THIS SUCKS! Had To Delete A Playlist From My YouTube Channel

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THIS SUCKS! Had To Delete A Playlist From My YouTube Channel

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Well, today I had to delete an empty Playlist from my YouTube channel.

It was a series of cartoon videos.

My playlist was titled . . . . .

A Galileo Cartoon - Cute!

Description of said Playlist . . .

Here is a rather cute little cartoon about Galileo. Enjoy!

When I clicked on one of the video links, all I got was the following . . . . .
"Animated Hero Classics ..."

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Living Scriptures.

Sorry about that.
I did a Google search for Living Scriptures.

They no longer have cartoons about Galileo, or Isaac Newton, or Thomas Jefferson, or Abraham Lincoln, etc. etc. or any of the historic figures anymore.

NO! Now it's only animations about the Mormon Religion.

They took down all their other history animations.

Oh! But they had to file a DMCA claim against the YouTube user who put up the cartoon videos about Galileo, just so they could shut down his channel.

Yeah! That's how these right-wing religious fanatics work!

They destroy anything they don't like!

Uh huh! Some bed-wetting ignoramuses from the magic underwear crowd!
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