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Right now, I'm watching a LIVE broadcast of the Republican National Convention.

A live broadcast of the Democratic National Convention will be coming on Thursday, September 6,2012 and I'm really looking forward to that one.

To watch these conventions LIVE go to this web site at:

You need to download and install Adobe Flashplayer to watch the live streaming broadcasts.

I'm actually glad that the Republicans are holding their convention first.

I say, let the idiots speak first, then you can come up with the fact to dispute their outrageous claims.

I'm 60 yeas old, and I know from experience, that over the years of watching many Republican and Democratic conventions on TV, that the speakers at the Republican conventions sure like to blow their own horn, with the same old sloganeering and spouting off the same old tired worn out old clichés. They never say specifically what they intend to do about jobs, the economy, education, and the environment. No, they just go around patting each other on the back. A typical Republican convention is just another cliché festival, a real suck fest!

On the other hand, when Democrats speak at their conventions, I get to hear more than mere slogans. They often talk about specific issues, and what they intend to do. I get more information when I listen to Democrats than I can ever hope to get from the Republicans.

Republican conventions are boring, while Democratic conventions are more interesting and exciting, and more informative.

The Republicans deny the scientific facts behind climate change and global warming, which is in fact, occurring all over this planet, and we humans are the cause of it.

I have not heard this issue mentioned at all during the convention, and I have been listening for hours. I have not heard anything about developing new energy resources, no talk about solar energy or wind power, or other clean sources of energy. Nothing mentioned about cars that are more fuel efficient.

But, I know, that I will most likely hear about these important issues during the upcoming Democratic convention. It has always been this way. During a Democratic convention, these issues are talked about, while these same issues are ignored during Republican conventions.

All Republicans do is brag about themselves.

Yes, there is sloganeering going on in BOTH the Republican AND Democratic conventions, because
they are, after all, political conventions.

But Republican conventions are only slogans and clichés!

While, at Democratic conventions, besides the usual sloganeering, we do get to hear about more specific issues.

Naturally of course, I don't expect the Democrats to fulfill all their promises. No political candidate or party has ever been 100% percent successful in implementing all of their policies. That's just reality.

But, by the same token, I guess we can be thankful, that Republicans are also not successful in carrying out all their threats!

Yeah! I have been listening to the Republican convention for hours, and so far, they have said absolutely nothing more than mindless tongue-wagging with empty meaningless words.

I have yet to hear the E words, like Energy or Environment or Education from this Retard convention, nor even the S word like Science!!!

No, I just heard mostly about God and Religion. It's more like a big church convention.

Hey! When are they gonna serve up the barbecued chicken, hotdogs, potato salad, and the pies and cakes?
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