liverpool 64 years ago. This city has 2 huge football clubs and the first question one is normally asked on meeting someone is "Who do you support, reds or blues." I'm glad to say that I have always had the courage to reply that I don't like football. My father took me to see Liverpool when I was 5 and I didn't like it. The next game I saw was Everton, when I was 17, with some friends. I must admit I found the way the opposition fans tore out some seating and lobbed it onto the heads of the locals mildly amusing, but generally it was pretty boring. I've never been back. Football still manages to annoy me. The congested roads on match days when I am virtually a prisoner in my house until kick-off; the damage to my business which grinds to a halt when a BIG game is on (I lost over £5000 in takings during the world cup) and then there are at least 2 relationships that foundered because one was a footy fanatic and the other was a football mom.

My own son is a huge 6 foot 4 inch bodybuilder. I never ever took him to a match or had it on tv and guess what he is totally indifferent to the game and laughs at what he considers his friends' weakness. We both like the occassional boxing match if someone we despise is fighting eg that Khan bloke. It's nice to see him get a good drubbing.

You might wonder what I do with all this spare time and extra money I have saved. Well I like to read and write; I love the cinema and the theatre; I paint and I've travelled the world. I don't have any male friends but women like me a lot which more than makes up for it.

Scouse John

16 Aug 12


k John calm down before you give yourself a heart attack. Also get some guy friends cause those chicks are golddiggers

Adrian R.

16 Aug 12


You people think that You are so manlly for saying this shit on your web site. Do what I did, put your self in the open say it on facebook with out your peers to just bumm rash what I say. Stop being gay and say it on facebook. Or don't just keep fingering each other on your little website you call your heaven. Man up!

Adrian R.

16 Aug 12


Dear Adrian

I went one better. I said it in prison to a load of dumb ass criminals and guards. As I was inside for running brothels and as both groups were my customers they thought it funny and treated me really well. I see sports fans and jocks as victims of a bread and circus's mentality the ruling classes force on society as a whole. You sound like a nice guy outside the sport bubble; there are a lot of men like you. Personally I never think about the subject unless it's thrown in my face, as with the olympics or its costing me money etc.

Scouse John

16 Aug 12


this isnt new. people have always teamed up aganist something but u guys are no differnet than the nazis 60 years back. just like you fight to eradication of sports , nazis fought for the eradiction of jews. you use the some tactics as them saying jocks are stupid and dumb is the same thing as saying jews are greedy and ugly. just drop it You all know even if you get it on the news people will still pay to watch and play sports. it is never going to change because it sucks to know that on ur death bed that you havent done it. im telling you just drop it.

p.s in my school if you play sports for the school you get 2 points on you semester grade and if you dont you have to go to gym for 30 more mins to do the excrise that you would of done in sports. its just running for 30 mins with a few breaks it is boring as hell. i would do sports any day instead of learning how to draw a stupid drawing. ALso we are doing a pettion to introduce sports at a elementry school that cooperates with our school. by making gym longer and lunch shorter and intorducing sports in kinder its a movement to stop childhood obesity. just thought u should know this.

a real man

16 Aug 12


sorry the ones after that were out of anger. sports help child hood obestity (spelled that wrong) please to stop steriotyping people like me just for our opion in the matter. Bulling is wrong. but so is slandering people out because they wrong. and for that i am sorry

16 Aug 12


what i meant was stop hating poeple differnces sorry john i really hope we are even sports have been a big thing in my life and to see people slander me and sports all together got me pissed sorry for taking it out on you.

a concered person over childhood obesity

18 Aug 12

Subject: Let's Be Clear

Jock - Arrogant, rude, entitled miscreant who uses his athletic gifts against other people to make himself/herself look good. Loves to bully people around. 90% of mental capacity is for retaining stats, scores, moves and misses of favorite teams. Looks upon the non-athletic as mere ants. Makes non-sports activities into competitions as well like sales, eating and fucking.

Athlete - Confident, sensitive, grateful team player who uses his athletic gifts to benefit his team and inspire the non-athletic. Loves to help himself by helping other people. 90% of mental capacity is for academics 'cause he knows there is no gym class or ball games in the real world. Enjoys non-sports activities as well like reading, watching movies, dancing, and helping old people cross the street.


19 Aug 12


i must admit that i find the american experience interesting . when i was at school we had PE twice a week and a double period of sport once a week . we were not tested on it and no marks were added or subtracted at exam time . if it rained we stayed in class and read a book ( i loved rain) . it was football in the autumn and cricket in the summer . once the teams were picked the left overs could play rounders with the girls ( much more preferable than cricket ). occasionally i could not avoid ending up on a team . if it was cricket i would be placed miles out as a fielder and would invariably miss any balls because of sunbathing or sleeping on the grass. football was more interesting because i would invariably cripple someone when i missed the ball and connected with a jocks body parts . we had no sports heros at school . the school team practiced in their own time and professional sport took place on a Saturday only.

we never had a problem with obesity because we played out in the street and had proper food at home ( sweets were still rationed when i was a child) . the games we played were not sport oriented as today but still involved lots of running and jumping . my favourite was ALLALIO . Then there was tick , ball tick ,cowboys and indians , war etc . the trouble with sport is that 99% of sports fans are spectators not athletes.

life was simpler and we we were healthier and happier with time for other interests . people today do not realise how their time and their lives have been gobbled up by sport . as my son says " They are living in the matrix ." i pity them .

Scouse John ( Neo )

28 Aug 12

Subject: No High School Football for Us!

Due to a general lack of interest on the part of the student body coupled with an inability of the jocks to qualify academically, our local school doesn't have enough volunteers to field a football team! There is hope for this area after all. Maybe the school will use the money that would have been wasted on field maintenance, lighting, and the administrative costs of hosting football games to refurbish the library. I sort of doubt it though. There is already talk of lowering academic standards for "athletes" so that they will have enough players next year.

No varsity football at Annapolis High School, academic requirements suspended

DEARBORN HEIGHTS — Annapolis High School will not field a varsity football team this year after too few eligible players showed up for practice — a fact that will not change even though the school board agreed to suspend the district’s athletic eligibility policy.

About six or seven more boys might have joined the team if the district had been following the Michigan High School Athletic Association’s lower eligibility requirement, said Athletic Director Scott Wiemer.

Now, though, it is too late to safely field a varsity team, even if some of those players come back, he said. High school games start this week, and teams have already been practicing for weeks to condition. The junior varsity will still compete, but not varsity.

“Making the decision we made is the toughest decision I have to make as an athletic director,” said Wiemer, who filled in as varsity coach last year.

AHS was also forced to go without a varsity football team in 2002, and O.W. Best Middle School could not finish its football season last year after some students became academically ineligible.

At the recommendation of Wiemer and AHS Principal Dan Scott, the board moved to change its academic eligibility policy. Suspending the policy was the only way to take immediate action and means the district will now operate under state eligibility requirements.

To play, high school students now must be passing at least two thirds, or four of their six classes. Before, District 7 required students to also have a 2.0, or C, grade point average in the most recent marking period.

The change should also bring more students into other sports including cross-country, volleyball and basketball, Wiemer said.

No varsity football at Annapolis High School

Yes yes! We must sacrifice academics to bring more of our youth into sports so they can entertain us like a circus of dancing monkees! That's the most important thing! What a load of crap! No wonder this country is going down the tubes.


9 Sep 12

Subject: I want to join the International I Hate Sports Club

Hi Sports Suck!

I want to join the International I Hate Sports Club. I hate sports! Sports do suck!


Eric Chen

9 Sep 12

Subject: Sports are dumbing us down!

Hi. I have to start off by saying that I too HATE sports. In my family, everyone loves sports except for my dad, my brother, and I. My cousins all make fun of me saying stuff like: "You are a nerd" and "You play to much XBOX. You need to go outside and play sports". I have tried explaining to them that the 10 richest people in the world all gained their riches through computers and investing. NONE of them played sports or had anything to do with sports. I showed your website to my cousins explaining that millions of people in the world HATE sports and they just laughed and claimed that I created the website.

Another thing is school. I am a Junior in High School. I go to a 90% Hispanic school (I have nothing against Hispanics). The thing about my school is that EVERYONE is a brain-dead sports addict. They all have horrible GPA's because they are more busy with sports than they are with school. I think that sports should be completely separated from school!

When I was a kid I played sports because my parents wanted me to. I did horrible in school from 6-8th grade because I was constantly practicing sports! I didn't have time for anything else because I always had practice or a game to play. I bought an XBOX 360 when I was in 9th grade and I was immediately hooked! That is when I stopped sporting, started doing better in school and acquainted myself with computers. I now have 3 websites that make me an average of $2300 per month without me even doing anything. I make bank and I am in 11th grade. All of my sporty friends work all day long and get maybe $1800 per month at the most.

There should be a bill passed in government that says that sports shouldn't be required in schools or anywhere for that matter.

Jocks are douchbags. Women go for riches and looks. I am good looking according to many different hot girls but since I don't participate in sporting, I am ignored by them.

Thanks for hearing me out! I love the site! Please do post this on the letters page! I want to be heard by more people!


18 Sep 12

Subject: So happy to find your website!

Early in my career as a software programmer I basically was hired to write software for clients that were for accounting and general business purposes. Then one day, my idiot boss comes to me with a client request that I wrote software for them to manage who plays who in fucking golf! I mean, come on, fucking golf. He starts telling me what the client wants and hating sports so much and especially find golf to be a god damn waste of time. It isn't even good exercise, it's men walking around in ugly clothing. My boss played golf, and I didn't know a thing about the game nor did I care. I looked the whole situation over and decided I wasn't going to contribute to this horse shit. I said it would take too much time and would be far more expensive than then client would be willing to afford. He was pissed at me, and said it wouldn't take long to do. I told him, "Then you write it! You told me you took computer sciences classes in college." He likely slept through them because he was getting drunk the night before with his fucking asshole frat buddies. Fuck sports, fuck golf!


18 Sep 12

Subject: A Few Things

Well, today was Football day at our school and I'm glad that headache is over. It's been going on since I was in primary school so it's really not a big deal for me. I remember wearing a scarf to promote the team I supposedly followed a few times in the past but now I'm in high school and I can only imagine what kind of ignorant football jargon might be used to put down the team people would assume I religiously follow.

I'm glad this year in PE has not been as nearly as miserable as it has been in previous years. At my school, all students in Year 8 are separated into individual boys only/girls only classes. This for me has been a blessing. Had I had to endure the godforsaken misery that is PE in the presence of my regular class, I don't know what I would do. Many of the males in my class would have an endless arsenal of insults to use each time I was unable to perform like they would expect. Among all the things that have been said to me in reference to my poor sporting abilities and while many were not cruel or crushing, I know of the three words that had a particularly nasty sting which were "come on Tim". This was said by both friends and enemy's but always made me feel worse. It was used many times even when I was attempting to do my best and it's just a reminder that people think you're awful at sports and expect more of you.

The boys in my class haven't put me down at all this year and my PE teacher is relatively calm and relaxed rather then being another one of the overly enthusiastic, competitive assholes I've known In the past. My sport skills haven't improved much but at least things aren't so bad.

I wouldn't even bother with the brain-dead illiterates whose atrocious writing appears in blue on the letters pages. They seem completely incapable of making accurate or effective criticisms of this website and community. While I remember some exceptions in the past, most of them don't seem to even begin to be able to approximate where any of us are coming from or how our lives must operate. You managed to come to a calm and peaceful conclusion with the last one which surprised me because I believed he was only here to make uneducated remarks. I don't mind people criticising any of us but the insults aren't needed. I don't believe that the eradication of sport would ever be possible and don't see it as a required measure in improving the situation. That said, awareness should be raised for many issues.

Many people have had very accepting attitudes to my lack of interest in sport but lots of other people have seen it as some kind of mental illness. Next year is my final year of PE and I imagine that it is going to be the most awful. I think I will find a way to manage though and then I will truly be released from sport. (Apart from the School's team sport program).

I seriously encourage others to acknowledge their disinterest in sport to others when asked a related question, it may lead to the realisation that not everybody cares about such an over-hyped hobby.


11 Oct 12

Subject: this mad country

britain is definately going crazy .the news yesterday is the opening of a multi million pound sports centre for the england squad . its purpose is to produce 250,00 new sports coaches and maybe win a few cups . the prime minister said it will make brits " feel good". so the future is clear . the once mighty british nation is to be employed playing football or working in burger bars . the proper jobs that are left are being done by eastern europeans working for peanuts . our declining population is propped by up hords of muslims who will eventually swamp us with their huge families .the future is bleak but at least sport is serving its purpose of distracting the sheep .

Scouse John

ps digressing for a moment. i have watched "two and a half men " for years . recently i noticed that charlie is supposed to be a sports buff . the problem with this is that he doesnt act like one . he acts like me . he never talks about sport ,he never seems to actually go to any sports and he seems to have lots of time on his hands . we do see him watch sport on tv but it is only on a superficial level , a sop to sports fans who may be watching the show . i would love him to come out of the closet and say "sports suck"

11 Oct 12

Subject: Thank you

As an American citizen that was raised with one parent (my father) being a German citizen, I frankly do not understand the obsession with sports at all. The worst part is that in last ten years women have jumped on the band wagon. I do not follow sports, I rarely watch TV, I read books. Once again we find ourselves at the end of baseball season and the beginning of football and everyone has lost their minds. Honestly I do not voice the fact I despise sports as I feel any sports fanatic will go into some sort of rage at my apparent stupidity. I do however believe in exercise, I love to hike and play some sports.

I find it amusing that the most obese country in the world, namely the US is full of such avid sports fanatics, why do we place such high importance on something that involves peak physical fitness? Especially when is quite obvious the masses of US citizens do not place any priority on their personal physical fitness. My rant, sorry, thank you so much for making me feel less alone.


2 Nov 12

Subject: I Have Absolutely No Interest In Sports!!

I really can't stand sports. It is boring, pointless and childish to watch big grown adults kick a ball around and compete for who kicks it the best. It is totally moronic when big grown men have fights over which team or player is better. Who cares, sports is a big business and the average person will never earn anything even close to the salaries that the sports celebrities make. Most of my coworkers are sports fanatics and gamblers and i have absolutely nothing in common with them, and i couldn't care less. I am a (so called) Nerd and i'm proud. I have no problem telling anyone about my disdain for sports and no one can humiliate or bully me for my opinions. Screw the Stuper Bowl, screw sports!!!


15 Nov 12

Subject: Read this and weep

Sales rep didn't like football wins 44,000 payout

You can see why a lot of us openly hate football (soccer) fans when you see this happening to non fans. Unfortunately in the game's heartlands non fans suffer this kind of crap every day and you can see why I have no great interest in moving back to North East England. Also well done to the man from Liverpool who appears on the letters page for being brave enough to say he hates football.

Fact, 42 pc of men in England don't like the sport. We are not alone.


25 Nov 12

Subject: High School Sports

Dear Sports Suck,

Ah, finally a place were i can vent out my hatred of in schools sports, and not be ridiculed endlessly! I can't agree more with your page on in school sports. I am currently a junior in high school, I am in the top ten academically in my school, but alas I receive no recognition. Why? Because every day the sports team and their "stars" are heralded as the model for all us underlings. I participate in clubs such as Model UN, Speech And Debate, Science Olympiad, and Key Club. These clubs get NO face time whatsoever, and are overshadowed by the damn sports teams.

I have nothing against the idea of sports. I love the occasional baseball game, but our high school society warps these games into something more marketable to the masses. It angers me how the quarterback on the school team did drugs, was caught, and was allowed to stay on due to his "excellent performance". It's things like this that contribute to the downfall of our youth, this idea that if you're good at sports, then you're better than everyone else and DESERVE special attention. I go to school to learn, not to have sports crammed down my throat. We need to do something to ensure that ALL groups are represented and get some recognition! Also, all the girls constantly coo over the sports teams, whereas there are plenty of better guys in groups such as the ones I participate in!


3 Dec 12

Subject: You guys are great!

First of all I want to apologize for spelling or grammar mistakes I make. I am from Germany and although I consider my English quite decent it is far from perfect.

But now to what I want to say:

I have always hated sports. I have always been worst and I've never found sports in any form interesting.

For now 10 years I have had to go through sports at school every week. Part of that time even with swimming lessons that were even worse. While I constantly feel bad and can not reach the standards that are set in my class, I am constantly being told that I am not good enough, that I "have to try harder" or that I have to catch "THAT DAMN BALL FOR GOD'S SAKE". Not only by my classmates but also by my teacher.

I've always been the only one who thinks this way, but then again I have a lot of opinions nobody around me seems to share with me.

What I've found on this website are people who think the way I do. One one side this makes me so happy because I see that I am not completely alone, but on the other side it also shows me something else:

I do not want to generalize anybody, but what I find here are well-educated, smart people. I enjoy reading and writing and ("oh gosh, you're such a nerd") I also enjoy learning. I enjoy school and learning new things and in my opinion school is for education. So, what has sports got to do with education?

Does it bring me any further to chase a ball or watch others do so while I am constantly exposed for not being able (or: not wanting to) do that? Why does society think that it is more important to be athletic than to be clever? Nobody is admired because he won a writing contest (what I did several time but people only always told me how "not cool" I am) but as soon as you manage to put a bag filled with air into a square hole everyone thinks you're god or something (more or less, depending on where you manage to do so- in a school gym or at an arena)?

I feel bad for saying this but from what I experienced I came to the conclusion that most of these athletes (again, I don't want to generalize anybody!) are just stupid, dumb-headed persons and for me it is more important to be clever and have a good education and go to university and all that stuff.

I am really sorry for this rant but I just had to let this out, partly because that's my opinion and I felt like telling it but also because I am really scared because we've got PE again tomorrow and I don't feel ready for the upcoming torture.

I want to end this rant with a quote I really like:

I hate sports as rabidly as a person who likes sports hates common sense. -HL Mencken

- Jana

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