Letters from 2016

8 December 2016

Subject: I'm Not Alone.


First of all, I'd like to say thanks for putting up this site. I thought that there was something wrong with me of not liking sports. I got to know now that there are similar minded people perhaps spread all over the world. I'm from India and people here are crazy about cricket. Its not a sport to us, its religion (multi billion dollar religion). I don't like watching sports or playing them. May be "that thing" isn't in me. Whenever, I got a chance to play in school, I'd be the left out one as no one was interested to include me as I don't play good. Maybe if someone encouraged me, I might have learned how to play. I don't know. Now, I'm a 25 year adult and don't like sports and don't like to have lengthy discussions on it. I'm still trying to stand out and say that I'm not interested in sports whenever that topic comes out. Well in future, I might do that as well. I believe that playing sports is a good thing as it can be counted as physical activity which is good for health. Apart from that one thing, there is nothing in sports which makes me interested. Whenever someone asks me to join them and play a sport, they expect something of you, to 'play' and help the team win in Saturday's (just for fun) evening match. When you don't play good, they look as if you are an alien from extra terrestrial planet disguised in human form. They also start discussion of how the evening's match went and shoot some satires at you. Whenever, I'm in play ground waiting for that ball to come my way.. I always think I should be doing something that I'm interested or I enjoy. There are several other things I like doing or complete my other important priorities first.


19 November 2016


Today we are involved in one of the most disturbing and game-changing chapters in American history. More than ever we need to know what's happening, where we stand, and who's doing what to whom. That means that national news is more essential than ever. However, living in Miami, we don't get national news on Saturday. Why? Because all three networks feel that it is more important to telecast college football games to their beer-drinking, Buffalo-wings sports nuts than provide the increasingly concerned public with up-to-the-minute information. Of course, if any sane person turned to these various games they would see a repeat of some silly combat that they've seen a million times, different satiny costumes, different violent falls, different overly dramatic narrations, but essentially the same meaningless rivalry. What they won't see are international incidents and domestic decisions that will affect their lives for years to come.


12 September 2016

Subject: Your site is awesome!!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this site. I have ignored & actively despised pro sports for the last few years, in all its incarnations - hockey, soccer, football, baseball, rugby, basketball - you name it. This applies also to the Olympics, although for different reasons.

I have ignored professional sports for the last 11 years plus because of the mentality of a lot of sports fans. The only thing that exists in their to my world is THE SPORT(insert name of sport here), and think everyone should agree. When the sad-sack Edmonton Oilers last reached the Stanley Cup final back in 2006, Oilers fans obnoxiously disrupted restaurants & bars with wild & noisy cheers to the point I stopped going until the playoffs ended. Worse than that was fans driving up & down streets blowing car horns & screaming until all hours. Thankfully the Oilers have been cellar-dwellers since then and have not made the playoffs since.

I find a lot of my co-workers are rabid sports fans who resent it because I do not like their sports. One such goofball was pestering me about baseball players & who was pitching. I told him I hate baseball, which elicited the response, 'you have no class'. Another one was going on and on about how great it was to watch FIFA and soccer, to which I replied, 'I don't watch any soccer - FIFA, World Cup - ANY soccer; I HATE SOCCER', to which she replied, 'You hate soccer??!! You have no life!!!!', then turned and walked off.

I have hated sports since my school days since I was a poor athlete and was ruthlessly bullied, sometimes with the blessing of teachers/coaches. In high school I was reluctantly forced into rugby (it was an expectation that ALL senior boys play). After an injury to my back I was forbidden from playing it again (yay!) but the school tried to ignore it & force me to play anyway which resulted in angry phone calls from my parents. In that same school, a younger student was given a Dr's note permanently excusing him from rugby. The teacher/coach took great exception and decided he was going to ignore the note. Not only that, the teacher/coach ordered all the team to line up, walk past the boy & kick him in the butt as they did. A complaint was made & this loser of a teacher was fired, but the damage was done. The conduct of athletes in school (bullying with active or tacit coach approval), and scandals like that of Penn State/Jerry Sandusky, tells me that schools are a huge breeding ground for the despicable behavior we see in various professional athletes.

I hate the Olympics because they are all about making money now, and no longer about how good somebody is. When I found out my former home of Vancouver, B.C., was getting the 2010 winter Olympics, I started planning to get out of town. The government cracked down on anti-Olympic protests and along with the self-serving business community, demanded Olympic opponents 'shut up and start getting behind the Games'. This did not lead me to support the Games; it simply strengthened my desire to boycott them and their supporters.

Now, this doesn't mean I hate ALL sports. I do prefer individual/pair sports such as certain figure skating categories, tennis, and some track & field. I work out regularly myself and try to stay active, so I am no sloth.

I cannot say enough about this site, except to PLEASE keep it going. Ignore, or better yet, continue to REBUT the occasional email from obnoxious sports fans. Those are always enjoyable to see.

Thank you again for this site!!!


8 August 2016

Subject: Allan's appreciation

And thank you, Allan, for your note of appreciation. I feel that, yes, we could rant ourselves into gibbering apoplexy about the olamepics, but such vulgarity is one more trait of sports fans, is it not?

So, let us take a benignly superior view of these laughable little people and their rather potty jingoism. When it's all over, in a couple of weeks, they will turn their attention back to whatever other sports habitually clog the media at this time of year. Note, if you will, that I can not identify which sports these might be; gentlemen of discernment are not required to.


PS: "synchronized purse snatching", oh, well put, sir!

7 August 2016

Subject: Salute to Stephen

I wanted to write a letter saying how much I resent this Olympic coverage and how ridiculous it is to say the games promote unity when all they promote is "I'm better than you are nationalism." I won't even go into how corrupt the Olympic committee is. I'd rather ridicule the choice of Brazil where they can enjoy sewer swimming and synchronized purse snatching. But I felt I couldn't write a letter acerbic enough. Happily it seems that Stephen has done it for me. What a great, funny and incisive letter. Thanks for starting my Sunday off right.


4 August 2016

Subject: Oh, not the olamepics AGAIN?

And so, my fellow sports disdainers, the olamepic games have creaked around yet again, and millions of people with cloth between the ears find it entertaining, even fascinating, and inexplicably place some sort of importance on it. They even think that it entitles them to come over all patriotic, as if the performance of some guy running his head off reflects on his country.

But we are made of sterner stuff, are we not? We have the moral fibre to rise above the vulgar behaviour of our work colleagues, fellow congregants, family members and idiots in the pub, when they babble at us about some athletic nerkís prowess. We feign ignorance of the existence of these asinine rituals and say, ďOh? And what Ďgamesí are these, of which you speak? Iím keen on a spot of chess, myself.Ē

Without being rude, (rudeness, after all, being the province of sports fans), we smile and inform the poor, undiscerning chaps that we do not watch such bilge. We have loftier things in mind when plonking our arses on the couch. A bit of light reading, perhaps (one recommends Mr Wodehouse)? A newspaper with the sports section neatly and gleefully torn off? A conversation with oneís girlfriend, who is winking at us lustfully because nothing gets her little heart a-thumping more energetically than a chap who not only enjoys P G Wodehouse (and playing some greasy slide guitar in his leisure moments) but also correctly turns his nose up at pillocks chasing a ball?

Those of us who eschew cable or satellite TV can bypass every moment of olamepic waffle, though the puerile propaganda is all over the Internet. If, however, one does watch numerous TV channels, and at least one family member is a deviant yet pitiful case who enjoys watching sports, we are doomed.

Fathers, assert your rights. Itís easy. All you have to say is this.

ďThere will be no olamepic nonsense in my house.Ē

And if someone still wants to corrupt themselves with the shite, put your foot down and lock them in the under-stairs cupboard with the mice and spiders for a day or two. Or they can go and watch rubbish in someone elseís home.

But then you really ought to have decreed from day one that there will be no sports on any telly in your home. In fact, you could have brought them up right, so that sports ďeventsĒ have no more appeal than having their bottoms gnawed by killer rabbits, but that the notion of sitting down with a good book, going camping, birdwatching, gardening or playing the krumhorn, or entertaining the above enthusiastic girlfriend, thrills them. What happy, well-adjusted children you will then have, you smug blighter.

Those of us who live alone, or with someone with no sports interests, are blessed during the olamepic season. We watch films or rivetting kelp documentaries, invite friends over on whom we can rely not to discuss sports, or we read Mr Wodehouse together in domestic bliss. But we do not watch the naffing olamepics. We are not bloody idiots.


7 July 16

Subject: Sports

Sports to me is a sad...whatever.. because it shows that we cannot get out of the flaws of human nature. Trash talking? And what's sad is that I hardly hear about any athlete who doesn't trash talk! If an athlete wins against somebody, can't they still be respectful and decent to an opponent? I think you'd gain more respect there! Holding your tongue while doing your thing, and being a decent opponent who's doing his best, but still is fair with you. Promote good sportsmanship!

It is very sad. It's almost like a political mindset. If he's weak, that means he doesn't want to fight you and is not admitting he's scared, but if he were strong, he would want to fight you and take advantage of you. Confident or not confident. No such thing as neither. I mean wow. There's no such thing as just being on the side and not thinking of competition. This is why I hate sports minded people. Everybody wants to be on the top but there's only room for one person! Or a very small group! Every single dang person thinks they are the best! And if not, it's a dream of whatever they want to accomplish! I mean, I really don't care about how I look! It's a disease! Some of these funny morons approach art that way! And only way to comfort each other is to toughen up each other! It's a disease!


2 July 16

Subject: The Euros

Be thankful you're in America, in Europe for the last 3 weeks and 3 days we've had the European Football Championship shoved down our throats, a nice , friendly football tournament where Russian fans who train in hooligan camps have seriously injured 30 rival fans, England fans trashed the seafront in Marseilles, six Irish fans were stabbed for no reason, and Croatian hooligans decided to riot during a game and then decided to attack each other. Such a lovely display of the so called beautiful game that no doubt the World Cup to be held in Russia in 2 years time will give Russian Ultras, as these neo Nazi thugs call themselves, another opportunity to cause a bloodbath and knuckle dragging idiots from England and Eastern Europe will be relishing a massive scrap in Moscow. Feel sorry for anyone who wanted to relax in Marseille and soak up the sunshine and enjoy some French cuisine and wine, only to have it interrupted by rioting England and Russian fans.

God, how I hate football, and was secretly glad England's overpaid players were well beaten on Monday night, which means I can have a quiet drink this weekend without being accosted by men in England shirts wanting to know why I have no interest. Blessed relief for the silent majority then, who can now enjoy a quieter week without being forced to swear allegiance to a football team and being ridiculed by noisy, immature men for not liking this crap sport.


27 Jun 16

Subject: WTF!

Just got my cable bill. It's bad enough that the cost jumped $20 in a month but now I have to pay for sports programming too on top of all the other fees and taxes! What kind of company forces every single subscriber to PAY FOR SPORTS PROGRAMMING????? Most of us don't watch it so it's not fair. If ESPN or whatever else sports channel is not profitable enough to broadcast, they should just DROP IT!!!

That's the last straw. It's Verizon FIOS for me from now on.

brighthouse cable bill

23 May 16

Subject: Comments.

It's rather absurd that people would express fascination with ridiculous looking sports teams emblems, mascots, face paint, hats (the Green Bay Packers cheesehead hats just look plain ridiculous), necklace beads, shirts (that includes jerseys) and other types of sports teams memorabilia. The whole idea of a sports team, especially one with a name, is just a silly joke. There's nothing wrong with practicing athletic activities for recreational pleasure as a means of destressing, but there is something wrong with professional sports and the silly vanity behind it. Even in churches today, there is an insane craze over professional sports. The question is, if secular publishers, like this website, can see the utter futility and empty vanity that is pro sports, be it the Olympics, NCAA, NBA, NHL, WWE, UFC, NFL, MLB, and other pro sports promotions, why can't evangelical churches?


28 Mar 16

Subject: Poem

I haven't been in touch for a while, but I still hate, hate, hate sports. Thought my poem might amuse you.

- Allan

I'm told it's not manly
To not enjoy sports,
Seeing hunky men play
In Spandex and shorts.
They're treated like gods
And feted like heros,
And showered with paychecks
With all kinds of zeros.
They fill cities with pride
Whenever they play
Though most come from countries
Oceans away.
They're the subject of posters
And bobble-head dolls;
All because they're such
Experts with balls.
But I don't get the point
Of any sports game
Which all seem to me
To be exactly the same.
Hockey and Tennis,
Rugby, and curling
Require some skill,
But so does plate twirling.
Basketball, baseball
Football and soccer
Are designed for the lazy
Beer-bellied gawker.
And each game includes
Lots of whining and shouting,
With the winners left gloating,
And the losers left pouting.
To disguise the fact
They're infantile games
Fans make them seem macho
With really butch names
Like Cowboys and Giants
And Vikings and Rangers
Thus putting their egos
In the jockstraps of strangers.
No. Give me the arts
In all of their glory
An astounding performance
A time-honored story,
Dances athletic
Galleries quiet.
Inspiring achievements
That don't end in a riot.

25 Mar 16

Subject: Hazing

I was going to do something different for a change and mention all the good our athletes do, such as play games for charity, help out in the community with rebuilding and fixing homes, volunteering to be a big brother to kids at risk, saving the cat stuck up in a tree, et cetera. And I was just about to post a heartwarming story about a philanthropic athlete when all of a sudden this story slipped in between the copy and paste, I swear!

The former Conestoga High School football player allegedly assaulted by a trio of teammates during a hazing ritual dubbed "No Gay Thursday" requested they not face sexual offense charges, Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan said Monday.

The trio of seniors, including one team captain, is facing charges of assault, conspiracy and related offenses in the juvenile system. The players allegedly penetrated the victim's rectum with a broomstick after he refused to help other underclassmen clean the team locker room while wearing just their underwear.

Hogan could have charged the players with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, but he instead honored the victim's request to withhold sexual offense charges.

"The victim's input on it was, 'I don't want that charge Ė This is hard enough for me to go through this. Adding that sexual side of it will make it that much harder,'" Hogan said. "His very clearly stated preference was, 'No I don't want that.'"

When filing charges, Hogan said he gives considerable weight to the requests of alleged sexual assault victims, noting they have to relive everything in court.

"We can say to the victim, 'To heck with you. This is going to go out there and you're just going to have to go up with it,'" Hogan said. "That's our judgment call at the end of the day. (But) it would take a lot for me to ignore him." - AP

I tried. Oh, well, maybe next time.

- Ted

12 Mar 16

Subject: Thank you

I am so thankful to have found this site. I am a father and I canít stand sports in general, but especially football. It is absolutely everywhere and so difficult to get away from. I have customers that always want to ask about the current team stats, etc. I have no idea whatsoever and people stare blankly like Iíve done something wrong. I live in Phoenix AZ, but I am from Philadelphia. As soon as people find out where I am from they automatically ask about the eagles or phillies or something. I COULD CARE LESS ! I explain that I am not a sport fan and the conversation quickly goes silent, like they donít know how to react to what I just said. Would it be the same for me when they quickly say I donít enjoy art or museums or something. I donít judge people because of there choices, they each are allowed to choose. Why do I get judged so quickly when I kill the conversation with ďI donít follow sports.Ē

I dont mind that they exist and I donít mind if you are built for that sort of thing. I do mind when you try to involve me in something I donít like.


11 Mar 16

Subject: Football on BBC TV is a waste of my license fee

Yes I am one of those strange people who doesn't like watching a bunch of overpaid neanderthals chasing a ball around a field. I am unfortunate enough to live within a couple of miles of Liverpool FC and Everton FC grounds. These are of course nowhere near the more salubrious parts of this fair city but rather conveniently situated amid the less wealthy areas. This ensures that the maximum amount of disruption on match days affects the sector of the population least able to afford the exorbitant entrance fees. Roads are blocked, police take control of traffic lights etc etc. All to ease the passage of those fans from outside the immediate area. I was personally stuck in a supermarket car park for almost an hour on one such occasion. Why would you be in a Supermarket on match day I hear them ask with puzzlement.

When I meet someone from outside the city invariably the first question is "who do you support?" looks of shock, horror and suspicion then silence ensues when I answer "I detest football it is a blight on my life". I could go on! I find all spectator sport totally tedious and boring. To the youngster who said he would rather read a book "good for you". Unfortunately you will find as you get older that you are considered some sort of wierdo. I'm 70 now and I got used to it a long time ago. Thank God for the invention of the video recorder. I now never watch live TV but record everything for later. That way I can avoid all sport, all advertising and reality tv .

25 Feb 16

Subject: John Humphries

In Britain John Humphries is a well liked news presenter and interviewer. Tonight he was invited on to the light hearted entertainment show, Room 101, where a celebrity condemns something they don't like to Room 101( if you've read 1984, you'll understand). Humphries choice, which looked like the host, a well known football fan, was going to have a seizure, was professional sports. Like all right minded and free thinking people, Humphries despises the commercialism, greed and overkill of modern sports and laid into the sports culture in Britain at the moment, demanding that football in particular is reduced to a Saturday afternoon pastime and sports broadcasting be cut back. Obviously while Humphries has said what millions really think over here, the host, Frank Skinner, muttered something about sport being a big thing in his life and refused to condemn sports to Room 101. However, it's a brave commentator over here attacks the money making racket that football and rugby in particular have become, as most seem to fall over themselves to fit in by saying how much they love Manchester United and the like.

This weekend someone at work was going on about how big this weekend is for sport with some football cup final and The Six Nations, my reply, I don't give a toss, in the same way last weekend I watched Clint Eastwood films on a movie channel over whatever sporting feast was on the other channel.


24 Feb 16

Subject: In response to Rob

Another solid example showing that sports fans are barely literate. "I give a crap about what you have to say because it means nothing." Love it.   Rob, you should wear that on a T-shirt, you monkey.

- Ted

22 Feb 16

Subject: Why

I don't get it if you don't like sports then don't watch. The weird thing is to all dog sports fans on this site but I'm sure not to them or the athletes face. So go back to your art your gay superhero movies and your video games and get a life. And to let you know I give a crap about what you have to say because it means nothing.

Robert L.

20 Feb 16


This guy should be in prison for what he did, but as he was a man of previous good character and a well respected rugby league player he gets off with a suspended sentence. Anyone else locally would be in prison for two serious assaults, one of which caused life changing injuries to the victim.



7 Feb 16

Subject: Tiny Fine Arts Building

To the lady who owns an art gallery in Baltimore with her husband from 2 Jan 16:

I must confess that, when I found a crowd of disgruntled sports zombies whose team had lost, I would always go into the bathroom (or some other private area) and laugh myself into tears! It's a freaking SPORT, you morons! With a damn BALL! Someone didn't throw the BALL right! BAD, BAD (I dunno - quarterback? endzone? right-baseman? goalie? Who the hell cares?)!

In particular (to the nice lady with the art gallery), you reminded me of a short story (for you jocks, that's about 5 to 20 pages and no pictures) by Robert Bloch (that's B-L-O-C-K; I didn't misspell it). Anyway, the game's probably back on and you grunts don't care so I can stop explaining.

The story ("Daybroke") takes place in the aftermath of a nuclear war. It's told from the point of view of a man who has a radiation suit and is crossing the city in which he lives. He passes a University and notes the destruction of the huge sports stadium - whose annihilation conveniently sheltered the tiny Fine Arts building, which only showed the usual signs of dust and neglect...a nice touch of irony by Bloch, who (I believe) thought professional sports were for idiots.

I promise that if I'm ever in Baltimore, I'll look around for you. Maybe you and your husband and I can have a nice espresso (it's eSpresso, not eXpresso, just in case someone dropped another ball). With a Biscotti.

Actually, for fun, we could buy an espresso and Biscotti for one of these drones and have a laugh as he tries to push the biscotti into the demi-tasse. Maybe we can tell him he has to eat the demi-tasse too...

-A Very Sympathetic Arts Lover Who Doesn't Know-

-What A Nose Tackle is But Thinks it's Hilarious-

5 Feb 16

Subject: angry and frustrated

Hello all!! I can't tell you how happy I am to know that others in this world that actually have a life outside of sports. I live in Colorado, and I'm quite confident everyone here has been made aware that the Broncos are going to the "stupid bowl" again this year. I have to say every fall I just feel helpless and angry as my husband and I are thrown into this ridiculous worship behavior that is consuming most all of what would normally be hard working, family oriented reasonable people. We are subjected to this nonsense at every turn. The media ( local news), work, grocery store, church, bank, restaurants and the list goes on and on. There is just no escape. We flew to Fl to see our daughter and while in the security line the TSA agent looked at our licenses and all he asked about was the Broncos and the big game! We even told the idiot we didn't watch sports and he felt the need to give us his opinion on playing the "fair football game". I mean really!! There is just no escape. My biggest issue is that no matter what we say, how we try to get our friends and family to open there orange and blue shot eyeballs that it just doesn't matter, they just don't get it.

These over paid, wife beating, drug addicted, criminal hero's as they call them are nothing! Nobody!! Why they worship them is beyond me. People go into a depression when the team looses. They make excuses for them when they punch their female partners in a elevator or back them up when they support cruel dog fighting. I'd understand if it were a son, daughter, brother, sister or close friend that is playing. I get that. But idiolizing a complete stranger because they are on a team of any sort is just beyond me.

Being a women who goes to church I watch these football fans sit there in their jerseys and barely clap there hands while there and then go home and scream, jump, and celebrate something that is meaninglessness really gets me. But you can't change them. They are programmed at birth I guess. It's a sad waste of time. I hope someday people will go outside, go for a walk, maybe mow the lawn, take your kids to the zoo. I don't know but do something that actually benefits their lives.

BG from CO

1 Feb 16

Subject: Here it comes again, with a big stick behind its back

I was reading an online article yesterday, and it mentioned this summer's olamepic games. I thought, No, please, not again.

Then I thought, What does it matter? Like any right-thinking chap, I ignore the entire bore fest. Not one solitary second of pointless swimming, jumping, throwing or farting appears on my television set or computer. I never know which countries won gold medals, nor the names of any athletes, because it doesn't matter and my interests lie elsewhere.

I am wary, though, and I think that all sensible sports disdainers ought to be, of the very real possibility that the media will be as invasive as they were when the s*ccer world c*p was on, two years ago. Most of the web sites that I visit were plastered with banner ads and news items, to the point of saturation. It will do us no good to complain to the web masters about it, because they make money from the advertisers who think that everyone is interested. It is big business and we are little killjoys.

In 2012, in London, a law was passed allowing the suppression of dissent. If you wore a t-shirt saying "No Olympics," or said publicly that you didn't like the olamepics and resented so much public money coming from your pocket to fund the crap, you could be arrested. Such was the desperation of the media, who wanted the world to see Londoners leaping about joyfully over what is basically an inordinate fuss about some children's games.

It's as easy for sports fans to be hoodwinked into ignoring this sinister aspect of what really ought to be a fun event, as it is for those of us uninterested in it to wave our hands and say "Hang on, this is all getting a bit sinister and Orwellian." But then if you believe that sports are entertaining and even important, you'll believe any rubbish, won't you. When all the bollocks is over and everyone has gone home, I'm sure that only a few of us are left with a bad taste, certainly not enough to make anyone in the media sit up and take notice.

I personally refuse to be a good little citizen and comply with the propaganda. Feel free, my friends, to do the same.


28 Jan 16

Subject: In response to Happy British Chick's letter

I would think Britain is a little less sports oriented than America, but we do have the same moronic obsession with match stats, player transfers, discussion of slight infringement of a game's rules and television stations that show sport 24/7. Some men, in particular those that follow football( soccer), are so obsessed with this incredibly dull sport they spend hours in bars watching some monotonous game and spend a considerable sum betting on its outcome on a betting app on their phone among their like minded buddies. As Happy British Chick says, they seem more interested in sport than boobies and I often wonder what their partners think as these bozos seem so addicted to football, and to a lesser extent sports like Superleague and golf, that they probably have little time in their lives for sex and certainly have no interest in anything cultured or intelligent. In short dull men whose lives are dictated to by betting corporations, corporations like Sky and conversations with their friends about football.

I am glad I now no longer allow rubbish like The Premiership or The SuperleagUe pollute my spare time when I go for a drink, as I now choose when this isn't shown in a bar, or choose a place that doesn't have a television. Also I reckon if more non fans boycotted any bar or club that shows Sky Sports, then they'd have to cater for a considerable percentage of men and most women who don't give a dam.


26 Jan 16

Subject: Sports

I am only 12.. And I feel like I have found a website for me. Everyone in school is obsessing over some team making it to the playoffs or whatever. I have tried sports at an age like 8-9, and remember HATING them. I feel like the hype of sports needs to die down, because so many people in my school ONLY talk about sports, so I can never strike a conversation with them. I know really nothing about sports, nor will I ever, and during the games every Sunday, I go upstairs and READ sometimes. That kind of stuff will never interest me.

21 Jan 16

Subject: The Unimportance of Sports from a Woman's Perspective

Dear Secretary of Sports Suck,

Thank you for inviting me to share my opinion about how sports suck. As a wife and mother of three wonderful boys I would just like to say that I really appreciate men who hate sports!

I consider myself fortunate enough to be married to a wonderful self assured man who has never enjoyed watching sports. I am also happy to report that none of our sons want to watch sports either! We find something else to do when the Superbowl is on TV. I can honestly say we have been bored to tears the few times we've suffered through the occasional game day celebrations. What an enormous waste of time to sit and watch a game that to me seems completely pointless. I am in fact British born, and was raised by a father who watched every single sport on television while we were growing up. The only man in a household of five. My mom and sister's appreciated watching nothing but sports constantly, NOT. British men love lots of sports. Soccer is very popular, as is Rugby - Football to my American readers.. FYI football is a game for sissies. (By the way, real men don't wear proctective pads and cups). British men also enjoy watching Cricket, Formula One racing, horse racing, the Tour De France, Tennis Championships and Golf Tournaments. As if these weren't enough, we also have to suffer through Baseball, Basketball, Nascar and a whole host of games from around the world. Thank you satellite television! Oh, and I can't write a decent roast without mentioning Boxing. Who in their right mind wants to sit and watch someone beat the snot out of someone else? And what about the contestants involved? Seems more likely they have brain damage going in and even more after a round or three in the ring.

My question has two parts: 1. What is wrong with all these men who get so worked up about sports? 2. Since when has a pig skin been more appealing to a man than a decent set of boobies?

So men who don't like sports let me tell you that your women folk are overjoyed with your perceived lack of maleness. So what if you don't know the latest scores and stats of the baseball league. Is it really that big of a deal in the big scheme of things? After all, what real women want is a guy who's not afraid to go out on a limb and admit that being "one of the boys" and getting loaded at the local bar, coming home stinking of beer and greasy fries is a poor substitute for human interaction which is required for happy relationships. What's actually more emasculating, being more captivated by Friday Night Football or not appreciating the finer qualities of the female in your life?

Like I said, I really appreciate a man who can give his lady the undivided attention she rightly deserves. Thanks for reading and being you!

Happy British Chick

18 Jan 16

Subject: Why pro sports is stupid.

One of the stupidest things about pro sports is that its athletes are ridiculously overpaid, becoming billionaires. Yes, entrepreneurship is a pathway to becoming a billionaire, but not all of it involves sports. Some franchise owners own an administrative office. Shouldn't more meaningful professionals like physicians, scientists, and engineers become billionaires because they are contributing to a more meaningful cause? They should, but unfortunately, that's not the case in our society. Instead, pro athletes are treated lavishly by being given a salary worth billions of currency. This is one of the reasons why most pro athletes act like spoiled losers because of the lavish treatment put upon them. Sports fans also show their stupidity by talking about it even though they are not a part of it. Most sports fans are so stupid, that if you were to ask them about quotes related to Albert Einstein or Fritz Haber, they would either not know it, or just talk about their stupid sports.

These are plenty of reasons not to be hyped out about the Stupid Bowl or any other yearly pro sports promotion. In fact, most athletes in contact sports like MMA, pro wrestling, gridiron football, ice hockey, boxing, rugby, and lacrosse end up getting neurodegenerative diseases as a result of repeated contact with other athletes.

With regards to pro sports, ponder this quote from theoretical physicist Albert Einstein. "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." Albert Einstein would have thought that pro sports, be it the Olympics, NCAA (so-called collegiate athletics), NFL (gridiron football), NBA (basketball), MLB (baseball), NHL (ice hockey), FIFA (soccer is an overrated international phenomena), WWE (pro wrestling), UFC (MMA), and all other sports promotions are all tantamount to insanity. The conclusion is that pro sports from ancient times to modern times is a tool for distracting people from more important issues in the past, present, and future. That is a warning that we must learn from previous history. Those who cannot remember the past are just condemned to repeat it.


2 Jan 16

Subject: I Love Your Site

Dear Sports Suck,

My husband and I both agree that sports suck and are an idiotic waste of time and mental energy! But don't forget there is Big Money, Big Media and Big Corporate Power behind it all, and making it bigger all the time. I for one am very concerned with the massive increase in sports coverage in the past couple of years even on public media like NPR, one of the last bastions of intelligent broadcasting. It really upsets me and makes me resentful.

We own an art gallery in the Baltimore area, and we are all about the arts, museums, books, and culture. When we first moved here in 2012 (from a large West Coast city where people tend to not be sports fanatics) we had no clue as to how deeply into sports the Baltimorons are! We were in a restaurant one evening in the fall of 2012 when we noticed sad-looking people all dressed in purple trickling in. More and more came, in purple from head to toe, and looking like they were at a funeral, including an old man who had purple glitter all over his face and hair.

My husband and I were very bewildered! On the way out through the bar packed with mournful purple people, we asked a waiter "what in the world is going on???" He replied, "the Ravens lost!"

That's when we knew we had landed on an brain-dead, lost alien planet. Here we suffer through Ravens in the Fall/Winter and Orioles in the Spring/Summer. They even have hats and outfits that are half orange and half purple! You have to check the game schedule if you are thinking of going into downtown Baltimore because if you get there at the wrong time, the traffic can be bottlenecked for miles waiting to get into the stadium parking lots!

If only 1 percent of the people who care about sports cared as much about art, we'd be millionaires by now. But arts education in schools gets nothing compared to stupid sports programs!

Thanks for letting me vent and for the fellowship of other Sports-Haters!

- A Concerned Arts Lover

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