Threatened By Cowardly Bully On The Way Home From Shopping!

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Threatened By Cowardly Bully On The Way Home From Shopping!

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Well, I had a rather strange Monday evening on the way home from shopping.

OK, as usual, I went up to Albertsons to do some grocery shopping, then stopped by Walgreens to get some cigars.

When I go out, I get around in My JAZZY Power Chair, and on the back I have a large red zipper bag that holds up to 50 pounds of groceries. I use the JAZZY to get around because of the arthritis in my knees and ankles.

Anyway, I rode my JAZZY down Mesa Street, stopped at a Starbucks to have some dark roast coffee, then after I ordered a refill, when I left Starbucks, because it was late, instead of getting on a bus, I decided to continue on down town on the way home, about a 2 mile ride that I enjoy in the evenings.

Then I turn east to head for home and I always go past the Federal Building. There are usually two polices officers there, and sometime not. I call them "my favorite friendly neighborhood cops". Sometime I like to stop and talk with them, and we have some pretty good conversations. I like them, and I think they're kind of cool.

Yeah! Some of my friends here in El Paso are cops.

Here lately, I haven't seen them around.

Well, this Monday evening, I said to myself, "Hmmm, where are my favorite friendly neighborhood cops this evening?"

A guy standing by the mailbox happened to overhear me, just sort of talking to myself, and he jumped on my case, thinking I was trying to cause him some trouble.

I tried to explain to him, that the cops I was referring to happen to be a couple of friends that I have known for the past two years.

He threaten to knock me off my power chair and kick my ass. Yeah, we got into a big hairy argument. I told him that it had nothing to do with him, that I was merely wondering where my two friend were, that I haven't seen them around lately.

Well, he finally walked away cussing at me, and still making threats.

Yeah! That would have been really great, a cowardly bully attacking a 60 year old man in a power chair! There are a lot of nut cases out there!

Well, the next time I'm shopping at Walmart, I'm going to get some pepper spray. It's perfectly legal here in El Paso. I should know, because I once asked a police officer about pepper spray, and he said I can get it at a Target, or a Walmart.

It doesn't take a great big brave strong man to attack someone who's physically handicapped.

It only take a simpering COWARD!!!


And, all bullies are cowards!
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