NASCAR is NOT a Sport

Well, it attracts the same sort of I-live-through-the-accomplishments-of-others crowd so I guess it qualifies.
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blast flame wrote:
yallsuckballs wrote:Oh yea, Did you forget to mention Nascar drivers are in amazing shape. I would bet 1 million dollers you could not last a whole Nascar race. You have to been in amazing shape to withstand the heat of racing. Plus its mentally challenging you idiots dont recognize that.
If it were mentally challenging it shouldn't be call sport. Sport is the opposet of mentally challenging.
um sports can be mentally challenging. When I played tennis I had to think a great deal about strategy, where weak points were, how to hit the ball.
lots of strategy
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Re: NASCAR is NOT a Sport

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I must confess I watch drag racing on ESPN2. Only because I am too old and too broke to participate.
It is the only "sport" I ever watch.
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