Ray Comfort & Eric Hovind, Admitted Sociopaths! WATCH VIDEO!

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Ray Comfort & Eric Hovind, Admitted Sociopaths! WATCH VIDEO!

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OK, one of my favorite YouTube members is WildwoodClaire1 who is a retired geologist.

She has put up many videos on geology, so, I look to her as my teacher, because I've been learning stuff about geology that I hadn't known before, so, I'm really getting schooled.

And, she has also likes to put up many rather amusing videos about, what she calls "Creatards" extreme right-wing religious fundamentalists like Kent Hovind and his son Eric Hovind, Ray Comfort, and a number of other creationist YouTube users, like VenomFangX, etc. etc. and also, featuring extreme right-wing politicians for her Dim Bulb Of The Week Awards.

So, every Sunday, I look forward to watching Coffee With Claire with her weekly Dim Bulb awards.

Well, anyway . . . . .

On the morning of June 11, she had put up a 1 minute video, an announcement concerning Ray Comfort and Eric Hovind, the son of the jailbird, Kent Hovind, who is currently serving a 10 year prison term for fraud and tax evasion.

In the meantime . . .

Please do watch this short video, and please comment.

A Special Report from Wildwood Claire: Sociopathic Creationists
Published on Jun 11, 2012 by WildwoodClaire1

An unsurprising admission from Ray Comfort and Eric Hovind.
Their complete video is available at

Category: People & Blogs

Tags: Claire geology geologic YEC creationism young Earth creationist Bible Genesis Ray Comfort Eric Hovind God

License: Standard YouTube License

Well, here is my own written transcript from said video.

I had to pause and play the video while typing up my short transcript.
Garnering not so much as a raised eyebrow, two public creationist have admitted, that they are in fact, sociopaths, and that their desires to commit heinous crimes and depredations against an unsuspecting public, are restrained merely by their fear of an invisible cosmic wizard.

Ray Comfort And Eric Hovind

So, they asked me, and said "Eric, if you were not a Christian, would that, would that just let you do anything you wanted to do? I said, ABSOLUTELY! I would absolutely live my life with no restraints at all. I would do what ever I want, and that's where we get lots of . . . you get lots of testimonies."

I'd be in jail if I wasn't a Christian!

I'd be breaking outta jail if I wasn't a Christian!

I would have gone into counterfeiting!
WOW! So, it's merely because they're Christians, and believe in Jesus, that alone, is what keeps them from being criminals!

Well, over the years, I have come to reject Christianity, and have been becoming more agnostic, yet, I don't go around committing crimes.

I don't need to live in fear that some invisible Sky Daddy will condemn me to eternal Hell fire if I don't behave myself.

Sorry, but I don't need to believe in Papa, Junior, and The Spook, to know the difference between right and wrong, the difference between what is moral or immoral, or what is just and unjust.

One can be good without God!

Apparently, believing in Jesus, and believing that the earth is only 6000 years old, and that Noah had dinosaurs aboard the ark, that didn't keep Eric's ol' man, Kent Hovind, from going to prison for 10 years for fraud and tax evasion! Eh?

Yeah! Kent Hovind, in one of his videos actually said that he only had to obey God's laws, that he did not have to obey man's laws, that when driving, he ignored the speed limits and the red lights, because those were man's laws and not God's laws, therefore he didn't have to obey the traffic laws, and of course, he didn't believe in paying taxes, which is why he's currently serving 10 years in the slammer.

I now have 194 Playlists on my YouTube channel.

Please do check out one of my Playlists titled:

Kent Hovind Is Crazy And He's A Moron!
http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL ... e=view_all

A series of 40 videos uploaded by smartwarlord - (Video #36 was uploaded by another user, Trin80ty.) Examples of crazy claims made by young earth creationist Kent Hovind. This video series expresses the delusion of Kent Hovind. WARNING!!! Kent Hovind is a convicted felon currently in prison! Do not seek any legal or medical advice from him or from his other conspiracy sources. Seek advice only from a credentialed reputable source!

There are 40 videos that I have favored to this particular Playlist on my channel, and in one of the videos, Kent Hovind explains why he believes that he does not have to pay taxes, and in another video he says he does not have to obey traffic laws, because they are man's laws, and not God's laws. He also gives bad medical advise!

So, being a devout Christian Fundamentalist did not stop him from breaking any laws.

Does believing in Jesus stop Catholic priests from fucking little boys?

Every day, I get some NEWS report in my E-mails that another child has been molested, another girl raped by a minister, pastor, or deacon of some church.

Does believing in Jesus stop these pricks from molesting and raping children?

Most emphatically, NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!

Anyway, after watching the one minute announcement by Claire, I clicked on the link in the description under her video.

Proof of God with Eric Hovind #361
Published on Jun 1, 2012 by thewayofthemaster

"On the Box" is a daily (Monday through Friday) live, 27-minute, web-based talk show hosted by Ray Comfort and the Living Waters team.


Episode #361

Category: Nonprofits & Activism

Tags: evangelism witnessing helps tips questions answers apologetics Christianity God gospel On The Box Tony Miano Ray Comfort Mark Spence Eric Hovind Living Waters Episode 361

License: Standard YouTube License

It's a 27 minute video that really grinds my gears! About 19 minutes and 45 seconds into the video, the segment that Claire had copied to her one minute announcement, I had to listen again to those two moronic Bozos spouting off their sociopathic crap!

So, I felt compelled to post a comment under said video.
So, without Jesus, both Ray Comfort and Eric Hovind would pursue a life of crime. Why can't Jesus stop pedophile priest from fucking little boys? I hear of a lot of ministers and pastors molesting children and raping little girls! Why doesn't knowing Jesus stop them? This is a load of crap! Apparently, believing in an invisible magical Sky Daddy does not stop all believers from committing crimes, especially crimes against children! Ray Comfort and Eric Hovind are as phoney as four dollar bills!

After posting my comment, I waited a couple of hours, and checked my YouTube inbox to see if I got any response,

Sure enough! I did get a brief response.

Banned for foul language...but you're a "good' person right?
Well, I went back to that video again, and I noticed that my comment had been deleted.

So . . . . . now I can't post comments under videos produced by the YouTube user, thewayofthemaster anymore.

Well, BOO HOO! Like I give a flying fuck!

Then I went to the channel, and sent a private message.
Subject: Ray Comfort And Eric Hovind Are Sociopaths!

Transcript from your video
Proof of God with Eric Hovind #361

So, they asked me, and said "Eric, if you were not a Christian, would that, would that just let you do anything you wanted to do? I said, ABSOLUTELY! I would absolutely live my life with no restraints at all. I would do what ever I want, and that's where we get lots of . . . you get lots of testimonies."

I'd be in jail if I wasn't a Christian!

I'd be breaking outta jail if I wasn't a Christian!

I would have gone into counterfeiting!


Well, I'm not a Christian, but, I don't steal, I don't cheat on my taxes, and I don't go around breaking any laws.

I don't need your invisible Sky Daddy to tell me the difference between right and wrong, and threaten me with eternal Hell fire and damnation.

I do what what is right, because I choose to do what is right. I have no desire to harm other people, so, that's why I don't commit crimes. Not because I fear Hell, but because I choose to do right!

I don't need to be coerced into doing what is morally right.

Oh! But if Ray Comfort and Eric Hovind didn't have Jesus, they admitted they would do as they damn well please, and would be in jail if they didn't have Jesus.

Well, I don't have Jesus, and I don't need Jesus, and I'm not in jail, just because I don't have Jesus.

So, that just proves that both Ray Comfort and Eric Hovind are immoral scumbags, and sociopaths, that they need to have an invisible tyrannical Sky Daddy holding threats over them to keep them in line.

Then, why doesn't knowing and believing in Jesus, why doesn't that stop pedophile priests, ministers, and pastors from sexually molesting children? Eh?

I was beaten and raped by an older man when I was 17 years old, and he was a Christian!

Apparently Jesus doesn't have any power or influence over his followers.

This Jesus sound like a real loser to me!

Gerald - AKA - Big Fat Heretic
I have not yet received any response to my private message to their channel.

Oh! But I did check out their website at:

Also another one of their websites at:
http://www.livingwaters.com/index.php?o ... Itemid=222

And it was very nice of them to provide a toll free phone number AND their E-mail address.

So, I'll still be able to give Ray Comfort and Eric Hovind a verbal ass kicking that they so rightly deserve!

Sorry, but I don't need God to be good!

OK, I'm not trying to give ALL Christians a bad rap.

I do know some good and sincere Christians, although I don't believe in Jesus myself.

And, I know Christians who are not fundies, who do accept evolution and the 4.6 billion year age of the earth.

Also, Copernicus, Galileo, Johannes Kepler, and Isaac Newton, whom I admire very much, were in fact, Christians.

And finally, geologists back in the 1700's who suspected that the earth had to be millions of years old instead of a mere 6000 years, they too were also Christians. Also, Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1798) was the first zoologist to classify humans as primates before Charles Darwin was even born, he was also a Christian.

But Ray Comfort (The Banana Man) and Eric Hovind (Son Of Jailbird, Kent Hovind) are a couple of really piss poor examples of Christians!

And so, I feel compelled to call them out on their bullshit!

OK, seriously now . . . . .

People like Ray Comfort, and Eric Hovind, and many of these other moronic imbeciles, whom I refer to as "Christards" these are the people who would like to control what is being taught in our schools, the same people who are against public education, and who wish to insert Creationism into high school science textbooks.

Do we really want our schools to be regulated by self-admitted sociopaths, who's only motivation for not breaking laws, is fear? Do we want this country run by people who's only motivations for not breaking any laws, is the fear of burning in Hell forever?

Do we want our country to be run by superstitious cowards?

Sociopathic superstitious cowards?
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