Anti-Sport Site Links

We believe that truly deserving people don't receive adequate recognition while sports-playing buffoons grab all the attention. To do our part in remedying that injustice, we are highlighting some people who do deserve recognition along with some links to like-minded sites. As the internet evolves and intelligence grows, interest in professional sports has waned significantly. This is nowhere more evident than in the exponential growth of anti-sport web pages. If you have a favorite person or site that you'd like to add, please e-mail


Tumblr: I Hate Sports

The Anti-Jock Movement (Wikipedia)

National Coalition Against Violent Athletes

Field of Schemes: Stadium Swindles

The Drake Group

Katherine Close wins Spelling B

Katharine Close of New Jersey wins the annual Scripps Howard Spelling Bee title in Washington!

Animex Visual Effects Award 2007

Esteban Gitton - Winner of the Animex Visual Effects Award - ATI (2007)

Essays and Blogs

Teams Play Cities for Suckers

Hate the Superbowl

On Telling My Son That He Is A Geek

I hate Sports (from Interesting Ideas)

Bad Sport


The Fix is In

Are You Obsessed with Sports?

I Hate Sports by MetaGrrrl

Superbowl or SuperBORE?

NO to Sports Stadium Madness!

Autonomous Robot Design Competition

Lane Brooks and Keith Fife win the 13th Annual 6.270 Autonomous Robot Design Competition with their robot, "Hermes".

the Patron Saint of Sports Haters

Our Lady of Perpetual Intelligence
The Patron Saint of Sports Haters


The AFL Player Spectator - Millionaires with a Year 10 Education

Beneath the Planet of Why I Hate Pro-football

Hockey and Soccer are BORING


Where are the jocks NOW?!

Jock Defined

Jock-o-rama Comics

Stormcloud Comics

Columbine's Cult of the Athlete

Friggin' Athletes

Dutch University team members celebrate winning the Biennial Panasonic World Solar Challenge 2007 in Australia!

National Geographic World Championship

The high school team from Mexico win the National Geographic World Championship geography competition in San Diego!

Education & Sports

Rutgers 1,000

How to Avoid High School Gym Class

Athletics Push Academics to the Sideline!

College Sports Success not Important

Free Thinkers Award Sports Suck Logo