I Hate Sports Club Letters, 2006

2 Jan 06

Great website!

I grew up here in the Bay Area playing sports and being an avid Raiders and Giants fan. I would live and die with each team and knew all the players names, numbers, statistics etc.

Then I grew up. I one day realized how absolutely pathetic it was of me to put one iota of energy into watching a game and caring about the outcome of it, as well as caring about a bunch of moron atheletes who wouldn't know me or give me the time of day if i met them.

Looking inward I realized that my indentification with a sports team was pathological and was a symptom of stunted emotional growth, and was a worthless enterprise, taking time and energy from more important matters.

So I just quit watching one day and the freedom from the bullshit is amazingly good. Now when some troglodyte talks about the 49ers or Raiders(not this year because both teams suck thank God) I just look at them like they were from Mars and say, "I couldn't give a shit about that".

This usually takes the troglodytes by surprise as they're accustomed to an exchange like "Dog, (troglodytes call each other dog for a reason only the lower IQ segment of the population knows) that game was AWESOME dog! When ______ caught that pass......." and they can't fathom that anyone would find sports anything but sublime.

I truly loath sports and the mouthbreathers that watch them, and I'm happy to have found your website.



2 Jan 06





7 Jan 06

My real beef isn't with sport in itself, but the way it's been commercialised so much and, in the case of football ( the English variety), hyped to an extent that it's brainwashed large parts of the population. You didn't watch the match, what's the matter, you queer or something. Now was Beckham offside, nah mate, he wasn't, etc, etc, etc, ad infinitum. Whole evenings conversations are now taken up with this game. Meanwhile, the situation in Iraq gets worse, unemployment is going up, the leader of the opposition( equivalent to Sentate Minority Leader) has admitted he's an alcoholic, Al Qaeda could strike at any time, but 22 millionaires chasing a ball not particularly well is far more important. Even the dumbass Prime Minister Blair appears on football shows to gloss over the fact he's doing his job badly. He must be thinking, oh, they'll like me now I'm talking about football, they can forget I lied about weapons of mass destruction.

Not all sports display the money making greed of football. Take for example, the sport of national hunt horse racing, racing with fences, I don't think you have this in America. Unlike flat racing, the jockeys receive far less money, can suffer from serious injuries, often race in terrible weather, as this is a winter sport, but never whine about it or demand £ 100,000 a race or threaten to walk like footballers. They just get on with it and are generally far nicer people than the arrogant pustules that pass for premiership footballers. Similarly the fans aren't ripped off, as entry fees to the courses are fairly priced, the atmosphere is far nicer than that at a football match and the meetings are often themed with bands playing. If pro sports like football want to win my respect again, they should take a leaf out of this sport's book.


12 Jan 06

Hello Gowankers1139.

If we are the morons, why does it appear that, whereas we can construct grammatically correct, properly spelt sentences, you are an inarticulate, illiterate pustule?

Let's see...


You have our sympathy. We suggest you get one.


In which alternate reality would this sentence make sense? Ah, the one inside your dense skull. I think this particular pearl of your wisdom is missing another "THAT", in the same way as you are missing enough brain cells to bring your IQ up into a measurable range. There's only one N in "happened", dear boy, and don't mix numbers with letters, it's a dead giveaway.


This gets better and better! Come on, you're being ironic, aren't you? Nobody could be this spectacularly stupid and live!


Why? What are you afraid of? Intelligence? Articulacy? Individuality? Also, I think you may want to put one of those little dot things after BANNED if that's the end of your sentence, don't you?

Oh, and there are only two O's in "moron". Surely you know that already, as it is probably your name, and is clearly your favourite word among the two hundred that constitute your vocabulary.

On behalf of all the discerning contributors to this peerless web site, I hereby crown you ZERO OF THE NITE . If I had written "night", the correct spelling would have foxed you, wouldn't it, and the humour would have been tragically lost on you.

Have a lovely day. Careful with those knuckles, they probably need regular medical attention, dragging on the ground as they do.


17 Jan 06



18 Jan 06

Ladies and gentlemen, the prosecution rests.


20 Jan 06







20 Jan 06



21 Jan 06



22 Jan 06

f u

who gives a crap bout history???????

sports rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we write letters 2 radio stations cause they aint enogh football on it we hope we can get more. boycott non sport stations!!!

science fiction????????? hahahhahahaha

u stupid mororn i have a choice watch fake shit or exicting football and my LOVE BASEBALL!!!


22 Jan 06

You can laugh all you want, jerk. People like you are idiots and it's a pleasure to be able to tell you. I don't expect you to understand WHY your preference of watching other people play and letting other people make decisions makes you an idiot. But it does. And if it's any comfort, you have LOTS of company. There are millions of people just like you who are too afraid to play sports themselves. People who take refuge behind what the crowd does. I bet you think it's safe to call anyone who doesn't like sports a weirdo, eh? Everyone will support you, right? Maybe so but I don't care. I'd rather be strong enough to be an individual than to be a crowd-following pussy like you.

YOU write radio stations to complain that there isn't enough football?! ha haha ha ha ha ha that's funny.


23 Jan 06

I am thirteen, and thoroughly enjoy Goyankee's antics. After all, as I browsed the letters, I constantly wondered how old this person is (I learned the proper spelling of "you" years ago ... ). In response to what this person has said about sport being "kewl" - well, if s/he means "cool", they must be refering to ice hockey.

Now, I can thoroughly understand that sport is one of the many ways to socialise - wether on the field or in hospital treating the injuries resulting from an accident out there.


24 Jan 06

bark all u queer losers but i do play sports better than all of u. nd so wat if i say u instead of you who cares??????????????? so i watch em there excitin nd fun somethin all of u dont no wat is


24 Jan 06

acciedents happen, i have played baseball for years and never got seriously injured so ha!!


24 Jan 06

What we have the privilege of witnessing in the above e-mails from GoYankees is the birth and development of a young sports fan. GoYankees is obviously a young boy who isn't doing very well in school and is frustrated with his failure. Somehow he has found sports --something he can do, if not better, at least as well as other kids. And he is exhilarated to have found this way to rejoin the human race as an equal. He has latched onto sports and will never let go --because this is his method of being, at least, adequate. Now that he has sports, he will stop even attempting to do well in school.

Eventually he will become a full-grown sports fan and develop coarse habits such as watching sports on TV, spitting, cursing and screaming, boring others with his acute sports analysis and deriding citizens who don't watch sports --just as he was derided for not doing well in school. With this insight, we must pity the poor sports fan. It's obvious that he is offended because we don't recognize sports as being worth anything which takes away his claim to equality.

We need to prevent this kind of twisted thinking by preventing it --in the schools. Sports need to be taken out of schools so kids can concentrate on learning --and not just give up.


25 Jan 06

what the hell?

i dont do bad in skewl nd of course i watch sports who doesnt????????????



25 Jan 06

sports is so much more important than skewl



29 Jan 06

About time someone made a site like this. I am sick to death of hearing sports geeks run their stupid yaps like anyone gives a rat's hairy ass about their crap. I've worked in radio as a dj for quite awhile and the lamest, most boring part of the job was running the stupid ass sports shit. At least I could catch up on my reading and hang out with the girl down the hall on the other station. It never failed that some drooling box head would call up and ask for the score or some shit. I'd tell 'em point blank that I don't listen to the shit. I just wait for the network cue to run my local breaks and then get back to the network and let the game shit run on auto pilot. The head sports geek at our station was of course the sports director and a couple of his part timer toads. We put his ass in his place in a BIG HURRY. The operations manager and some of my other buddies there all hated sports and whenever the little sporto bitch would get in a hissy fit the O.M. would let him know that the position of sports director to him meant less than that of janitor in his station. He was actually made to cry once! Fun stuff!

The real fun was on Monday nights when the sports speds would have their weekly geekly sports talk call in show. We'd all load up the phone lines from home and prank the living shit out of them. I'd even make sure I moved the label on the dump button so the delay wouldn't save their gay asses. Hell I have a tape loaded with our greatest hits calling in our abuse. The sports geeks got alot to talk about what with their calling non sports fans fag and homo. A key part of their dork obsession is the fact they spend WAAAAAY to much time in other guy's company! And the whole locker room thing and showering together. Brrrrrr!!! Damn bunch of sissy meat gazers! How gay is that crap!!! And you have all those shower and locker room "hijinks" with slapping each other on the ass, jumping onto each other and whatnot. Dam! n Sally! Just get it over with and toss his salad already sporto! You know you want to after having some jock's hairy ass bent over in your face during football while you reach between his legs to "grab the ball"! And I've yet to find a sports geek that can really fight for shit. While they are doing all that stupid ass ranting and posturing just give 'em the palm of your hand driven straight into the snot box,or else a punch in the old adams apple. That gentles them right down so you can play kick ball with their kidneys. All the women I've ever met that have ended relationships love guys that hate sports. They are sick and tired of being sports widows and want a real man that will be with them instead of hanging out with his fellow sports butt buddies! That's it coach,you and your boyfriends hang out and circle jerk to the StuporBowl on tv while your wifey goes out and meets up with me for some serious fun.

Come out of the closet already sports geeks! You all know you crave being in the shower and locker room together waaay too much to be straight! The funniest joke of all is calling some of these dull witted slack jaws "SPORTS HEROES"!! WTF is that crap?!?!?!? They dress gay and wear some short bus helmet and run around on a muddy field chasing each other for some stupid ball! Right!!! Grow the fuck up already! Real heroic! it's right up there with rescuing someone from a burning building or taking on some armed scumbag trying to rob or rape a woman! So go ahead and watch your stuper bowl. I'll be seeing what kind of a dirty girl your wife or girlfriend is while your doing your male bonding with your buddie's dicks in front of the tv! I'll be the one doing the touchdown, right in your girls tight end!


30 Jan 06



30 Jan 06



I see Gayankme's is popping wood already at the thought of him and his fellow anus jockeys getting together for their "Big Game".

So THAT'S what these in the closet sports fags are calling it now when they all play rear admiral with each other!

What big game would this happen to be? Must be your going to play chug the sausage together for the pre game festivities, followed up with doing a bit of shrimping with each other during half(wit) time and for the grand finale ol' Gayankees is going for the world record of jamming the most penises ever in his fat ass while he beats off to the post game wrap up show bullshit! Way to go sportsqueens! You must make your mamma proud!


31 Jan 06

"Stupor bowl"??????? Excellent!


2 Feb 06

Nice site - thanks for putting it up. I'm in my 40s and have been annoyed with sports freaks all my life. Some bufface is always referring to the the "game" - some current event? - and I have no clue. Nore could I give a rats ass.

People who stick sports in other peoples faces are assholes. It's usually accompanied by a bunch of macho strutting and bravado - but when you dig deep I've often found wimps and shallow people who have week character. I got royally screwed over by one sports fanatic in my work - stabbed in the back by the slimeball loud "tough guy". Ex-football player in college / hockey etc... etc...

He pulled a real dirty trick and held money over my bosses head and tried to absorb control over my program that I had slaved on for a year and a half. He went further to undermine and defame me to my boss as part of his take over scheme. And of course - he was "one of the guys" - noisy back slapping type. While I'm quiet - so old Rickey must be right while quiet four eyed chubby John must be wrong. You know how that goes?

Well... at the time it had been 20 since the "last one" - but I'm not a wimp. I've been in several bloody vicious fist fights and I know a thing or two about "cutting loose". I called the fuck'n bastard out on the carpet - he started yelling at me to get out of his office - like a "tough guy". I was fuming with hatred and absolutely 100% prepared to take NO shit - 0.

I told him in I very slow evil quiet voice to stand up - come over grab my shoulder (pointed at it) and "show me out the door". Come on over here and lay some of that "sport shit on me" "I'm here" "I'm not going anywhere" "I'm here guy". Took another couple steps toward him - and boy did he melt. One of his buddies - one of his gang was yelling at me like I was the unreasonable bad guy etc... and should walk away. Fuck that. I could see "Ricky" pinned and all his macho melting away. Just as I thought - a pussy. I can't remember what I said to him but basically just spelled out that he was a piece of garbage. Dog sht on my boot.

I went a quit my job and destroyed my own project. Latter on it was funny cause I heard that some big wig funder ($) brought up my name on a teleconference and mentioned how special and innovative my work was. I heard my boss and "Ricky" were looking at the ground and didn't tell the guy I was gone (I talked to the guy latter on and told him the story and he remarked that he thought it was strange that they were quiet).

Kids - let no one fk w you because you don't like sports or have been offended by the culture. 100% power to you if you would rather be in library, walk in the woods or do whatever is real to you. By all means get in shape if you feel like it but don't feel compelled to get into anything that doesn't feel right.

I have some experience fighting but like I said went over 20 years without trying to deal with something in that manner. Peace is the best way. Resolving things through deliberation and respectful conversation is the best way.

Way off the track... sorry. I just remembered that sport talking tough talking asshole and remembered how good it felt to see him squirm like the coward maggot that he was.


3 Feb 06

Yes, sports fans, you heard it here first! We've suspected it all along and now we know. You're all pussies! Now get back to work and let's hear no more sports talk or we'll have to slap ya around like the bitches you are!


3 Feb 06

i like seattle cant wait 6:30 sunday


3 Feb 06

Without further adieu, America Online presents the laundry list of reasons why Super Bowl XL is must-see TV. Unless, of course, you're one of the multimillionaires able to afford those tickets.

1. The party. You are going to a Super Bowl party, aren't you? Of course you are. It's what we do here in the Good Ol' U-S-of-A. According to people who study these kinds of things, an average of 17 people attend your typical Super Bowl party. Not only that, an average of six wind up passing out in the guacamole.

2. The coaches. For a guy who's been to two Super Bowls and won one as a head coach, the Seahawks' Mike Holmgren isn't getting much love this week. What, Bill Cowher is going to run circles around Holmgren on the sideline? Admit it, Steelers fans. Deep down, part of you is thinking Coach Cow is going to screw it up.

3. The chin music. Cowher against Holmgren, the Jutting Chin vs. the Double Chin. Which reminds me. Are we sure that's Holmgren or is Craig Stadler moonlighting?

4. The Bus. Now this is getting downright ridiculous. ESPN ran a graphic the other day questioning whether Bettis was a better running back than Shaun Alexander. Excuse me? Alexander ran for 1,880 yards and won the MVP award. Bettis is a nice guy and all, but he's a short-yardage specialist who hasn't been a full-time starter for three years.

5. The trash talkers. Apparently, Steelers linebacker Joey Porter doesn't know Jerramy Stevens is one of the better tight ends in the NFL. How do we know? Because Porter, who never met a microphone he didn't like, called Stevens a ''special-teamer'' after Stevens suggested that the Seahawks might actually win the game. It was how he said it that got Porter's attention. ''It's a heart-warming story and all that,'' Stevens said, when asked about Bettis' farewell tour, ''but it will be a sad day when he leaves without that trophy.''

6. The battle of the beards. Some of the players have been so focused on football, they've forgotten to shave. Ben Roethlisberger is sporting a considerable collection of whiskers, inspiring a series of in-depth stories on Super Bowl quarterbacks with beards. Then there's Stevens, whose beard looks like something off a Smith Bros. cough-drop box. I'd say ''May the best beards win,'' but there isn't a best beard in the bunch.

7. The Lingerie Bowl. With Janet Jackson nowhere to be found, you might want to tune into the third-annual Lingerie Bowl at halftime. The game, featuring scantily-clad babes blocking and tackling in their undies, pits the Los Angeles Temptation against the New York Euphoria. Footnote to the game: My sources, Bartles & Jaymes, tell me each player was polled by the media the other day and none could spell Roethlisberger.

8. The hair bands. By now, you already know that Steelers safety Troy Polamalu is trying to snag a Chia Pet endorsement. But what about Seahawks defensive end Grant Wistrom? Dude looks like he's wearing a bowl of egg salad on his head.

9. The unlikely hero. Happens every year. The media analyzes and overanalyzes the game, only to have some nobody step up and play a major role. Or maybe the name Jack Squirek doesn't ring a bell. The best candidate to come out of nowhere on Sunday? If I knew that, I'd own every casino in Las Vegas.

10. The Steel City vs. Coffeetown. The game has been painted by many media types as a matchup of the tough guys from Pittsburgh, a blue-collar, no-nonsense town, against a bunch of Starbucks-sipping Internet geeks from Seattle. Right. Like the Seahawks are soft, like Alexander ran for all those yards behind linemen who wear panty hose and wax their legs. Fact is, they're every bit as tough and nasty as the Steelers. I'd pick them to win the game, but I'm not entitled to an opinion. Why? Because six months ago I predicted the Vikings and Ravens would be playing Sunday.


3 Feb 06

Without further adieu, America Online, home of the biggest bunch of online pervs, pedophiles and M4Mgayjock chatrooms presents the laundry list of reasons why Stupor Bowl XL is a waste of TV. Unless, of course, you're one of those goddamn straight guys with a brain that would rather read a book, watch a movie or heaven forbid-HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH A-A-WOMAN!(eww) instead of doing some male ass to tongue bonding while watching that dull ass wankfest, the StuporBowl.

1. The party. You are going to a Stupor Bowl party, aren't you? Of course you are. Well that is if you're not one of those damn deviant "heterosexual" guys. It's what we manly knob gobblers do here in the Good Ol' U-S-of-A. According to people who study these kinds of useless things, an average of 17 unwashed troglodytes attend your typical Stupor Bowl party. Not only that, an average of six sports twinks wind up passing out in the guacamole only to be anally ravaged by their jock butt buddies!.

2. The coaches. For a gay who's been to two Stupor Bowls and won one as a head job giving coach, the Chickenhawks' Mike Homogren is getting much man love this week. What, Bill Cowfucker is going to jerk circles around Hologren on the sideline? Admit it, You Sperm Steelers fans love to Deep throat, part of you is thinking Coach Cowfucker is going to screw some poor,unsuspecting guy in a furry mascot costume.

3. The chin dripping semen. Cowfucker against Homogren, the Jutting Penis vs. the Sticky Chin. Which reminds me. Are we sure that's Homogren or is Craig the Spermburper moonlighting as a transvestite hooker?

4. The ButtBus. Now this is getting downright ridiculous. ESPN ran a graphic gay orgy the other day questioning whether Buttboy was better running after a hard cock than Shaun Alexander. Excuse me? Alexander ran for 1,880 yards and won the Cocksmoker of the year award. Buttboy is a nice gay guy and all, but he's a short-penis specialist who hasn't been a full-time crossdresser for three years.

5. The trash talking sports geeks. Apparently, Sperm Steelers fudgepacker Joey Porter knows Jerramy Stevens is one of the better tight ends that he ever bent over in the NFL. How do we know? Because Porter, who never met a stiff dick he didn't like, called Stevens a ''special-teamer'' after Stevens suggested that the Chickenhawks might actually play stink finger with him. It was how he said it that got Porter's attention. ''It's an anal sex story and all that,'' Stevens said, when asked about Buttboys' farewell tour, ''but it will be a sad day when he leaves without tossing my salad.''

6. The battle of the beards. Some of the players have been so focused on each other's b! alls, they've forgotten to shave each other. Ben Roethlisberger is sporting a considerable collection of pubic hair, inspiring a series of in-depth stories on Stuper Bowl quarterwits with beards. Beards of course being a euphamism used by homosexual males for women that hang out with them so they can look "straight",also called "fag hags". Then there's Stevens, whose beard looks like something off a Smith Bros. cough-drop box. Damn that's one fugly ass skank! I'd say ''May the best beards win,'' but there isn't a best beard in the bunch so the entire lot of these football fags may as well just admit they are gay.

7. The Lingerie Bowl. With Janet Jackson nowhere to be found,or any other women att all for that matter you might want to tune into the third-annual Lingerie Bowl at halftime. The game, featuring scantily-clad high school jocks sucking and tackling in their undies, pits the Los Angeles Gay Temptation against the New York Euphoria. Footnote! to the game: My sources,Siegfried & Roy, tell me each player was polled by the media the other day and none could spell heterosexual or even tell what it meant.

8. The anal hair bands. By now, you already know that Sperm Steelers safety Troy Polamalu is trying to snag a high school jock to play hide the sausage with. But what about Chickenhawks lubed ass end Grant Wistrom? Dude looks like he's wearing a bowl of spooge on his head.

9. The unlikely hero. Happens every year. The media analyzes and overanalyzes the game, only to have some nobody step up and suck cock. Or maybe the name Jack Squirtsperm doesn't ring a bell. The best candidate to come out of nowhere on Sunday? If I knew that, I'd own every gay bar in Las Vegas.

10. The Sqeal City vs. Coffeetown. The game has been painted by many media types as a matchup of the tough gays from Pittsburgh, a blue-balled, gay ass-nonsense town, against a bunch of jizz-s! ipping Internet geeks like Gayankees. Right. Like the Chickenhawks' dicks are soft, like Alexander knelt behind with his tongue out behind linemen who wear butt plugs and wax their nads. Fact is, they're every bit as perverted and nasty as the SpermSteelers. I'd pick them to stuff my ass like a thanksgiving turkey, but I'm not entitled to an opinion. Why? Because six months ago I was arrested yet again for jerking off while watching men pee in thruway restrooms.



6 Feb 06

read a book lol


6 Feb 06

Is the blue list of reasons to watch the Stupidbore (above, probably posted by Gowankers11392, his first grammatically passable post) intended to coerce us into sitting in front of the snore-fest, or to give the non-event some legitimacy? It's almost as uninteresting and inconsequential a yawn as the game itself. I hear that the Rolling Stones played at half time, and am disappointed that they would stoop so low as to be associated with footbore. Still, they did waste their time and money on heroin, years ago, so this is just another stupid (but profitable, this time) thing they've done. I am proud to say that, as usual, I witnessed not one nanosecond of the colossal bore.


6 Feb 06

And the Lord did come upon them with much zeal and many poundings, like a mighty rushing wind. All were slain on that day, every man, woman and child. And there were great lamentations and wailings in the land. And the Lord was heard to mutter, "So much for the bloody sports fans. Now for the lawyers..."


6 Feb 06

foot ball fans r gay????????????????????


sports haters is gay u all suck


9 Feb 06

I too thought I was alone in not caring for sports. I do go to my 4th grade son's basketball games, and we moms and dads cheer for the Blue Jays as a whole. But I would be totally uninterested if i didn't have a family member playing. My husband was recently asked to transfer to Wichita Kansas with his job. One of the reasons I don't think he'll take the transfer is because we've noticed that everyone we meet from there is just sports crazy! Some friends of ours from Kansas, in their Christmas newsletter, tell us all about their son's favorite team and what trips they've taken just to see some game...as if we care to read that.


10 Feb 06

u dam republicans


16 Feb 06






19 Feb 06

Go Yankees

Where did you learn to read and write? I would have been harangued by my English master if I presented him with your badly written drivel. It makes a text message look interesting.

We now have the misfortune to have your Super Bowl shown in England again and it seems to last as long as the Vietnam War. It makes our version of football look like fun.

On the other hand I think a real skilled sport is ice skating. The winter olympics are on now and I think all these skaters, ski ers and snowboarders have more talent in their little finger than some meathead who dresses like Tron. Besides, there are some cute women skaters with pert butts and nice short skirts to get off on. At least watching this is healthier than watching a bunch of men indulging in something that looks homoerotic, so there, all you guys who think us non football ( American and British variety) fans are gay.

One thing I do agree with Go Yankees on is when he complains about the cost of going to a football game. Wake up, you're being conned by some greedy football executive who doesn't really care about you or your game, only your dollars.


21 Feb 06

Am I the only person in the world who couldn't give a fart about the winter Olympics? Even if you want athletes from your country to win medals, out of some nationalistic pride, it's still just SPORTS, for heaven's sakes, and why do they have to show the stuff ALL THE TIME on television? Apparently, it's only been on for a week. So why does it feel like it's been on for a month already? And why is everyone calling the town Torino? Is it now uncool to call it Turin, as we've done for centuries? Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and frowning upon those of us who see it for what it really is: the emperor's new clothes.

Athletes are interviewed by rapt TV journalists and newscasters, and the whole event is taken far too seriously. Who cares if some overrated skater is unable to compete this time? Why is this of national importance? It's just more dull sports coverage, and it's just as boring as football or any other waste-of-time sport.


22 Feb 06



23 Feb 06

Nah, I don't really care about the Olympics either. I'll watch some coverage if it happens to be on --which it does seem to be a lot now that you mention it. So far I've watched about 1/2 hour of figure skating and about 5 minutes of women skiing down a hill. That'll hold me for another four years. :)


23 Feb 06

Two Dog

At least it isn't the dumbfuck European Champions League football with a load of fat, boring men gawping at their own gender and boring non fans to death with their analysis of a 0-0 draw that has dragged on into injury time. I'll admit I skip the curling, which is like grass growing, but the prospect of some scantily dressed 20-year old dancing around to decent music is something I can't turn down, especially the quality of women skaters they've turned out this time looks wise. Yes I don't sit and analyse every score and compare stats, like some football geek would, but I find it entertaining.

On the other hand let's wish eternal damnation on the dreary macho sports that men are supposed to like such as football, both American and European varieties, rugby - more like a form of gay wrestling and basketball, a total bore. You can also shove golf for that matter, men in silly jumpers chasing little white balls around for hours which they frequently lose, and snooker, a bar game that isn't even a sport as it involves no fitness whatsoever. Ball games to me frequently have all the appeal of a dead dog, but some of the individual and unconventional sports are fine by me.


26 Feb 06

Surprise, surprise, for once my local pub wasn't showing some pre recorded football match last night, we had a pop video channel on instead. Can we hope that the word has got out that not everyone wants their drinking and socialising interrupted by the drone of a football commentator and a referee's whistle going every ten seconds. Watching an old Grace Jones video reminded me of the time when video jukeboxes were the main entertainment in English pubs and live football was very rare on the television. I blame the rise of dedicated sports channels like ESPN and Sky Sports for the rise in endless sports in pubs and bars. It also gives the morons who like footbore and thugby a sense of belonging if they can huddle around a big television in their replica shirts getting orgasmic about watching some men in shorts chasing a bag of wind.

Another thing that does hack me off is the way sport, especially football, is now worming its way into music based radio. I listen to Radio 2's drivetime show, a show that is aimed at 30-50 year old rock fans, but get mightily hacked off when some bore appears halfway through to talk about football. Like hello, there are two national radio stations and a host of local stations that are dedicated to sport, so what is this doing on here? I can actually hear the boredom in the DJs voice when he announces the sports desk. Rock and football don't mix and I'd love to know what Johnnie Walker, a motorbike and music enthusiast, thinks of this bore fest. Similarly two years ago Radio 1, the younger pop and rock station, cut off coverage of Glastonbury rock festival so two bores could sit and amuse themselves with their thoughts on the World Cup. Radios 1 and 2 aren't sports stations, they're set up to play music, so get this crap off my radio.

In an earlier post I can see how frustrated Two Dog got when his blues show was replaced by football. I was less than happy to have The Darkness replaced by Chappers and Dave( great names) discussing a 0-0 bore of a football game. Can' t the BBC get it, they have 5 Live, perhaps the most cretinous radio station of the lot, for this thing?


27 Feb 06


"Chasing a bag of wind"? You are my kind of chap!

I do suggest that you e-mail the BBC to complain about sports coverage slithering into otherwise music-dedicated programming. The more complaints they receive about that, the more inclined they'll be to leave sports "news" to those progs and stations concerned with it.


I am glad the o-lame-pics are over. Thank goodness most of the events were individual rather than team-based. I can sympathise with a lone skier or runner more than with a team of these bores. So I even sat and watched one or two people tobogganing (why do they call it "luge" now?) down an ice-run. It was momentarily engaging, and then I went and did something more useful, like playing guitar. Figure-skating I can not watch. It's for women and left-footers. Anyway, whether it's the o-lame-pics or the usual footbore, it's all sport, and therefore all a waste of my time.


27 Feb 06

foot ball RULES GO JETS!!!



28 Feb 06


Shrub 44, you are to sound grammar what Bill Clinton is to marital fidelity and the truth.

Congratulations, you arrant wanker. Get a life.


1 Mar 06

I am a strong believer in free speech and a person's ability to express their opinions without persecution or fear. Respect comes hand in hand with free speech and your website is both intolerant and disrespectful. Although you have the right to speak out against sports, you have done so in a manor that is disrespectful and rude. I am an avid sports player with a background in tennis, golf, soccer, alpine skiing, and softball. Despite the fact that I play sports, I am not a "meathead" as you described many sport participants as. I attend a prestigious New England boarding school where I not only have a B average, but I also participate in drama and photography and am planning to join debate next year. I have an interest in politics and environmental science. In the near future I hope to attend Duke University where I will be majoring in Environmental Science and study to receive my PhD. Sports are an important part of my life, but as you can see I h! ave a multifaceted character. In medical studies, it has been proved that sports/physical activities are a major stress reliever and help promote emotional well being. Sports promote teamwork and strengthen the bonds between fellow team members. They are also an outlet for anger and frustration, which otherwise would be vented into a vice such as drugs, alcohol, gangs, and/or crime. Without sports our world would not be as balanced. I respect that you don't want to go to sports games with your chest painted, carrying signs, and screaming, but I ask that you respect those of us who consider sports to be a very positive part of our lives. Please think before you write anything else desecrating the sports and the people who play them.

-An athlete

1 Mar 06

Dear An Athlete,

Your "arguments" are not applicable here. If you bothered to read our position statement, you'd know that we feel that there is nothing wrong with participating in sports --if you want to. The prestigious Sports Suck Academy of Fine Arts and Music bestows upon you a grade of D for reading comprehension.

Next, are you a strong believer in a person's ability --or their right --to express their opinions without fear?

Respect comes hand in hand with free speech? What does that mean? Does it mean that a person who exercises the right to free speech is automatically respected? Or that Respect arrives at the same time as Free Speech? It doesn't make sense. I'm afraid the distinguished Sports Suck college of Social Graces must lower your final grade to an F in view of your poor command of your native language.

I am very glad you participate in tennis, golf, soccer, alpine skiing (?), and softball. And drama and photography. And planning to join debate next year. And get a PHD soon. blah blah blah.

And I'm glad mommy paid to send you to a prestigious New England prep school. It sounds like you need the best money can buy.

BTW, if you truly ARE a strong believer in free speech, why are you encouraging me to limit mine?


3 Mar 06


With regard to an athlete's attendance at a private school ( in England they're called public schools for some weird English reason), I can assure him that the English variety used to be the most sadistic institutions outside of the SS and any pupil who was untalented at sport was bullied mercilessly. My former English teacher told me that as an unathletic pupil at a top public school who was brilliant at academic subjects, but terrible at sports, which is often the case, his life was made sheer hell for five years. Yes, these schools do have an excellent reputation academically, or so they say, and pupils do have more opportunities for acitivities than state schools, but woe betide anyone who is terrible at games. We even had a cult film about this in the eighties called The Good and Bad at Games, where a pupil who is a bit of a loner and no good at sport gets treated dreadfully by his peers until he tracks them down ten years later and takes out his revenge.

After all, rugby union, which is nothing more than a ritualised form of gay sadism and violence, is a product of these so called top schools, along with fagging and flogging, although these have now been outlawed. I have encountered quite a few people from public schools and some of them are arrogant twits who tend to join rugby teams and try to rule the roost in university bars.


3 Mar 06

Hi Glenn

I'd never heard of that. What a good idea for a movie. I'll have to check it out. I wonder if it's available in the U.S.

And I believe you about the torment if you weren't any good at sports. When I was in the third or fourth grade, my mom enrolled me in Little League baseball. I didn't mind. At that age I was pretty agreeable. But I soon learned to hate it. Because of my lack of skill I was always assigned to the outfield --the side where the ball rarely goes --left field I think it is. And I used to stand out there in the outfield and pray the ball wouldn't come my way. Because I would almost always miss it and everybody on the team would yell at me. Gosh, it was terrible. I hadn't thought about that in a long time.

I participated in team sports once or twice more before my teens but it was always the same --a haven for the loud mouthed and absolute misery for me.

I like to think that now that I'm older I'd be able to handle the situation better but frankly I'm not interested in finding out. Sports don't interest me at all. Except in the aspect that I will always encourage kids to be themselves and help them understand that not participating in sports is perfectly normal.

That reminds me of something that happened at work today. One guy was giving advice to another father. About one of their kids' swing. Apparently the kid isn't really enthusiastic and doesn't hit the ball very often. The other dad got on the topic as if it was the gravest issue ever discussed. As if the kid would go to hell if he didn't improve his swing. He offered advice on everything from his attitude to his exercise to his posture to his balance. I have never heard little league so throughly analyzed. I feel sorry for the poor kid. Can you imagine the pressure he's under? And the father of the kid was just as concerned. You would have thought their futures depended on this kid's athletic skill. It's that kind of twisted sense of priorities that screws kids up and makes them ashamed of who they are. What a pity.


5 Mar 06

P.E. (PhysicalEducation) should be banned! PE is a kind of education that children don't need to bother with. It's not even educational. For one thing, it is very embarrassing for a teenager to go through puberty. So stick them in a situation where it will embarrass them even more around the people they will go to school with for years? Bad Idea. If the curriculum for P.E. were changed, perhaps it would be worth something, but that is what Health class is for.

P.E. (no kidding) teaches the game rules of bowling and football. Now, if a person is interested in learning the rules, this would be a fine class for them to sign up for. But for a person who wants an education and not a period in which they are orderd to play sports, do push-ups, and run, this should not be forced on students. Teaching them to be healthy in health class, rather than forcing them to do the exercise makes more sense for this democratic society.


5 Mar 06

You guys must work in the wrong place. Where I work, there's no talk about sports. I work with about a dozen programmers and maintainers. Nobody over 35. And noone talks about sports at work. There are a couple of old managers at the end of the hall that go on all day about sports. Who won this and who got hurt and who isn't trying hard enough and on and on and on all day. But they keep it down in their offices and we don't have to hear it. Sports-mongering is for Old People. Once, one of our programmers came in. Late. Yammering about The Game Last Night. And we all looked up and just stared at him. Like he was speaking a different language. Until he got a clue and shut up. And he doesn't try that any more. Cheer up. It's not as bad as you think. Maybe you need to change jobs!


7 Mar 06

Glenn is completely correct. I went to a "public" school in England, at which skill on the sports field was considered as important as academic achievement. Those boys who were good at sports (and yes, rugby was the game there, much to my disgust) were allowed to be most derisive toward those of us who were crap at them. It's not sports as such that suck, it's the boorish shitehawks that try to demean those of us with higher standards. If a small boy can not swing a bat the way his asinine dad would like, he's still a great kid, and may grow up to do something useful with his hands, like becoming a surgeon rather than a pillock who swings a bat.


7 Mar 06

Well said!


8 Mar 06



14 Mar 06

Sports are ruining my marriage!!!! It pisses me off that people including my husband can sit around and watch a 4 hour football game while taping a 3 hour basketball game and then be online checking ESPN during every free second they have... Why is if fun for them to watch and read about people who became filthy rich for being 6' 4" and having biceps the size of my head? Hows this instead... Get your asses off the couch and make something of YOURSELF!!!!


15 Mar 06

Samantha, you may find that swatting the dullard with a rolled-up Sports Illustrated will work wonders. Or walking out on him. If he's that much happier with his farting, scratching, boorish sports pals, leave the brain-dead wanker to it.


15 Mar 06



16 Mar 06

Sorry, I'm not a psychiatrist and can't help you with your problem. BTW, while you wait to find a free clinic, keep quiet about your problem. It's annoying to people and dogs around you but most are too polite to tell you.


17 Mar 06

Thought you might find this interesting.

During the Vietnam war and possibly others, this author proposes that the government, while subjecting most of the country's youth to the draft, cooperated with major sports teams' owners and granted preferential treatment to players both college and professional. Not a single player served a day in Vietnam due to this policy. The government has denied formally supporting any such policy and the public trials that were held in the 70s over this issue have largely been forgotten. This declassified document recently surfaced although much of it was censored or missing.

...murky and suspicious in nature. However, one very important person got the message loud and clear. Pete Rozelle, the Commissioner of the National Football League wrote a letter in which CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED professional football team owners organized their own draft of college athletes to assure that players would be available for football games rather than be drafted by the government to serve in Vietnam. In his letter to President Johnson, he "commended" the owners for their patriotism.

Grass-root protests against this preferential treatment of athletes were ignored where practical or broken up by undercover agents. CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED

Vietnam Draft and Sports Draft ran side by side during Vietnam. The Sports Draft was an Act of Treason since no pro athletes served in Vietnam. This "Secret" is about to explode on the American public, general. Government coverup of illegal cooperation with team owners CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED

In New York, in addition to writing letters and a book, Stanislaw often picketed football and baseball games, sports banquets, meetings, and appearances of public and sports officials. On these occasions, Stanislaw wore a four-and-a-half-foot long sandwich chalkboard. For example, to show his displeasure when USC's head CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED members of the public to file suits against unfair business practices and even though Stanislaw claimed that the illegal activity had caused him to suffer damage to his health, spirits, and finances; cost him time at work; and jeopardized his relationship with his family, Judge Woodward ruled that Stanislaw lacked evidence CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED

Mr. Leonard Toppek, the noted writer for The New York Times has told me, "In principle, I agree with you that the draft cannot be defended legally. It seems a clear violation of the antitrust laws, but it has never been tested as such because no one appreciably affected ...a college star ... has been willing to bring a test case." Should this happen, I can visualize the headline: U.S. Supreme Court finds deferrals Illegal! Mr Toppek agreed to consider counsel's remarks before deciding on CENSORED

I know this is fragmentary. I will research this and forward any other info I can find on this.


Charles P.

19 Mar 06

Nice site! Here in Baltimore, most of us hate sports too! Especially football! We like to think we have too much going on to be wasting time with football.

Back in the 90s, the supporters of the Ravens football team said it would generate millions of dollars in tax revenues as well as jobs for the city. Now the stadium is a white elephant. Hardly anyone attends the games and the state is losing money maintaining it. Most of any profits made are siphoned off by the team owner. Latest survey results show that more people attend music concerts or other entertainment than attend sports events here. I'd say we must be one of the smartest states in the union --even if we were bent over and shafted when we were forced to pay for the building of the stadium.

I'm attaching a recent picture of the local team during one of its typical boring home games. As usual, hardly anyone showed up. Football is on the way OUT in Baltimore!

How We Wuz Screwed

Non-fan Steve

19 Mar 06

Hey Stubbo44,

You might be interested to know that Sports Illustrated, that now successful magazine dedicated to those things interesting to sports fans, once was a financial flop. In fact, the only thing that revived it was doing away with words and adding lots of pictures. duhhh!

Wikipedia; Sports Illustrated; Two other magazines named Sports Illustrated were actually started in the 1930s and 1940s, but they both quickly failed. Analysts claim they failed for two reasons: During those years, there was no large-scale interest in sports as there is today. Second, although titled, Sports Illustrated, the periodicals contained few pictures owing to the technology of the day. Since sports fans were generally not well educated and many couldn't read, the quick demise of those first attempts could have been predicted. But, in 1954, Time magazine, spent $10,000 to acquire the rights to the name Sports Illustrated and launched Sports Illustrated again. Published on August 16, 1954, it was not profitable and not particularly well run at first, but Time's timing could not have been better. The popularity of spectator sports in the United States was about to explode. And, after consulting with a team of psychologists, Time adjusted the content of the flagging magazine to the level of the typical sports fan, increasing the number of pictures by 80% and lowering the complexity of the text to the junior high reading level. This adjustment mixed with the rising popularity of spectator sports garunteed its success. Today, Sports Illustrated is owned by Time Warner.



20 Mar 06

in that picture, it is in warmups!! 3 hours before the game. obviously no 1 is there. ppl love football no 1 goes to no concerts of other shit. losers boy u is stupid


20 Mar 06

Nope. It was some kind of game. My girlfriend got free tickets from her boss and we went for the hell of it. Neither one of us likes sports but what the hay. They were free. It was sort of boring. and sticky. Guys running around in circles. I couldn't tell which team was winning or even if one of them was winning. It was sort of lame. It reminded me of the time when we (me and J.) went to the car races (never again). The cars just went around and round and around and round and around and around. Holy Moly, I thought football was boring? NASCAR is worse!! Not that I'm cutting football any slack. Foot ball still sucks green golpher gonads. But anyway, we were so high up in the stands that we couldn't see what was going on anyway. And beer costs 6 bucks!!! There's no way I would pay good money for something that boring. I wouldn't go back even if we got free tickets again. And there seemed to be a high percentage of mongoloids in the crowd. Made me nervous. It dawned on me as I sat there idly contemplating the stadium: it's built like a fortress to keep these mongoloids IN!

Somerset Steve

21 Mar 06

u crazy? there are 500 media people there no 1 on the sidelines and 1 team isnt even there yet. dont even give me that bs. no 1 watches warm ups. it shows that u have not watched a football game in ur lyfe. they are practicing hours b4 the game. it is soooo obvious and by the way ppl love football in baltimore. the M&T Bank Stadium always sells well. try this picture empty huh?


21 Mar 06



24 Mar 06

No, we're too busy laughing at you to be afraid of you, Gowankers


27 Mar 06

GOYANKEES, I don't get it. I don't see 500 media people in this picture. And people in Baltimore don't like football much. Of course there are a few sports fans here and there, like everywhere else, hidden in the trailor parks and back alleys. And the picture you posted shows a totally empty stadium. Yes, I'd say that was empty. So? What's the point? I already said sports attendance was low here. Are you from Baltimore?

Some Steve

1 Apr 06

In response to Charles e mail about sports players avoiding the draft for Vietnam, I think this is a disgrace, though conscription in general is a farce, especially the Selective Service Act in the sixties, where millions of guys, usually from comfortable homes( George Bush, we mean you, chickenhawk), got out of serving in Vietnam. However, the sad thing about sports stars being exempted is some poor 19 year old fan was out there being shot out for 12 months, while his sporting hero was earning a huge salary, sleeping around and racing about in his new Ford Mustang, safe in the knowledge he would never go to Vietnam. If I was some grunt in Vietnam, I'd be pretty hacked off if I knew my favourite Dallas Cowboys player was exempted from the war.


3 Apr 06

HEY! Gowankers!

Whats this? "ppl love football no 1 goes to no concerts of other shit. losers boy u is stupid" Obviously, you have no music culture - why, otherwise youd know that thousands of people go to musical concerts - god, Demon Days Live in NY sold out in under an hour. You can still get football tickets at the door ;)

And a piece of advice: If you hate this site, and it sucks so much, why are you having the sh!t beaten out of you after every letter? If you hate this place so much, get off the computer, find a book (I reccommend a dictionary, look up the spelling of "you", "there" "Might" and the rest of those words you raped in your ridiculous hatemail.

- Cm

3 Apr 06

obviously i didnt post that pic but since u ppl r afraid of me u wont post it. in the pic the guy showed THERE ARE BAGS LAYING ON THE 5 YARD LINE!!!!!!!! coaches are on the field it is about 2-3 hours b4 gametime (da!) try this pic during gametime----- peace


4 Apr 06

Hello, Glenn. Yes, I am of the same opinion. It's (the draft diversion for athletes) a terrible shame and an excellent example of the preferential treatments athletes receive. And yet everyone seems to have forgotten about it. The American public has such a short attention span.

Athletes receive preferential treatment


15 Apr 06


We used to have national service in Britain- two years compulsory military service for 18 year olds- until 1960, but unlike the American version the only way you could be exempted was if you were handicapped or totally unfit. Even playing top flight football didn't mean you were exempt, but it's a disgrace how the NFL managed to get its players exempted from Vietnam. Perhaps these oversized useless jocks were scared they might get shot at, or have to spend 12 months away from their jock buddies. That's another possibility these " real men" didn't get sent. Same as people like George Bush and Trent Lott bash on about how patriotic they are, but never served. I'm no pacifist, but I despise the chickenhawk tendency who boast about how they'd blow up x amount of enemy soldiers, but never serve themselves.

Back to sports, though, while soccer at the lower level is still pretty free from greed and rip offs of fans, it's the highest level that has ruined the game in this country. Quite a few soccer fans I know are going off the Premiership in favour of League Two, where the players don't get a fortune and the fans can still afford tickets. However, I still think the American variation on football is about as much use as alcohol free beer: how anyone can sit through the Superbore beats me.


22 Apr 06

Just been checking on that fine online encyclopedia called Wikipedia about the practice of hazing ( a kind of initiation ceremony, often unpleasant, for university frat houses and for sports teams in America), and, suprise, suprise, half of all hazing offences, where the initiation ceremony has got out of hand, have involved jocks. While much of this is jock on jock hazing, non jocks who aren't members of the team or student organisations like Chi Omega, or fall foul of these jerks, can end up being hazed. According to the Stophazing.org website, some hazing activities have been so dangerous as to cause the deaths of 56 people over the last 40 years and the site estimates there are far more victims of this stupid practice who have kept quiet. In any case ratting on the jock hierarchy could be quite dangerous, I would imagine. It's no wonder science nerds and art students tend to attend universities where hazing is rare or band together to avoid the attention of the dreaded frat house.

Similarly, while I would never condone what they did, the guys who carried out the Columbine massacre in 1999 had attended a high school where the jocks ran the school like a concentration camp while the teachers looked on. Seemingly the so called Trenchcoat Mafia, which was a group of kids whose life had been made hell by jock bullying, were pushed to such an extent that they snapped. Thomas and Klebold, who carried out the killings, were heard to say," Will the jocks please stand up", before gunning down their jock tormentors. Again, I could never support what they did, but an article that's linked to this site stated that Columbine High was terrorised by a clique of jocks who bullied and terrorised pupils they took a dislike to. Eventually the geeky kids retaliated in an extreme fashion that left 13 jocks dead. A website now for members of the Trenchcoat Mafia regards Klebold and Thomas as heroes.

Jocks and their allies in the frat houses and the university football teams should bear in mind that their Nazi style behaviour can cost people their lives and also their own lives if they push people too far.

In Britain sporting bullying tends to be based around one sport: rugby( or two sports as we have rugby league, working class, rugby union, more middle class). Football/soccer seems to be pretty clean in this respect, the hooligan element seems to have been driven out and the players tend to damage themselves more with alcohol than hassle other people. Rugby league, which is popular where I live, is a violent, parochial game that tends to attract a certain type of person, a kind of English jock who is both loved by the fans and hated by the non fans.Typically if two rival rugby league teams arrive in a pub, you can guarantee a fight will break out or innocent by standers will be dragged into it, usually with a challenge to their sexuality or crude behaviour towards someone's girlfriend, which can incite a fight. Most people tend to clear the bar if a team arrives and they spot their rivals: seemingly defeat on the pitch will lead to the defeated team looking for revenge, again something that's unique to this dumb game. Other popular targets for the rugby league fraternity are lone women, who can be subject to crude comments and lewd behaviour, anyone that appears homosexual( covers a wide area with these jerks), couples where one of the players fancies someone else's partner, or gets in their way and refuses to move. On their own, which is pretty rare, these guys can be restrained and even quite polite, but as they mostly go around in packs, they behave like wolves and few people dare have a go back, though I do know of one guy who flattened one of these guys for hitting a woman. The other morons backed off, seeing that someone wasn't prepared to see this local Mafia get away with violence against a woman who was smaller than them. Nice one, mate, you deserved a medal for beating these thugs.


28 Apr 06

Glenn while I appreciated the example that you have used in regard Columbine, I noted that you got the names wrong, I think that you ment Harris instead of Thomas, but otherwise I agree with you 100% on everything that you have said. I read a book (written by one of their friends) which really showed what they had to put up with on a day to day basis from the people that also attended the school, the book is called No Easy Answers: the truth behind death at Columbine and was written by Brooks Brown and Rob Merrit. I found it almost exactly matched what the article was saying but in more depth. It also goes into the aftermath of the event and what was done afterwards and makes a very intersting read especially when you look at how the jocks reacted.

I live in Australia where sports in school determine where you belong. Since I've had no interest in sports whatsoever and attempted to avoid them you find that teachers are less then willing to help you when you have a problem in other areas or with other students especially when the other students that you have a problme with play sport on their own free will. I have been called a number of things by different people (including a mung bean these insults are just amazing and insightful) and I've also been told by a sport teacher that "i learnt all about your sort when I went to uni" though I found that quite offensive. I don't see how you can instantly classify a student into one section and then into another if they elect to do the work. It seems to defy logic what practical applications does sport have in the real world that we will be entering anyway?

I did consider saying something to gowankers but I was worried that his brain might implode if anyone says anything else to him and I wouldn't want to be the one responsible for cleaing that up. Otherwise I wanted to thank-you for making such an imformative site and showing that there are people of a like mind to me and that I'm not some sort ... well ... abnormality in the school system.


5 May 06

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks watching sports is a stupid way to spend your time. Ever notice how almost every guy who is really into sports, is so brain dead that they don't even know how to change a light bulb? That's MY problem with sports! Sports is just about the LEAST important thing on earth and people act like it's the most important. Look at what "sports fans" do. If their team loses, the riot. If their team wins, they riot. Just a bunch of brainless zombie's.

El Conquistador

13 May 06

How can you not love sports? People who say sports aren't important are probably just fat people who got picked on as kids, never played sports because they were too fat, and grew up hating sports because they were too lazy to play sports, thus not realizing the incredible enjoyment you get from plying sports. Now that sounded intelligent didn't it? Besides, by we sports fans even responding to this horrible website, we are doing this retard a favor, he just wants people to see his moronic website. This website is horrible, and I agree it should be banned. Goyankees1139- I hate the Yankees, but you're right about how this site should be banned from the internet. This just proves how stupid some people in the world are. This website is a disgrace.


15 May 06

I wonder what made him so mad. I think it's interesting that sports fans are willing to put their differences behind them when the premise from which they draw their worth is threatened. He's ready to have GoWanker's baby. :)

Wait a minute... that's GoWankers masquerading as HD trying to give himself a boost! It won't work, dullard! We's seen right through your plan!


15 May 06

I don't know. Oh, well. Another yob pissed off means my work here is done. And it's the most rewarding work I can think of.


16 May 06

Am I correct in thinking that the soccer World Cup will be occurring this summer? Luckily, here in America, one can avoid the colossal bore much more easily than one can in Britain, where I grew up, if only because there are so few people here stupid enough to care about it - not that American sports are any more interesting.

Good luck to you chaps over there. The lucky ones among you who have cable or satellite TV will be able to escape the mindless meanderings of single-minded snotgobblers this summer more easily than those with just a few channels crammed with constant World Cup Waffle. Of course, you'll also have to endure it from your colleagues in the workplace or at school. One good thing about working in an office containing mostly women is that none of them care about any sports. Now if I can just get them to stop endlessly discussing American Bloody Idol...


17 May 06

Your site is sorely needed in this age of sports oversaturation. With the World Dump coming up this summer, I'll need an oasis of like minds. Anyhoo I just thought i'd mention a site called badjocks.com. It contains listings of sports misbehavior particularly at the college level. This week the buzz is about the Northwestern University women's soccer team. It seems that they did a bit of hazing that included simulated sex acts, scrawling things on each other and some kissing..hmmm..while that's not a bad thing in it of itself..i wouldn't want my daughter involved in such activity.

Take Care


22 May 06

I hear that the Cleveland Indians want a TV channel of their own and will demand exorbitant fees of those cable companies stupid enough to carry it, just so a few brain-dead pillocks can watch the tripe. This means that you and I will have to pay higher cable bills for channels we have too much sense to watch. What the heck are they going to show on there for 24 hours a day, AND expect people to sit there and watch it? How many games a week do they play, that could be televised? And what would people watch on there outside the football season? Old games they already watched because they have no life, discernment or brain? Old movies we can already buy on DVD at a thrift shop? Hopefully the Indians will buy cheap old cartoon series, and it'll be a prime spot to watch such excellent stuff as "Tom & Jerry" or "Dastardly & Muttley in their Flying Machines".

Back in the '80s, there was a technicians' strike on one of the TV channels in England. So, instead of "Good Morning Britain" at breakfast time, the channel showed the old "Batman" TV series from the '60s (you know, the one with Adam West & Burt Ward). When the strike finished, "Good Morning Britain" came back with much fanfare, and viewers complained in droves that they wanted "Batman" instead! Bloody excellent! So they had to show "Batman" halfway through the show, or risk losing their viewers. Wouldn't you rather watch Dastardly & Muttley in their Flying Machines than some brain-dead footbore game? I know I would!

If some self-important footbore team can cobble together a TV channel, (and, let's face it, only that team's fans would want to vegetate in front of it), what next? Is Donald Trump going to start up his own channel to show slick travelogues featuring his golf courses and hotels? When I win the lottery, I shall start The Guitar Channel, and show videos of great guitar bands, no hip-hop shite, no laughably namby-pamby boy bands, no J-Lo, no Puff Daddy Doink, and no rubbish programming like reality shows with people swearing and arguing, no commercials and NO SPORTS. There will be live coverage of blues festivals, rock festivals, of live bands playing in clubs and interviews with guitarists - except for that overrated hack in U2. New bands that can't get on MTV (because that channel has too many commercials and moronic reality shows) will get to play live on The Guitar Channel, and have their cheaply made videos played for a paltry fee. Any band whose video makes fun of sports will be put in Heavy Rotation, for free. Hey, it's my fantasy, and I'm sticking to it.

We pay quite enough money to the cable/satellite companies for three channels we watch, and seventy we wouldn't touch with a bargepole. Let your cable company know that you do not watch their lame sports channels, and that you want them available separately, to those cloth-headed cretins who want to waste their money on an extra sports package.


24 May 06

What is driving me, and the 50% of other Brits crazy, isnt football itself but the unending flood of drivel that we are being exposed to. Any so-called sports program is a complete waste of time because it wont mention the sports people actually play , just football , or maybe cricket.

The thousands of people who do play soccer out there on muddy local pitches never get a mention, but we are all compelled to watch and hear the moronic babbling of a few spoilt and obscenely overpaid footballers. There isonly a limited amount you can say about a footie match, and oh boy does it get repeated. A cartload of intelligent parrots would sound better. Meanwhile, in the real world, people get off their butts, turn off the tv , and go fishing, play tennis, do watersports, swim, do aviation sport, climb mountains, run, jog, gymnastics. The last thing they do is watch other people doing the few sports that make tv companies money from the couch potatoes who watch this stuff. Here in the UK on any weekend, more people are out fishing , out playing soccer , or out running or walking than all the stadium seats put together. Once the jocks have left school, they will all sink into oblivion, or become used-car salesmen. The rest of us can get on with enjoying life and excelling at activities that the jocks havent got the bottle to even try. Dont bother shooting them , no matter how much you feel like it, because the top sportsbods are doomed, like dinosaurs, to be eaten by nastier sports jocks, or just slide back into the swamp. All you have to do is switch off and get out and do anything else.

Tony Hedd-Lloyd

5 Jun 06

kewl- support the indians station. we try to get a station for every mlb team

6 June 06

Regarding that colossal waste of time, the world cup - and no, I prefer not to capitalise such non-events - I was chatting with my sister at the weekend, and the subject arose. She still lives in the U.K., (I am the only family member living in America - I escaped while I had the chance), and seems not to mind the prospect of four weeks of nothing but footy on the telly. She is oblivious to sports, though she doesn't despise them like I do, but she said an interesting thing.

She won't watch soccer on TV any more than I will, but she thinks that watching world cup footy is "exciting". Could this be because one's latent patriotism comes out when the team representing one's own country is playing against a gaggle of foreigners? It reminds me of the last time the olympics were on, and a friend told me that he doesn't care for sports but he'll watch the olympics. So, people who are usually uninterested in soccer will suddenly watch it when one of the teams stands up for their country's honour on the playing field?

I confess to being confused. If you like soccer, you'll be even more excited when the FA cup rolls around, or the world cup barges its way onto your TV screen, preventing you from watching your usual preferred shows. On the other hand, if you are bored by the aimless trottings of a couple of dozen oiks chasing a ball, it's going to be just as boring no matter who is playing, and no matter what the stakes. And why would one's country's honour rest on the unimportant outcome of a game for small boys who don't know any better?

I suggest we all get some sense of perception here. I have no problem with others who enjoy the world cup, as long as I am not subjected to chatter about it, and the drivel does not pre-empt anything I enjoy on television. For those of you who live in England and can not escape the interminable world cup this and world cup that for several weeks this summer, I do sympathise. Here in Southern California, it's easy to avoid the fuss, as soccer is only popular among women and children (what does THAT tell you?!) and I gather that only the most interesting (read: least soporific) world cup games will be shown on TV each day, on one or two channels.

I love the choice we have here in America, that allows us to avoid the more offensive media silliness. So, no olympics, rap, Celine Dion or footbore in our house, thank you VERY much.


11 June 06

Looks like less people are interested in soccer and the world cup than we thought, Two-Dog. I read in the Pretoria News that there are so many empty seats that world cup organisers asked the German army if soldiers could be used to fill the empty seats at the various world cup stadiums. The German Organising Committee made the request when it became clear that tens of thousands of tickets remain unsold, raising fears of huge blocks of empty seats at matches which will be readily visible on TV. (How embarrassing!) Organisers also asked the army to wear civilian clothes so it wouldn't be apparent that they were soldiers. According to the German newspaper, Der Spiegel, the army said it would only authorise troops for stadium duty if they were allowed to wear their uniforms which was unaccepatable to the organisers. Looks like all the hype for the world cup is as hollow as what we hear for the superbore. It's just an advertising and marketing gimmick.


18 June 06

Dear SportsSuck.org,

I found your website yesterday and I've been reading through the articles and letters. You guys do a wonderful job. I will admit that I rather do like professional football and college basketball, but I'm definitely not some rabid maniac who thinks about sports 24/7, and I have some very strong opinions about our national cult of athleticism.

I've been a lifelong asthmatic, and playing any kind of sport or even just running around were out of the question for most of my life, though I tried to play all through school and even played on a soccer team one summer. Why? Because in Kansas, that's what boys do. Boys who don't like sports (or cars, or tools, or girls dancing around in bikinis) are almost universally called "gay" and held as second-class for the rest of their lives. I actually liked playing soccer, while I was able...but I had a nice coach and understanding teammates. Likewise playing kickball ot soccer on the playground with my friends was great, because my friends knew my limits and appreciated my health situation. Man, I had good friends in those days.

It was gym or "PE" class that I really hated. I had to take gym every year from first through seventh grade, and in that time I had exactly two coaches who seemed to understand about asthma and people with other physical problems; the rest of the coaches were men who thought that if you couldn't play, you were a lazy, worthless piece of crap. Sixth grade gym class was the worst...I had a coach who forced us to run laps every day around the gymnasium and do all sorts of other useless things in the name of "healthiness," where healthines for me meant avoiding my triggers and trying to stay calm. He didn't know the meaning of calm. Even when I had a note from my mother or my doctor saying that I needed to sit out the day's gym class because of asthma troubles, the bastard would make me write a report on some sport as punishment.

My classmates were worse; I had changed schools by this time and was pretty much an outsider for my one year at that school. My male classmates were ruled by budding jocks who played on the school's various athletic teams and treated everyone else like dirt, especially kids like me who were incapable of defending ourselves; of course, the coach, teachers, and admins let them do anything they wanted. The locker room was an especial place of torment and ridicule. The little perverts loved to make fun of people for anything and everything.

That year soured me forever on athletes and the cult of sports. In my high school, athletes (especially wrestlers and the baseball team) were held as only a few steps short of divinity, and got away with anything. They got all the best money and facilities in the school, while we students who actually cared about academics had to make do with second-rate computers and ancient lab equipment that was barely safe to use. Now I'm a sophomore in college, and it's like high school tenfold, with athletes and the sports programs getting the majority of school money while the science buildings are falling apart and tuition is increaed every year. A few months ago the school raised the men's basketball coach's salary to $750,000 a year...and yet people like me have to put ourselves in debt with loans just to attend school. It's disgusting.

I may be a fan of some sports, but I have little respect for the true "fanatics" and even less for whiny athletes who demand millions of dollars a year or complain that they're unappreciated, while teachers in Kansas make less than $35,000 a year and it's almost impossible for a young person to get a steady, well-paying job. I apologize for the length of this letter, but hey, you guys run a great website and I'm very glad to see it!

Patrick Hayes


Quos Deus vult perdere prius dementat...

20 June 06

I think paying some brute two million dollars to play a stupid game is simply... stupid. All the sports fans I know can't even tell the difference between Mexican and Hispanic... Sports are a part of ignorance, maybe they made people stronger in older days, but in the modern world sports are nothing but entertainment for the small-minded sort. Baseball is as lame as hitting/throwing a ball, and running around a field, football is just smashing onto some gorilla until you end up retarded, etc... I wish people start noticing sports are lame and plain out stupid, and are a total waste of money.

-André Rosete

30 June 06

Greetings! I just found about this site and I have to say: You have my total support! I, too, have grown to hate sports during my youth when at school we were forced to play team sports. Physical "education" was nothing more than means for the bullies and other sadists to mock and beat those who were less enthusiastic about sports. The official purpose of P.E was to encourage everyone to actively pursue some form of physical activity. Total and complete BS. Even the teachers did their best in crushing the motivation and self-appreciation of those who did much better in more intellectual subjects. I remember that most embarassing aspect was when we had to form teams. Two would be selected (by the teachers) as captains, who then picked up players for their team, and it always ended in the teams fighting over who HAS to take the remaining, less qualified players into their team.

Anyway, keep up the good work, and spread the word! I shall continue with my anti-sport agenda here in Finland, where ice hockey has been elevated to godhood, in hopes of a better tomorrow for all of us, and especially the children, who are in danger of being thrust to suicide by jocks.

Lord Boredom

5 July 06


I found this article about the Vikings uniform change(yawn). What's notable is the comment by the marketing professor about sports fans being "easy prey" for marketers. How true, i've witnessed this lemming like behavior first hand working at a sporting goods store back in college. Any uniform change or new player signing sent hordes to the store to be current on the latest trend..yawn...never mind when a team is in the playoffs or wins a championship. I was in Boston the other day and I was blown away by the pervasiveness of Red Sox regalia on everything from hats , shirts and pants..to baby clothing and just about anything else that can accomadate a logo..

In other news, the good people of Minnesota are going to foot the bill for a new stadium..oh will it ever stop...



2 Aug 06

I'm glad that there is a website like this. I like playing sports. Don't get me wrong. But what's so bad now is that at schools, sports are everything. If your not good at sports, then you can forget about being with the "In" crowd. When I was younger and horrible at nearly every sport, it was some sort of lost cause to be in the "In" crowd. Even though I was on Honor and High Honor Roll almost all the time and I was good at social activies other than football or basketball. I was still an outcast. That shit dosen't make any sense. The people who can change the whole world are on the back burner. While a quarterback who can get 3 or 4 years in the NFl is the hot shit. It's just absurd. So thank you for this site to show the whole world that sports are not everything.


9 Sep 06

hi guys and felow sports haters, i felt all alone out there in this sports crazed world, but now i found out there are more people out there with whom i can share a few feelings with.. yes i am a professional sports hater, I have to work around these sports nuts all of the time. and within a few short moments around them, they find out real fast to not talk sports stuff to me.. cause i really let them know how i feel about it. a lot of them say that i am un american.. well very few of them spent 20 years in militairy like i have procecting the rights to every citizen to be what they want to be and to think what they want to think. so dont tell me to be a sports fan is is the only qualification to being an american citizen.

no i dont think so. yes i vote for keeping the airways free of over indulgance of sport. school sports thats diffrent high school, collage, thats one thing but when a sports jocko is paid umteen millilons to play ball and they expect me to go see him play.. i dont think so.. cause i stop and ask my self did this sports jock stop over at my house and split a 6 pack with me..nooooo. well then why should i go see them when they wont come see me. stop and think about it.. when was the last time some famous sports figure stop over at your place and visit you.. then turn about is fair play.

also what is this idea of calling them heros.. your know what i am talking about cause you have heard it a million times .. heros of the grid iron.. come on now there not heros.the guy who jumped into the deleware rivers freezing waters to rescue a drowing woman.. now thats a hero.. i say take some of those millions of dollars they spend on those sports figures and give it to a real hero... he truly earned it.. and not to forget all of those guys in the military..i dont think that i have to paint a piture there those guys deserve all of my thanks and i wish them the best. they are the real heros. so come on world bash the jocks and support the troops.

and all sports haters may e-mail me if they want.. at REMOVED.

thanks richard

11 Sep 06

Hey, just wanted to let you all know that your website is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen in my life. I really don't have any problem with somebody not liking sports, but to go make a whole website about the eradication of sports because that football player got that hot cheerleader in school and you didn't? That's going a little far. What benefits does the eradication of sports pose to the world? If anything, we should ban computer games. But you little nerds wouldn't like that, would you? Sports are exciting, fast-paced and thousands of millions of people enjoy them. So please, in the future just keep your little opinions to yourself because it's falling on deaf ears.


13 Sep 06

Dear sportssuck,

I was delighted to come across your website. Please do not judge me harshly for this but I actually quite like sports but at the same time I wish many of them were banned except of course for Athletics. I am English and over the past decade football or soccer as you call it in the States has become like a new religion in this country.

The danger is that sports breed in people a ruthless, egoistic, competitive instinct which is at odds with true spiritual values such as humility and compassion. What I can't understand is why people actually say that Sport's Important. Surely what matters in life is health, relationships, science, spirituality, religion; not throwing about a rugby ball or kicking a football. I wish that many sports had never been invented in the first place. I accept that Athletics can strengthen you mentally amd spiritually but sport often brings out the worst in people.


Richard, UK

8 Oct 06

It isn't that the sports themselves suck, but moreso the players attitudes and the commercialization of it all. I regularly hear people at work talk about sports and casually give them the "I hate that crap" line. Which of course begins the point of view discussion. The 'overpaid athletes with terrible attitudes that would not give you 5 dollars if you were out of gas' statement usually shuts up the offended. Think about what that guy who's running the ball or shooting a free throw would do if saw you were out of gas on the side of the road. The thought of them making millions of dollars to play a GAME while average guys slave in warehouses and office jobs makes me sick. I'll be sure none of my money goes to any sport. 100,000 a year salary cap across the board sounds like a winner to me.


9 Oct 06

Yesterday was Sunday and I had the misfortune of turning on my TV to watch whatever was on. Of course it’s Sunday, so my limited choices are even worse then they normally are. Anyways, I am flipping through channels when I am witness to what can only be described as a miracle. There before my very eyes a receiver, one of the very best in the world, whose sole job on this planet is to catch footballs for millions of dollars, caught a football that was thrown directly at him by the quarterback! Can you believe it?! The crowd went nuts and the announcer exclaimed “Wow, what an amazing catch”. It was within inches of a first down. Oh My God! Are these idiots for real? What am I missing? I truly do not understand. How brain dead do you have to be to find this entertaining?

Competition is the last resort of weak mind - blaxshep

9 Oct 06

JG, I hear where you're coming from! Last Thursday was bagel day where I work. Management buys a few bags of bagels for the employees as a special treat. That means the breakroom is crowded with people in the morning as they take off a few minutes and munch on some bagels. As usual, a few people took advantage of the situation and used it as an opportunity to goof off and talk about sports. I wish I had taped it because I've never heard a more useless, senseless, pointless conversation in all my life. Listening to that drivel was like mental torture. I was in an adjoining room working so I couldn't just walk away. They went on and on and on about every aspect of the game. As if it was the most important thing in the world. I mean, just when I thought there was nothing left to be said about it, they came up with something else. And then they chewed on that morsel of news for another half an hour. It went on so long I thought I would SNAP! Sports conversations have to be the dumbest thing on earth. I have to admit I casually peeked into the room because the curiosity of knowing what kind of moron could go on and on and on about the same thing over and over was driving me crazy! The surprise was that he looked like an ordinary guy! But he spoke with an unusual confidence as if talking about sports gave him some sort of special license that assured him that all who listened were interested. No matter how long he blathered on and on. It is the most curious thing. Almost as curious as it is annoying. What morons!


10 Oct 06



9 Oct 06

Oh, look, it's Mr(s). Sturob... again.

Try and spot the painful irony in his letter:


If you answered "IT REALLY SHOWS HOW BRAINLESS U IS", then you win!

You're asking JG why the headline (?) says "SPORTS SUCK" when he thinks the sports themselves don't suck...? That's on its way to making some kind of sense, but as it stands right now, it makes no freakin' sense!

JG didn't create the website -- I think he can vouch for that -- so I don't see how that makes him "BRAINLESS". It's not like visitors can change the title of website (or, as you elegantly put it, "HEADLINE"). Lacking that knowledge shows how brainless YOU are!

By the way, what do we care if someone, or something, called 'Nuff' said "sports rule"? Whoever they are, they're a huge liar.

Now run off and play grab-ass with your ball-buddies. Leave the intelligent people of the world alone. Or better, stop and think about how pointless it really is to sit and watch some overpaid twit move a ball. I mean, come on. What's the point? No, really -- what IS the POINT?

Telling me about how "exciting" it is to watch Dick Weed kick a ball into a net or how hearing a hundred brain-dead morons scareaming in a loud drone at a stadium gets you "fired up" or listening to a sports commentator blurting out non-sensical sports drivel faster than someone saying the 'small print' at the end of a radio advert really "draws you in" doesn't cut it. All it does is bore the crap out of us.

So tell us...

Oh, and the ALL CAPS are really childish.


10 Oct 06


Just thought i'd send out the following link.

Athletes Don't Care

That's one of my main beefs with sports. The atheletes never ever seem to care more than the fan does. It is such a one sided relationship that I cannot comprehend why anyone would want to enter into it. I left sports fandom years ago, it takes a while to shake it off completely and i'd be lying if I said that I never backslid. But you know what, the end result is worth it. Less stress and more focusing on matters of importance.The best thing about sports is actually playing them. Just throwing around a football relaxes me, watching a football game makes me fell like an idiot.



17 Oct 06

Oh my! I thought I was alone out here. I am so disappointed in the amount of news coverage, TV programming, and movies dominated by sports. I truly detest sports.

I often wonder why so much emphasis is placed on a bunch of grown men and women running around carrying, pushing, hitting, or throwing a ball. My gawd there are so many remarkable people doing truly remarkable things that warrant cheers and applause, and the mainline media completely ignores them.

I work in the medical field and see so many young people with injuries. Some are being psyched out as toddlers to join the grunting Neanderthals who dominate the national pastime of sports. Civilizations have fallen as the populace was occupied with such trivia. With all the suffering on this planet, it boggles the mind to see the wanton waste of time and money on these idiotic pursuits.


11 Nov 06

It's been a long time Ray, but I have to contribute something here which shows that some people cannot take losing in sport. While I have warmed to soccer in the less money obsessed lower leagues, I saw something today that was disgusting and could lead to copy cat events.

Newport and Swansea, two rival teams in Wales, were playing an FA Cup qualifying match. Swansea, who are in a higher league, were defeating Newport 3-1. Unfortunately, rather than taking his team's performance down to the fact they weren't good enough, Newport's manager, an aggressive and unpleasant character, decided to berate and bully the referee over an offside decision. Seeing the manager intimidate the referee,and get chased off the field, some idiot in the crowd decided to take their own revenge on the match officials by throwing a missile at the fourth official and this knocked the man out for 5 minutes.

What's really sad is that no one pointed out the offender, or yelled to the police to arrest this idiot, who could have killed the match official. So seemingly now some idiots will think it's OK to attack match officials in the knowledge the more braindead elements in the crowd will cover up for them and might even join in. Of course, if the manager can behave like a moron, then this will excuse the cretins who think this is the way to behave when the game isn't going well.

At the end of the day, I've always been under the understanding that if your team is losing, not to take it out on match officials, who get paid a pittance compared with the players and take a lot of abuse from fans. Let's hope this doesn't develop into some kind of trend, as a player was struck by a coin the previous week, as it will take football back into the dark ages again.


12 Nov 06

Glenn! How are you, old buddy? It's good to hear from you. Yes. Actions like that can't be defended. I don't know what inspires it. Is it a refusal to admit that your team --and by extension --you --aren't the best? Or is it merely passion? Or is it just plain old hooliganism? After all, I'm sure that the bottle thrower wasn't the only one there excited about the game. And everyone wasn't throwing bottles. Whoever threw the bottle probably shows the same lack of restraint and poor judgement in ALL aspects of his life. So eventually he'll get what he deserves. hopefully. :)


19 Nov 06

I just stumbled upon your site today, and man am I glad. I go to law school, which is just about one of the most intellectually demanding post-university curriculums around. In the student lounge, what's on the TV 24 hours of every goddamn day? ESPN. You'd think that people who'll be responsible for making sure laws are enforced would care about something more relevant than people beating the shit outta each other. I often have heated discussions with my friends who do love sports. On gamedays, the few of us who don't care about sports band together to see a movie. Thank God for that, because at least I don't feel like a total loser. Just to tell you guys how terrible the situation is: the midterm elections were hugely important, and the aftermath led to change ups in the Republican congressional leadership. Breaking news on the TV! And some meathead just walks into the lounge and asks if he can change the channel to ESPN, because, surely, that's more relevant. I'm glad some of us can adhere to reason and sanity.


25 Nov 06

The world's greatest bore fest, the Ashes series, between Australia and England, has started this week and it's as if the whole media has become obsessed at what is the most tedious sport on earth. While it's not the country's most popular sport, the Ashes, just because England won it last time, is now taking on the same significance as the World Cup. I get sick of seeing news bulletins get clogged with how England are 49 for 3 and Australia have declared their innings, whatever this bullshit means, and even switching on music radio stations and hearing some bore drone on about Freddie Flintoff's last three overs or something called a bodyline decision. Like I care when I want to hear some music on the drive home from a hard day at work.

To the uninitiated, and you won't want to get initiated as it is so mindnumbingly dull, cricket is like baseball in very slow motion, and doesn't have a fixed finish time, so games can go on for ten hours a day. A typical test match can last five days, so there can be 50 hours of this tedium to endure.

Luckily, as the Ashes are held in Australia, which is ten hours ahead of us, the games are shown through the night and in the early morning, so for non fans we can sleep safe in the knowledge that we won't have to endure this bull on evening television or when we go for a drink. As England are losing at the moment, this sport, which fortunately is far less popular than football, shouldn't clog up conversations too much.


29 Nov 06

Interesting site.

While I do agree about sports in school being a problem if they’re taken too seriously, I am a sports fan. Football players in my high school were generally treated like Gods, but most of them were also pretty good guys. There were the exceptions of course just like with any other group.

For me, it’s not so much the sport as it is the thrill of competition. Football (for example) is not only the thrill of watching the best of the best compete at an organized game – but the availability of people around me to discuss the finer points and angles of the competition itself. If there were more people around to discuss it with, I’d enjoy discussing a chess match between grandmasters. I’m equally passionate about any type of game or competition – not because I want to harm another person or because I want to single out the weak, but because the thrill of outmaneuvering an opponent is ingrained in me.

As Robert E. Lee said “It is well that war is so terrible, lest we should grow too fond of it”. I know exactly what he meant. War is the ultimate competition with so many variables and so many viewpoints and yet so unconstrained by unnecessary rules – it’s a delight to anyone with a competitive sense about them. It’s brotherhood and team spirit and individual achievement in the quest for a common goal. It’s primal and unfettered with the empty actions of life. Let’s face it. Life is a mundane series of maintenance events. Eating, sleeping, working, procreating. All of the little things we do during our lives to make sure we live to see another day. Organized sports provide an outlet, an escape if you will – from the minutia of refueling your car and washing your socks – the chance to pit your physical skills, wits, and strategies against an opponent who, for the moment, has also abandoned the trivial necessities and formalities of life.

It’s too bad we can’t duplicate war in a non-deadly arena…


30 Nov 06

Dear Sportssuck.com,

I think that it's fair that you do not enjoy sports. Not everybody does, and each person has his or her own opinion on it. However, it's completely unfair to label all athletes as mean dumb stupid asshole jerks. Sports influence all nations around the world for the better. They bring communities together and even warring countries set aside differences to participate in them (that would be the Olympics, if you didn't know). Sports also provide many jobs for the intelligent, such as agents, who have to go through law school on top of university to get to where they are. You have a quote on your front page that says, "I hate all sports as rabidly as a person who likes sports hates common sense." People who like sports do not hate common sense. A lot of people who enjoy sports use their common sense to obtain jobs, much like the sports agent example I have already provided. Sports encourage physical health, which is becoming increasingly more important as the next generation is becoming, and being labelled as obese. In conclusion, it is fair that you do not enjoy sports, but it is unfair to dedicate a site to hating sports, and labelling them as bad. I hope that you can overcome whatever bad experience you had with sports during your life, and come to the realization that sports are not a negative force in our lives.

Truly Yours,

A "No Common Sense" Athlete

oh and yes. P.S.

why can't you accept that different people like different things? i already agreed with you saying you dislike sports, which is fine, that being different from the norm. But it is ridiculous that you are trying to change the world, and prevent people from watching things they enjoy.

12 Dec 06

Response to "a 'no common sense' athlete"

You make several valid points, and in a refreshingly reasonable way. The majority of those of us who have contributed to this fine web site do indeed dislike sports, but would not be so rotten as to deny sports enthusiasts their legitimate pleasure, as long as we are not inconvenienced or offended by it. If I may take the liberty to speak for my peers, what we object to are:

the boorish, knee-jerk reactions of sports fans less sensible than yourself, who impugn our sexuality and/or intelligence because we dislike sports;

the media, who thrust sports coverage at us from every direction, whether we like it or not;

the inordinate importance placed on sports by society, when so many other, more important, issues deserve our attention.

One point I disagree with, however, is, "it is unfair to dedicate a site to hating sports". No, it is entirely "fair", just as it is fair - or at least lawful - to dedicate web sites to pornography and extreme political views, no matter how offensive to the rest of us. Personally, I don't visit them, as I find them objectionable.

Unfortunately, until every sports fan is as intelligent, articulate and reasonable as yourself, we must continue to kick against the pricks, so to speak. As you are entitled to feel that sports are necessary and enjoyable, we are also entitled to feel that sports suck, and boorish sports fans completely suck.

Ironically, plenty of homosexuals and unintelligent people do enjoy watching and playing sports, just as many heterosexuals and intelligent people do not.


13 Dec 06

You think YOUR city is screwed up? Look at MY city, Tampa. Look at the attached Front Page from Sunday's newspaper. One story takes up the whole front page! What could it be? What would warrant dedicating the whole front page? A moon landing? Victory in war? No! A local high school football team won some kind of championship!!! How is THAT news? Not only is the WHOLE front page dedicated to the high school football story, three of four articles listed in the margins of the front page have to do with sports!!! If this is what qualifies as news, this country is going to hell in a handbag! Needless to say I cancelled my subscription. Sports belong in the sports section, And the sports section should be optional! I don't want to see it! We have rights! We need to speak up like the non-smokers do! If they can demand no one smokes around them I can demand that no one pollutes MY atmosphere with dirty, cloudy swirls of sports nonsense! No one should be able to blow clouds of sports statistics in my face!!

P.S. On the same day that our newspaper decided to dedicate the whole front page to high school football the space shuttle blasted off. At night. The first night launch in four years. Know where THAT story went? Somewhere in the back. Talk about mixed up priorities.


Evolution takes a turn for the worse