Republicans Can't Tell Difference Between a Woman & a Duck!

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Republicans Can't Tell Difference Between a Woman & a Duck!

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First of all, my thanks goes to Republican, U.S. Representative for Missouri's 2nd congressional district, William Todd Akin.

It is because of Todd Akin's comment about "legitimate rape" in which he said the following:

"if itâ??s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down."

He was implying, that women do not get pregnant from being raped.

Then, I learned some information of an AlterNet artical which I had posted in one of my other topics titled:

UPDATE: The 8 Worst Things Republicans Have Said About Rape!

I had learned the following, concerning female ducks.

"Of course the scientific facts are far from on Akinâ??s side, which should be embarrassing for a member of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. While it may be true that female ducks have evolved in such a way that they now have a biological anti-pregnancy response to forced sex, human beings most definitely have not."

So, I decided to do some more research on this.

I have always been interested in science, but I don't know everything. Nobody does.

But Republicans know nothing, especially when it comes to science, and especially when it comes to evolution, which of course, they outright reject.

I didn't know this about ducks, until reading the article from AlterNet.

This inspired me to do a Google search on this particular subject.

So, I really want to thank Todd Akin, the source of my inspiration to research this fact about female ducks.

And I found the following Scientific American article at: ... s-of-ducks

The sex wars of ducks
An evolutionary battle against unwanted fertilization.


By Matt Kaplan

Scientists have elucidated the mechanism by which female ducks thwart forced copulations.

Unwanted sex is an unpleasant fact of life for many female ducks. After carefully selecting a mate, developing a relationship and breeding, a female must face groups of males that did not find mates and want nothing more than a quick fling.

Now a team led by Patricia Brennan, an evolutionary biologist at Yale University in New Haven, Conn., has described the morphology of the duck penis and found how the physiology and behavior of female ducks can help to prevent unwanted sperm from being deposited far inside the oviduct.

Birds of both sexes have a single reproductive and excretory opening--the cloaca. Usually, sperm is transferred from male to female in a brief "cloacal kiss." Waterfowl, however, are different. They, like ostriches, have penises. In ducks, these appear through the cloaca very quickly and can be longer than 40 centimeters. Making things more complicated, the male and female genitalia spiral in corkscrew fashion rather than being straight.

Fowl play

"I have long had a fantasy about working out where these enormous penises actually went inside the female and mentioned to [Brennan] years ago that it was too bad we didn't have a perspex female for males to mount," says Tim Birkhead, an avian biologist at the University of Sheffield, UK.

Brennan tried the next best thing. Working with a commercial breeder of Muscovy ducks (Cairina moschata), Brennan observed more than 50 male ducks that were conditioned to ejaculate when shown a stimulating female. The males were presented with clear containers of different shapes after being exposed to attractive females and as their penises everted (the duck equivalent of an erection) into the containers, the team used high-speed video to capture details of how the penises worked, and to determine how the shape of the container affected eversion.

The containers varied in shape from being straight to being anticlockwise corkscrews that followed the shape of the Muscovy duck's penis, or clockwise corkscrews or bent at 135° to better mimic the shape of the vagina. "We wanted to know whether the shape that we were seeing in females was an adaptation that was helping them to respond to unwanted sex," says Brennan.

Out for a duck

The team reports in Proceedings of the Royal Society B that eversion of the Moscovy duck penis, to a length of up to 20 centimeters, took a grand total of about 0.3 seconds in air and 0.5-0.8 seconds in the female-mimicking glass tubes. Ejaculation happened at the moment of maximum eversion.

When penises everted into the clockwise-corkscrew shape mimicking the female vagina, they could not get nearly so far down the tube as they could in the anticlockwise-corkscrew and straight containers. In all cases, the males released semen, but their inability to get as far in the clockwise-corkscrew container and the acute-angled container suggested that in such environments males would have a lower chance of reproductive success.

The work backs up earlier research in which Brennan and her colleagues hypothesized that the sexual organs of ducks have evolved as a result of sexual conflict to prevent the sperm from unwanted males from fertilizing eggs and to help females maintain control of reproduction even as they endure unwanted sexual encounters.

Indeed, in the latest work, the team observed that sexually receptive females contract and relax their cloacal muscles in a way that could help the male achieve full penetration. But during forced copulations, the females struggle violently, which would reduce the likelihood of fertilization.

"The female presumably relaxes her vagina to allow access. This is telling us a lot about forced copulation. Clearly there is an evolutionary battle of the sexes taking place," says Birkhead.

With additional reporting by Chris Simms

Now, this is really fascinating!

I didn't know this about female ducks before, until I have read about this in the recent AlterNet political article.

And that's why I decided to do a Google search on this, and found more on Scientific American, which is an excellent source for science articles.

I use to read Scientific American all the time when I could get it for only a couple dollars off the magazine rack in most supermarkets, along with Discover, and Popular Science.

Now, they're hard to find in the supermarkets, because now, they only have mostly sports magazines and Hollywood gossip rags. And if you do find a Scientific American, the prices have gone way up.

But, thanks to the Internet, and can read Scientific American for FREE!!!

So, I really do want to thank Todd Akin as my source of inspiration to do some more research, and learn some more scientific facts that I didn't know before.

In fact, I want to thank the entire Republican party!!!

Yeah! That's right! I'm actually grateful to them, because they inspire me to do more research!


In a special way, they are inadvertently, my teachers!

But, they don't know that!

First, they say something stupid, then I do some research to get the facts, and sometimes, I may even learn something I didn't know before.

Now then . . . . .

Getting back to the moronic comment by Todd Akin . . .

"if itâ??s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down."

As I have said earlier . . . he was implying, that women do not get pregnant from being raped.

NO! Sorry 'bout that Jimbo Bubbah Booey!

But female humans do NOT have the same kind of protective mechanism that prevents fertilization from rape, as do female ducks!

Todd Akin either doesn't know the difference between a woman and a duck!

Or, perhaps he (thinks?) that a woman has a duck's vagina!

OK, all ya Republicans!!! Here's an IQ test for ya all!!!


Which one is the woman and which one is the duck?

I'm sorry I have to report, but ALL the Republicans gave the wrong answer!

They all thought that it was just a bunch of random lines scribbled on a sheet of paper!

Yeah! Really PATHETIC!!!

And these moronic fuck-tards want to run our country???

I'm outta here!
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