Letters 2023

15 October 2023

Subject: Support from Bratislava

The eradication of sports has always been one of my primary life goals and knowing that I am not alone in this cult of justice is as pleasing as nothing. The final nail in the coffin for me was seeing kids during a P.E. class fucking SMILE after playing a football game. For real. "Funny, how I kicked that ball half dead" or "Haha I'm faster than you" are the feelings of a simple clown after doing sports. This realization made me realize that modern people's idiocy is half-caused by sports, especially collective ones.
-brain atrophy from playing sports
-boredom and frustration
-stress over literally nothing important
-fear of loss of reputation
-high rate of physical accidents during sports, especially getting kicked anywhere from your feet to your balls during football


16 August 2023


In Ohio where I live, they mention the buckeyes on the news even before they will give the weather forecast. Even if a storm is coming. The stupid college football team comes first. It's sick and disturbing that they put that much emphasis on a team that is treated like a God. I don't understand it and I never will understand why sports are treated like a religion instead of just putting it where it belongs. And that is just entertainment. But thanks for letting me post my frustration on here. But I am sick and tired of sports!


15 August 2023


I understand completely how crazy it has gotten with sports obsession. In my town there is a young man who is playing on the high school football team who has down syndrome. I think the school and his parents are not playing with a full deck letting him play a dangerous sport that causes more head injuries than most other games. It has been extensively studied and they have found that one tackle in their sport is the equivalent of being in a car wreck. Imagine that. And they are letting a young person with a condition like his play a sport that might make him paralyzed or worse. It's crazy and I am so glad I didn't play sports growing up.


18 July 2023

Subject: 'Chad''s offensive letter

Just finished reading the offensive letter from 'Chad', who did us the courtesy of showing why so many people despise sports, particularly professional teams (soccer, baseball, football & hockey in particular). He promotes the arrogant mindset of so many - but not all - high school & college athletes and coaches who believe in the supremacy of the team athlete, while ignoring the fact that LOTS of people are active (running, weight training etc) and also play individual sports such as tennis and golf (we just don't follow it on TV because we would rather be playing it for fun). The fact that a person can be active without playing a team sport seems to escape him, as it does many of the other pro sports fans. I haven't watched pro sports in years and am not about to start.

Anonymous in Canada

26 April 2023

Subject: Sports are a waste

I am a high school sophomore attending a Catholic all-girls school. And yet, I notice that so much of my school's budget and funding go to the sports teams. We have pep rallies in which time is taken out of the educational day to cheer on athletes, and over 1,000 girls between the ages of 14 and 18 are packed like sardines into gym bleachers. The majority of these girls are shrieking praises the entire time. In my opinion as an autistic person, not only is this alienating, but the fact that going to these "rallies" is mandatory strikes me as a bit ableist. Besides this matter, I also notice how pervasive sports are in every class. Time is taken from my geometry classes to celebrate achievements in sports with cart rides down the school's main hallway. I currently attend a public speaking class, and no matter what the topic assigned to speak on is, nearly half of the girls manage to make their speeches about sports that they play. There are teams at my school for every sport from volleyball to competitive cheer to diving, and many school spirit clubs, but next to no academic clubs, and the academic clubs that do exist are barely funded. It exhausts and disgusts me. So much in my daily life is overtaken by sports being shoved down my throat.

All my best,
A sports hater

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