The Forum has been restored!

Welcome, Mates! Post here for General Discussions on how thoroughly sports suck. In general.
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The Forum has been restored!

Post by secretary »

As our members know, this forum went down in 2014 during a routine upgrade and could not be restored despite our best efforts. However, recently, a backup copy of the forum was discovered and further attempts to restore the site were made which were ultimately successful.

To new readers: Due to the overwhelming number of spam bots, registration of new members has been disabled.

To old forum members: although the forum was restored, all avatars have been lost. They were stored in a different place and were not backed up. Old passwords may work but this hasn't been verified yet.
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Agent 47
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Re: The Forum has been restored!

Post by Agent 47 »

Hey! The forum is back up!

And I even remembered my password!

And I could even restore my avatar!

It's a Festivus miracle!
"We can’t find a healthy brain in an ex-football player."
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Re: The Forum has been restored!

Post by The Imperialist »

10 years since my last post, oh the memories (or lack thereof)
Hurrah to the restoration!
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Re: The Forum has been restored!

Post by TheSmoke »

My old password worked! I was telling a friend about this not too long ago, looking at it on the wayback machine. Welcome back.
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