Not everyone is a brain-dead sports fan. There are millions of us who can't stand professional sports or loud, obnoxious sports fans!

We are not unreasonable or intolerant people. We are your neighbors and friends and relatives. We are completely normal people who live completely ordinary lives except for one thing: we cannot understand the attraction or value of sports. Don't misunderstand us; we believe in fitness and enjoy staying healthy. There's nothing wrong with a neighborhood softball game, working out at the gym, or shooting hoops in the driveway. But we think there is something wrong when people make professional sports the center of their lives. We think there is something wrong when people are obsessed with watching other people play and have fun. We think there is something wrong when people think we're weird because we don't watch sports. And we especially think there's something wrong when our favorite TV show is interrupted for a *&@!^%$#@!! sporting event! This site is dedicated to free-thinking people everywhere who have enough self-assurance to resist the influence of the common herd.

Revolution Now!

Our culture has been infiltrated so thoroughly that no aspect of life has escaped the scourge of sports. Our Area Anti-Sports Coordinators have hammered out a document that will serve as the basis of our movement. More...

You Are Not Alone!

Most people really aren't interested in sports! We receive hundreds of letters every year from people all over the world who can't understand the mass hysteria or sheep-like behavior of sports fans. If you don't like sports, you will enjoy these letters of support. More...

Free Our Schools!

The problem with sports begins in our schools. We believe schools should be sanctuaries of learning and education, not state-sponsored gymnasiums! Sports teams are not required fixtures at school! They have nothing to do with learning! Remove mandatory physical education and sports teams now! More...

Join the Cause!

Nothing will ever change unless each of us joins together to fight this injustice! The first step in the battle against sports is publicly acknowledging your indifference to the big game. More...

Evolution takes a turn for the worse

Book titled Foul Play
Foul Play shows how our belief in the value of sport is misplaced. Tracing the history of organised game-playing, it argues that sport is a last refuge for sexism, racism, homophobia and animal cruelty.

Book titled Field of Schemes
Field of Schemes is a play-by-play account of how the drive for new sports stadiums and arenas drains $2 billion a year from public treasuries for the sake of private profit.

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