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3 Jan 07

Hey, people!

I want to write a longer one later on, but I'm a recently "converted" ex-sports fan. I gave it up late in 2006, November 14 to be exact. I now am selling ALL of my sports memorabilia and apparel to people who would need them. I guess I would agree with those who have stated in the letters sections that not all people who like, play, or watch sports are necessarily stupid, but for the most part, the idiocy amongst sports fanatics (I'm talking about the guys who dedicate their Sundays and every other possible days to beer-drinking, couch-sitting, television-watching-for-the-purpose-of-watching-sports, or even attending sporting events decked out in their team's colors, jerseys, and even faces and other should-not-be-exposed body parts painted--well, you get the point) boggles my mind.

I guess I am not opposed to playing sports for FITNESS purposes. I suppose I would, possibly, one day shoot a few baskets or catch a few football passes, but never again will I subject myself to the lunacy of being a sports fanatic, as I once was. (You're free to post all this, by the way, e-mail address included.)

Well, I'll write a longer one later, and I'll even have some excerpts from my blog from November 14, the day I forsook sports for good. I just hope that everyone who is too much into sports for their own good will read the posts on this site and realize that it's quite all right not to be caught up with the latest NBA stats and standings. I don't even know how my once-beloved Lakers are doing right now, and I'm feeling just fine, thank you very much. I can still breathe. I eat pretty well. I can live, shockingly enough, without knowing anything about the sports world. (I do find out things from people, but that's what I would call "passive knowledge.")

Davy Marcelo, CEO
bembyjo (

17 Jan 07

I have always disliked sports. I can still remember my 13th birthday, when my dad bought me a baseball glove in hopes I would develop some kind of interest in baseball. He made me throw a ball back and forth a while but gave up after I missed more than I caught. He went in the house mad. He wanted me to be like him. He hated to see me reading.

Another time he tried to get me to like sports by buying me books. about sports. But it didn't work. It irritates the heck out of him. He thinks I'm lazy because I like to stay in the house and read.

I just can't get interested in any kind of sports. It seems to me that men use sports as an excuse to kick all the women out so they can slap each other's butts. I would never touch a man's butt unless we were going steady. Joke only.

I don't mind that the rest of the world really likes sports but why do they have to force their interests on me? I don't go on and on and on about books I like or websites I design and bore other people. I have better manners.


1 Feb 07

Brothers and sisters, as most of us know, this Sunday we must endure the usual silly shite about the Stuporbore, the football season's raison d'etre (maybe the boorish wankers need to get a life?). Instead of justifiably complaining about it, we could take the opposite view. The glass really is half full. Think about it:

★ It's a good time to go to a restaurant and be seated quickly (unless it's one of those odious joints where TV sets show sporting activities, in which case, welcome to hell).

★ It's a good time to go shopping, as the malls will be deserted.

★ It's a good time to drive somewhere, for the same reason.

★ And more than anything else, it's a good time to call up an air strike, targeting your noisy sports-rabid neighbour's house, particularly if the pillock is having a Stuporbore party with all his bellowing, knuckle-dragging, sportsfart mates.

You'll rid the world of a whole gaggle of the idiots in one go. Hmm, what's the telephone number for Edwards Air Force Base...?


4 Feb 07

Quote: You'll rid the world of a whole gaggle of the idiots in one go. Hmm, what's the telephone number for Edwards Air Force Base...?



You must have read Tom Clancy's "The Sum Of All Fears"

lol BOOOOM!!!!!!


4 Feb 07

Oh my god this web site is like a gift from God!!!!!!!!

I HATE SPORTS soooooo much, I mean I don't just dislike sports I HATE them!!!! I'm am so happy there is web site where I can voice my opinions about somthing I feel soooooo strongly about, not that I wouldn't voice my opinions anywhere else. Ivoice them every where I go. I am a ballet dancer, ballet is the reason I live it is my life passion and more than that. I am going to be the next Mikhail Baryshnikov, but better!!!!!!!! I am also a total theater freak Iam always in a show. I theater and broadway on the side!!!!!! My name is David, I am 14 years old and live in Scranton Pennsylvania.

if anyone would like to email me my email is daviddancer224|at| Thank you Please post this on your web site!!!!!!!!!

4 Feb 07

that story about the newspaper is great!!!!!!!!!!!!! football rules. who the hell cares about something in outer space?????? o yea like your going to outer space anytime soon?? high school football is very popular here in ny and it is great!!! SPORTS RULE


4 Feb 07

I guess most of the double digits of this country will be watching some stupid sports event called the superbowel. Living vicariously thru a bunch of millionaires that would'nt piss in their mouth if their guts were on fire. How is it that some corporation owns some franchise with some nickname like the colts, steelers and so on. Then pay vast amounts of money to bring a bunch of steroid freaks together to play a child's game. These people are brought together from every corner of the country to represent some city's professional team. And then a bunch of double digits swear their alligence to this group of freaks. Why? They have nothing in common with you or your city. They are millionaires that play a game for money. Thats all

Can't they live thru their own actions? I guess not. I do a lot of shooting. I own over 50 firearms, yet i cannot tell you who won at Camp Perry or who won the Bianchi Cup and I dont care. I have no idea who is the best kickboxer in the world, but i do that at least once a week. Believe me or don't, I really dont give a flying fuck.

Sometimes I go rock climbing in the Red River Gorge but could not tell you the name of the top climbers. Oh yea, when i have the money i go rent a 152 and go up and live thru me. Watch a sports event on tv, or go fly an airplane? Yea i do have a piece of paper in my wallet that says i can fly. Learning to fly takes much more skill than watching other people on tv play a child's game.

I played football from the time i was nine years old, until i was a senior in high school. Thru that time I could not tell you one thing about any professional football team, and didnt care. I lived thru myself instead. Perhaps, instead of watching some sporting event on Sunday night, one could read a book and learn somthing. Oh sorry about that. From what i have read on this fine web site, most of you sports nuts can't read, or write.

Bottom line is, sports don't rule. History at least tells me that in the end only one thing rules. And that is a 150 grain FMJ haulin ass at 2850. But then you sports probably don't remember nor care about history.

Generally speaking, I find that the sports freaks of this world are simply, dumb.


4 Feb 07

There is room for both intellectual and athletic achievements, for all to enjoy. You people deserve to live in North Korea, where you can do NEITHER. Why don't you talk about someone like Alan Page, who's in the NFL Hall of Fame and is now a Minnesota Supreme Court Justice. Of course, acknowledging that such people exist, would defeat your totally nonintellectual cause!


4 Feb 07

Well said, Two-Dog. I spent this afternoon in public, having dinner and then a movie, to show others that there are people out there that don't watch the superbore. Believe it or not there was a pretty big crowd both places. Apparently fewer people like sports than we realize.

Sturob44, long time no see, comrade! :)

Dave, welcome to our little oasis of sanity. I hope you come back often.

Tom, there is, of course, room for both athletic and intellectual achievements. But there is no room, in my life, for hero-worship. Being a supreme court justice is somewhat of an achievment I admit although I don't know who Alan Page is. Apparently you do. If you like him so much why don't you marry him? By the way, citizens in North Korea are encouraged to excel athletically and intellectually. That makes you.. WRONG! :)


4 Feb 07

The idea of sports has always made me ill but I hid this for almost 37 years, fearing that I would be considered a "freak" if I failed to blend into the course of normal manhood. Unfortunately, I have met many sports fans who were, surprisingly, in positions that required higher cortical functions (physicians, chemists, and even physicists) so the theory that sports-people are less intelligent than the sports adversary is not one that I could believe. Now I know that it is not something that is missing within the sports fanatic, but something nearly tribal that has lingered on from man's distant past in addition to most human species. Now I hold that sports are simply a disturbing sociably acceptable means by which barbarism and blood lust can be conjured in the flapping arms of stadium-mesmerized homosapians who refuse to drift forward into evolution.


4 Feb 07

Very nice, Tom. Now to belittle you.

"There is room for both intellectual and athletic achievements, for all to enjoy. You people deserve to live in North Korea, where you can do NEITHER."

Why, because we don't like sports? [sarcasm] Yes, that makes loads of sense.[/sarcasm]

If it's 'for all to enjoy', that would have to include us. I mean, you didn't exclude us, did you? Dumbass.

"Why don't you talk about someone like Alan Page, who's in the NFL Hall of Fame and is now a Minnesota Supreme Court Justice."

Why don't we? Well, most of us don't know who he is and couldn't give two shits if we did, and for those that do... we still don't give two shits. I'm one of the former (for you dumbass sports bores, that means I'm one of those who doesn't know who he is and wouldn't give two shits if I did). Dumbass.

"Of course, acknowledging that such people exist, would defeat your totally nonintellectual cause!"

Here is a line that makes absolutely no sense at ALL! So if we acknowledge the existence of some random sports player (I'm assuming that's what he is), that somehow defeats our cause (eradicating or, at least, toning down sports)? Oh wait, our 'totally nonintellectual cause'. Non-intellectual? Look who's talking. You're the one trying to convince smart people that sports are good and that we're wrong when it's totally pointless, since we know we're right. We're not only right; we're smart, too.

We're smarter than you sports bores, in any case. Yes, we are.

By the way, non-intellectual should be hyphenated and there should be no comma after ‘exist’. Dumbass.

Oh, and nice one, Ray! Ha-ha, Tom! You got owned!


4 Feb 07

Well, it is nice to see I am not alone. I cannot stand sports. I hate it all. Football, basketball, baseball, all of it. I drove a charter/tour bus for 30 years and the main reason I don't want to go back is because of having to go to those games and hauling the damm teams! I would get free tickets and give them away. I could get in ANY game for free and would go in just long enough to get a drink and sandwich and go right back to the bus. But it irks me that sports fans think you are evil or something because you don't have any interest in their happiness! If someone offered me $500.00 to sit and watch the superbowl at the stadium or anyplace I would tell them to keep their money! I am 54 years old and as tough as the next guy but this country is sports crazy! Good for them if they like it and wonderful if they want to play but don't try to force it on we that don't!


4 Feb 07

Thanks, Skul! Good to see you back in form! It's hard work to eductate these sports fans but somebody's gotta do it! :)


5 Feb 07

Great website. I've been reading here and was finally prompted to post. I'm constantly pissing in someone's cheerios when I give a deadpan "I don't follow that stuff at all" to someone's gushing enthusiastic babbling about some game/ player swap/ rule change/ what the new coach's chiropracter eats for brunch prattle.

I'm a dyed-in-the-wool, grease under the fingernails motorhead hot-rodder and yet absolutely hate NASCAR and it just blows some people's minds: How could I be into cars and not NASCAR?...Too much "sport", not enough "motor" I say. Nothing but a bunch of yuppied-out corporate hype. I'm perfectly comfortable and secure in my masculinity and couldn't give a flying fluck about spectator sports...though I used to be into baseball and hockey till I was about 14. Does anyone else notice that those who scream loudest at players supposed incomptence during a game are those least able to play it themselves? Most sports fans I know are fat-assed mouth breathers that wouldn't last 30 seconds on the gridiron/ diamond/ rink without collapsing. "Run the ball you #@&&**!!!! What a %^&*%!!!!" Yeah, you'll show 'em...just as soon as you lose that 60 pounds of extra junk in the trunk and get fit to where you can climb a flight of stairs withou getting a seizure. Hypocritical swine.

Had fun ignoring the superbowl (as I always do) but this year I made a special point being as conspicuous a superbowl shunner as I could to the neighbors in my subdivision by making driving past their spilling onto the street pre-game stupibowl tailgate parties (I waited till 6-ish to take care of some multiple trips) and leaving and arriving back at the house during the game as noisily as I could (spite is so underrated). I was surprised while out and about how light traffic _wasn't_ and how busy all the stores and eateries were; Not everyone is a hype-driven sheep/ dolt after all.


5 Feb 07

To John, the ex-bus driver.

I couldn't agree more. A sports-loving friend of mine knows how much I despise sports, and once asked me what I would do if he bought me a ticket to the NBA basketball championship game (which, I gather, is that sport's equivalent of the football Stuporbore) and made me go with him. Not that he had any intention of doing such a thing. My immediate reply was, "Well, I'd have to take a book to read."

He was aghast. Maybe he had thought I might be miraculously caught up in the "excitement" of the "event", have a Sports Epiphany and suddenly become a bellowing boor like everyone else there, and thank him profusely for having taken me. I understand that tickets for the thing go within minutes, and are like gold dust in that people will almost kill each other to get one. So, for someone to have the "privilege" of going to that game, only to sit there reading an engrossing book to while away the otherwise boring hour or two, while everyone around them is in ecstasy watching a bunch of grunting oiks chase a ball about, it was incomprehensible to him.

So, I suppose he won't be spending hard-earned money to take me to a dull, pointless sports event.

By the way, one of the best things about this fine, upstanding web site is reading the knee-jerk reactions of sports fans who laughably try to make us feel inadequate, mentally, sexually or physically, but instead condemn themselves with their monosyllabic, pre-verbal piffle. Bring it on, you brain-dead wankers. We are indeed more intellectual than you. Your interest in these childish pursuits proves it.


26 Feb 07

I liken today's worship of sports and players to the worship of money. It's not money that is evil. It is the LOVE of money that is the "root of many kinds of evil." Though I am more of a computer geek engineer-type, I like to play some sports and stay active. It is when MILLIONS of "fat, dumb, and happy" Americans, who don't have a life of their own, can't name 20 countries around the world, have no idea where their dollar goes to when they buy crap at Walmart or what the hell is going on in our country or abroad -BUT THEY CAN QUOTE A BUNCH OF MEANINGLESS STATS of some overpaid, professional athlete or NASCAR driver -THAT, is the reason we will eventually be speaking Chinese or Arabic someday. I don't hate sports but I sure hate the mentality that seems to think that there is nothing more important!

- Big Al, Upstate NY

27 Feb 07

A man and his football tickets...

A man had 50 yard line tickets for the Super Bowl. As he sits down, a man comes down and asks if anyone is sitting in the seat next to him.

"No," he says, "The seat is empty."

"This is incredible," said the man. "Who in their right mind would have a seat like this for the Super Bowl, the biggest sporting event in the world, and not use it?"

He says, "Well, actually, the seat belongs to me. I was supposed to come with my wife, but she passed away. This is the first Super Bowl we haven't been to together since we got married in 1987."

"Oh... I'm sorry to hear that. That's terrible. But couldn't you find someone else, a friend or relative, or even a neighbor to take the seat?"

The man shakes his head. "No they're all at the funeral."

- Al

11 Mar 07

Subject: March Idiocy


I just had to turn off the television because the headline newscasters are talking basketball, instead of leaving it to the sportscasters whom i can mute and not miss anything. after cursing sports in general and basketball in particular, it occurred to me that i couldn't be the only person who feels this way. and voila', here you are. on the one hand, i'd like to rid the world of sports. imagine what might be accomplished if the hours devoted to sports were devoted to solving some world problem. unfortunately, that gives too much credit to the cretin fans, and they would be looking to us, not for guidance and an opportunity to contribute, but for their entertainment. eureka! an epiphany! the redeeming social value of sports is keeping the moronic masses occupied. nothing more, nothing less. those who ascribe noble traits of character to the pursuit of sports are merely trying to justify their worthless existances.

that's what i think and i'm sticking to it.


24 Mar 07

Hmmm.. Interesting site, however I'm not inclined to agree with you. Sports don't necessarily suck because someone said they do. It wouldn't matter if one million people said that sports suck. It's a matter of personal opinion. And I don't get what's with the stereotype of sports fans being male. I'm a 13 (turning 14) year old girl and I love my sports. Now I understand not everybody likes, understands or plays sports. But why are people who like, or in my case love, sports, bad people? Are they? They're the same as you; they just have different interests, like everybody else. And sports fans aren't necessarily obnoxious, loud, stupid, rude people, in fact I know no one who supports any sport who fits that description. I'll use myself as an example. I'm the smartest in most of my classes at school, I'm teachers pet in most of my classes as well (as much as I hate to admit it ), I'm quiet and polite to everybody. unless I'm in one of those moods. being a girl and all =/.

But anyways, I watch sport, cricket, racing, NRL, AFL plus I play a few sports. I'm captain of my cricket team, I'm half back on our school's rugby team, I coach netball, I'm the goalie in soccer and then there's touch, AFL, softball and heaps more. Now from what you're saying, shouldn't I be almost the complete opposite? I should be a loud, idiotic male who wouldn't know how to turn on a computer without a manual. And sports fans/players don't force sports onto you, yes it may be compulsory in school, but some people don't like math, but it's compulsory, just because you don't like something doesn't mean it won't help you. Sports at school helps the kids keep fit. I mean, if sport wasn't compulsory because some people didn't like it. should math be made no longer compulsory? I suppose you're going to make some snide or sarcastic remark about what I just wrote so I'll keep going)

I wonder what you get out of making or joining a site like this. I mean, I hate brussel sprouts, does that mean I should make a 'Brussel Sprouts Blow' website, dedicated to the eradication of brussel sprouts? Do you think it's heroic to join a site that's all about hating something? Especially something that so many people love? If sports means so little to you people, why dedicate a website to it, I mean even if it's about how much you don't like sport, why bother to talk about it? Or make false accusations about sports fans/players that you have no evidence to back up? If you're going to bag something, get your facts right and don't stereotype a group of people as something they're not. Because I sure as hell am not a man. and I'm not measured or judged by my involvement in sports, but by who I am. maybe you people should think about who you are. If who you are is a person who doesn't appreciate other people's interests, and you'd rather put them down than encourage them to achieve great things. then your choice, but I'm sorry if I seem mean and nasty. but. to me this site seems like a waste of time and effort.

A definition of sport from the 'Readers Digest Great Illustrated Dictionary':

1. A game or other activity, usually providing exercise and pleasure, and involving competition.

2. Any pleasurable pass time; a recreation.

Is there anything that bad about either of those things?

Well, have fun criticizing my opinion and putting me down! ^_^

Lots of Love


24 Mar 07

"...have fun criticizing my opinion and putting me down!"

Well, I was going to just laugh at you, but since you seem to want me to critcise your opinion and put you down... alright.

"Sports don't necessarily suck because someone said they do. It wouldn't matter if one million people said that sports suck. It's a matter of personal opinion."

Well, then -sports don't necessarily 'rule' because someone says they do. It doesn't matter that one million people say that sports rule. It's a matter of personal opinion.

If it's a matter of personal opinion, why the hell do you feel inclined to tell us that we're wrong? Yes, you don't say it in your e-mail, but I detect a subtle undertone of dissent towards us.

"I understand not everybody likes, understands or plays sports."

Which is why you're telling us to stop disliking sports...?

"...sports fans aren't necessarily obnoxious, loud, stupid, rude people..."

When we say 'sports fans', we're talking about the ones who force their opinion on others, those who threaten anybody who dislikes their way of life, those who believe that sports are more important than anything else. THEY are's definition of sports fans.

"I'm smartest in most of my classes at school, I'm teachers pet in most of my classes as well (as much as I hate to admit it), I'm quiet and polite to everybody."

Holy superiority complex, Batman!

Okay, so you're quiet and polite to everybody. I'll have to take your word for that, and if it's true, I wish the ('s) sports fans could be more like you. I'd rather they just leave me alone and let me enjoy my drink instead of boring me to death with their acute sports analysis and treating me with contempt when they discover I'm not interested.

"(Boring, rambling half-essay on what sports you like to watch and/or play.)"

Yes, yes, heard it from your lot all the time. Is this supposed to prove something? Please, tell me what giving a big list of sports you like is supposed to do...? Whenever someone says they don't like video games, I don't give a big list of games I like, because it will mean nothing to them. Do you really think sports are going to be any different to us? It means nothing.

"...sports fans/players don't force sports onto you..."

Oh-ho, but they do. Just because you don't does not mean it doesn't happen. Also, we're constantly bombarded with sports everywhere, on TV, magazines, radio, the Internet, outside... everywhere!

Maths actually helps you in life. What's more important? Learning how to calculate numbers, which will help you in many jobs, or running about, catching, kicking or throwing a ball? Granted, I didn't like maths at school, but I knew it was more important than running about in freezing weather because I was forced to. I don't need to play sports to stay fit. All I need to do is go for a mile-long walk each day. Keeps me fit and doesn't require me to do something I don't like.

"I wonder what you get out of making or joining a site like this."

It feels great to know that so many other people feel the same as I do. It's great to know that not liking sports is NOT 'socially unacceptable'. It's always treated like it's the most important thing in the world, when in actual fact, it's far from it. It's just a bunch of games invented by little boys. Come on!

"I hate brussel sprouts, does that mean I should make a 'Brussel Sprouts Blow' website, dedicated to the eradication of brussel sprouts?"

Hell yes! I'd join that! I think people around the world would back you for it!

"Do you think it's heroic to join a site that's all about hating something? Especially something that so many people love?"

Oh, I see. So you feel threatened that we hate your precious hobby? If sports are so awesome, then shouldn't you have no problem with this site? After all, we're not going to be able to do anything, are we, because sports are immortal! I think that should count for our snide/sarcastic remark.

"If sports means so little to you people why dedicate a website to it, I mean even if it's about how much you don't like sport. why bother to talk about it?"

It's fun to talk about how little sport matters. The truth can be fun, sometimes. It can also hurt, as I can see from the letters we get here.

"Or make false accusations about sports fans/players that you have no evidence to back up?"

There are many articles both here and on the forum that sports mean far too much to people. There's one article that details how someone got injured firing a ceremonial cannon at a college footbore game, his leg was almost taken off, but instead of trying to help him or anything, what happens? He and his mother are sent death threats, warning them to keep quiet about the incident or they'll run them out of town! When he was carted off to hospital, the college just continued on with their game as usual. They were basically saying, "F**k him!"

"If who you are is a person who doesn't appreciate other people's interests, and you'd rather put them down than encourage them to achieve great things. then your choice, but I'm sorry if I seem mean and nasty. but. to me this site seems like a waste of time and effort."

So I should encourage someone who acts superior to me? I should make somebody who runs about kicking a ball, and makes millions a week for it, my hero? Hell no. I'm sorry if you can't stand that we hate such a useless and everso trivial thing as sports, but this site is perfect for those who know better than to dedicate their lives to something that doesn't matter. The only thing on this website that's a waste of time and effort are the e-mails from sports fans.

I like how you use the Reader's Digest ILLUSTRATED Dictionary for the definition of sports instead of using the REAL dictionary definition:

From the Meriam-Webster website:


intransitive verb

1 a: to amuse oneself : FROLIC b: to engage in a sport

2 a: to mock or ridicule something b: to speak or act in jest : TRIFLE

3 [2sport] : to deviate or vary abruptly from type (as by bud variation) : MUTATE

transitive verb

1 : to display or wear usually ostentatiously : BOAST

Enjoy frolicing around and boasting and ridiculing those who know sport is nothing but a trifle thing. Commercialised sports are just a freak mutation of little kids' games.

We've had enough and we're not gonna take it anymooore! Just you try and make us!

All my hate,


25 Mar 07

My favorite Football team is the Astros.......huh, what's that you say? The "Astros" is a baseball team!

- Don

27 Mar 07

I just don't get it . I have never liked sports and was always amazed at how coworkers and friends seem to revolve their lives around it . I detest baseball and the mind numbing boredom and slow moving innings. I hate their uniforms, their hats, their little chin beards and moustaches, and short cropped hair always grabbing their crotches and spitting. The season lasts forever. As soon as the World Series is done after months on end they start talking about pitchers camp the next month. Football sucks as well. But not only is it NFL but then you get the college action and all the Bowl games that go with it. Basketball makes me puke. Players make me puke, but especially guys who hang out at the bar wearing their stupid jerseys with players names across their shoulders who wouldn't give them the time of day if they met them in the street. If I have to watch anything then I'll watch women's tennis or downhill skiing. Not that I care so much about the sport itself but I think they're kind of hot to look at especially if they're from eastern Europe. So I guess that makes the jocks the homos, not me. Don't get me started on Nascar.


30 Mar 07

In England, we are serious about squashing the ugly spectre of football. I invite your British members to join us in a petition to the Prime Minister to introduce legislation that will empower all local authorities to ban the playing of ball games in residential areas. This law would seriously curtail hooliganism and enable homeowners to ask police to move offenders away from housing areas. Introduction of this legislation would enable an on the spot fine for offenders. Only British citizens or expatriates are allowed to sign the petition.

Ban Ballgames



2 Apr 07

Let’s see if I can complete this in 6 minutes. It’s 4:54 and I’m almost out of work.

Some asian pitcher was just signed with a bonus of over $100,000,000.

Michigan’s government’s in the hole for over $320,000,000.

New York’s team spends well over 100 million each year, and since I’m not a big fan, I purposely underestimated the number.

The feds bailed out NYC with Billions in aid to the World Trade Center incident.

I think sports are a little frivolous in their spending and the fat-lazy Americans are allowing this to happen.

4 years in a war that has no end in site and sports teams continue to spend millions, and billions (combined) on entertainment for the public? Where are this country’s priorities?

-Nick- Detroit, Michigan

3 Apr 07

Hallelujah! I am not alone!

I myself played sports in high school, I was average, and I did have fun. Because I was just average, not a stand-out, I realized that for all the fun that game brought, it did not bring money. I moved on, and got a life. I was not envious of my teammates that excelled, I was happy for them. In fact, to this day, a part of me feels sorry for them and the politics that they got sucked into. The sports machine chewed them up and spit them out.

Unfortunately, sports consumption is so totally out of control that it really is scary and mostly because of the fans (a.k.a. wannabe nuts).

It's scary to think if tomorrow was a world-wide "sports blackout", even for one day, what the fanatics would do! I routinely deal with people that live, eat, and breathe sports, every season, several sports all year long. They can recite statistics like a junkie can comb the street to find their next fix. It's impossible for me to imagine even a conversation with these people that did not somehow circle back to sports.

My personal opinion is that the real culprits are those counting the cash, the promoters. In advertising and media, players are transformed into gods. The "glory of the game" overlooks the fact that they are grossly overpaid entertainers (much like Hollywood, but that's another story). Furthermore, they are playing A GAME. Yes, A GAME. It does not contribute anything but pure entertainment. The fans are really like suckers at the circus and they keep on paying. This overblown cash machine reaches down the ranks from "the pros", through the colleges and high schools and sadly, intoxicating the parents of the youngest of kids with dreams of all expense paid retirement for producing the next shooting star.

But, with that said, as long as the people keep plunking down the dollars, the demand for sports will continue.

Just think of all of the other things that could be done with all that money...

I am VERY aware that I am in the minority, by the way. So, while most of the vast majority want to "tell me a thing or two", Yes, sports have been around a really long time and will continue on for a really long time. (rah, rah, rah) But at what point does it become so overdone that people forget :

There is more to life than sports (lots of folks forget)

I really appreciate this forum to vent. Us dorky people can speak up too!



8 Apr 07

In case anyone in America has noticed, the cricket world cup is taking place. Actually this mind numbing sport where games go on for five days and it resembles baseball on valium is virtually ignored over here now. The only time anyone has been talking about it is when the coach of Pakistan was found dead and an England player was too drunk to play (great example to set to the nation). Perhaps this tedious game will die of apathy as the major broadcasters over here only show highlights of games and almost no one brings up this silly game in conversation. Hopefully it will become as dead as a dodo soon.

While I'm on the subject of sports in England, soccer (football to us) is fine at lower league level where there is less money involved and the fans aren't ripped off, but the real sport that gets my back up is rugby league. Think of the worst elements of your jock culture, but unlike the jocks who pack in at 21 or 18, these guys play until they're over 30 and make you know it and expect every female to bow down in front of them and worship them, though sadly quite a few of them do.

However, these guys aren't the kind of people you'd like to meet on a dark night and local newspapers are full of articles about these morons assaulting women, violence involving rival players and assaults on innocent by standers in bars. Ray, I wish I'd compiled a list from the local paper with links about the crimes of the rugby league brigade as it would make interesting reading


8 Apr 07

That is a relatively forgotten category of sport, isn't it? The genteel sport of cricket. Boring as it might be, at least it doesn't include the kind of behavior common to footballers. You described them very well. It's a curious world we live in that allows that kind of behavior. If anyone else committed those crimes, they'd be locked up right away and seen immediately as the criminals they are. But, because they are football players, their actions are somehow allowable. Why?! The next time one gets out of hand in a bar, all of the other bar patrons should stand up for common order and decency and stomp the daylights out of the macho a-hole!


10 Apr 07

I just saw this on TV. Footbore (soccer) fans over here have been... get this... RIOTING! I know, not like them, is it?

For no apparent reason, fans rushed across towards a stadium and began rioting. The police had to make several arrests and even get out their batons (weapons are things British police don't often and shouldn't need to use)! This is hours before the game has even started!

It's not just over here, either. Over in Rome, there are riots over footbore games. There have been talks about putting together a specialised police force to combat footbore rioters. Think about that -- a new branch of the police for rioting fans. Instead of doing that, how about we just ban this useless and stupidly violent sport? All the reasons for banning it have been there for years and been building up. Ban it now. I bet you, with the sports rioters and mongoloids who DEMAND everyone like footbore (yes, even them) behind bars, everywhere will be a better, safer, happier place.

With all the shit on it, has anyone stopped to consider WHY it's called 'the beautiful game'? Where's the beauty? There are certainly no WOMEN to be seen...


17 Apr 07

At my Charleston, South Carolina high school back in the 70s, we had two coaches who tormented us. One of them, for some reason, took a distinct dislike to me and seemed intent on making my life hell. Whenever he saw me he would call me "pretty boy" and sneer as if he'd really accomplished something. I had no idea what "pretty boy" meant so his cruelty was lost on me. When not otherwise occupied standing around on the basketball court, he would teach Earth Science. One day, in science class, he said that light travels faster downhill!

Once, in Health class, he told us that a boy only has so many orgasms coming to him. That's why boys shouldn't jerk off. Because if you do it too often, by the time you're thirty it won't work any more! That's why coaches shouldn't be allowed to teach. And this same coach used to take advantage of us boys as captive audiences in health class and make us listen to all his stories about how many girls he laid. According to him he laid just about every woman he met.

He always bragged that he carried around thousands of dollars so he had to carry a gun for protection. Once he fished it out of his pocket and showed it to us. It was some kind of little chrome gun, the kind old ladies carry in their purses. I heard recently that he died of cancer. I was not among his mourners. Although he was the worst of my Gym teachers, he was pretty representative of all of them. Every gym teacher I ever met was an overgrown, sadistic bully. And possibly a latent child molester.


30 May 07

I picked up my daughter Karly from soccer practice last night to find that she was most upset about something. Karly will turn out to be one of those women who, when her husband asks, "What's the matter?", will say "Nothing," when something clearly is the matter, as that was her reply when I asked her what was bothering her.

Thank goodness she didn't manage to stop sobbing and tell me until we had already driven away from the soccer field, as I would have turned back and given the coach a mouthful if Karly had told me before we'd got into the car.

It seems that the coach had shouted at Karly in front of the other kids, which didn't bother Karly much as the woman does that to all of them. What bothered her was that the creature, and the tub of shite calling himself the assistant coach, continued to shout at her about the same technical point for the rest of the practice when she really was working on correcting her playing. Karly is a sensitive girl, and there was no need for the coach to rant on at her in front of everyone like that, especially as it discouraged her.

When she told her mom, at home later, her mom said, "Quit," as she doesn't want Karly to be miserable doing something that ought to be fun, and usually is. If Karly wants to play next year in Junior Varsity soccer (whatever the heck that is), she'll have to endure more of that treatment, as they take it really seriously.

Anyway, I was bloody furious when Karly told me about her treatment, as it struck a chord within me, remembering how unnecessarily rotten some teachers were to us - okay, to me - when I was at school. I'm surprised that more teachers aren't thrashed by their students when the latter have grown and wreak their revenge as they walk out on the last day of school - I've heard of it happening on this very web site. As it is, Karly shrugged and said, "We only have one more game," this Saturday, and part of me wants to turn up despite my reluctance to watch a soccer game, to keep an eye on the coach.

Maybe the reason why the team has lost each and every game this season is because of her crap coaching "skills" rather than the girls' inability. Maybe my pancreas could coach a soccer team better than she can, and I know nothing about sports except that I hate them.

Unfortunately, Karly is far too polite a girl to turn and hiss in the coach's face, "Let's see you do any better, you big bag of dog dung." But Dad would. Oh yes he would.


4 Jun 07

logo for the 2012 Olympic Games

The above link will take you to a web site displaying the (apparently unpopular) logo for the 2012 Olympic Games, to be held in London, UK, along with some propaganda trying to justify the logo and the FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS some bunch of cretins have shelled out for it. It looks like it could have been done by a kindergarten child with a pair of scissors and some crepe paper. Does the money come out of taxpayers' pockets?

Even worse, this means that the usual colossal waste of time and money on the olympic bore-fest starts five years early. Then, in 2012, someone will expect us to sit there all summer and watch instantly forgettable idiots leap and run about to no effect. Of course, they’ll make their money back because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of sheep everywhere who will be only too happy to perpetuate this cataclysmic yawn by wearing t-shirts, caps and backpacks featuring the logo. Also, companies everywhere will be falling over themselves wanting to sponsor the nonevent, and include the logo on their wares.

I don’t know where 2008’s olympics will be held, and I don’t care, as I shall ignore the drivel as per usual. I am appalled that people would pay so much money for, and place such importance upon, such insignificant piffle, and that they will all unthinkingly buy into the attendant hype. It all reinforces my profound contempt for sports.


5 Jun 07

Hello Everyone!

Every now and again I enjoy checking in at this website. It does my heart good to know it’s there. Also a thought has been growing on me that may bring our anti-sport sentiment a step or two closer to getting taken seriously.

It comes down to the difference between SPORT and PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Which are not the same thing, for all that you’d think so going by the way sport hogs the PE syllabus in British schools. American readers might like to check up on what their schools are legally required to teach, as I’m wagering the same distinction can be drawn in the Sates.

Because if statue law says PHYSICAL EDUCATION it means PHYSICAL EDUCATION and not sport, sport, more bloody sport. EDUCATION centred on some PHYSICAL activity and not, “Have another bat and ball game, because that’s what all the thickos are obsessed with”.

A difference that came to my attention after I felt school, when I developed an interest in Tang Su Do ( the Korean martial art), in pot-holing ( caving) and in horse riding. Likewise two of my friends into sailing dinghies know they can always call upon me to ‘crew’ for them, for whilst I never got the bug for sailing it’s fun and interesting.

For all of the above have in common the need for the mind to interact with the body and not, as I say, merely move another bloody ball from ‘A’ to ‘B’. In fact the only time I got interested in sport at school was when a chance came up to learn fencing ( taught by a former member of the UK Olympic Team, you literally never saw her blade coming!), giving me one of my happiest terms. For of course I did not like the usual shite of football, cricket etc. because they were gormless and boring and, no, I wasn’t particularly good at them. I don’t think I was particularly bad at them either, but the fact is that when you have an IQ above room temperature you walk out onto a sports’ field with ‘Obviously Couldn’t Give A Toss’ written all over you, and the transparent candour of that pisses off thickos big time because it robs them of their old trick, of pretending that intelligence is ‘really’ arrogance, pretentiousness, poshness or ‘put on’. I speak, incidentally, as a Fenland peasant with the funny voice to prove it, so attempts by morons to make out I’m just stuck-up are sort of doomed from the start.

So anyway: what says anyone we agitate to put the EDUCATION back into PHYSICAL EDUCATION? Nail the lie that sports-haters are mere weaklings who fall asleep in front of the TV.

Intelligent children just want to exert themselves in an interesting way.

Why shouldn't they?


23 Jun 07

Perhaps the ultimate in greed from professional sports I have encountered is the trend from subscription sports channels to introduce pay per view events, where sports fans now have to fork out even more to watch a single event. Tonight those daft enough to pay will be forking out £ 20 to watch a boxing match that won't start until the middle of the night. This is on top of the £ 500 a year Sky Sports demand from their subscribers.

No wonder people who are anti-sport and even those that are pro-sport nowadays are starting to see how a lot of modern sports are becoming a commercial rip off where the physical activity comes second to the money. Perhaps people who will waste £ 20 on a fight that could be over in a few seconds will start to realise how badly conned they are by this form of legalised mugging.

At one time boxing was a noble art. Now it's become a rip off full of hucksters and broadcasters who behave like street robbers.


27 Aug 07


I am currently going to a typical suburban high school, and the attention that gets paid to sports makes me sick! Especially football, which, in my opinion, is one of the least interesting sports of all. We have a song composed dedicated to the football team, we have a huge marching band playing for the football team, we have school wide spirit days in which everyone dresses in our school colors to support the football team. Most people join along with the charade, but I just can't get patriotic about something so meaningless. I have never liked sports, preferring to program computer games or play and compose jazz music. Yet to others, I'm often seen as some nerd. But you know what, I'm proud. Better to be a "nerd" than one of the hundreds wearing school colors mindlessly lionizing the team.


3 Sep 07

I'm not so sure about the black & white sports fan vs. nerd characterization. As a long time sports hater ( used to be somewhat of a baseball and hockey fan in my early teens back in the 70's ) I've been around enough people and sports fans to notice that, unless we're talking maybe high-school, most non-sports fans are just better adjusted ordinary people, not nerds. ( not that there's anything wrong with that ) Conversly, I've noticed that most sports fans I see ( in work and in daily life ) arent jocks, but middle aged so and so's. The louder and more obsessed among them tend to be overweight and have a near universal trait; The louder they scream at the TV about some supposed bad move, the less likely they are actually able to play ( or ever were ) let alone excell at their favorite sport. Some actually take pride ( and will be glad to tell you so ) on how deliberately ignorant they are of matters other than it's some badge of honor. Nice day outside? All the better for them to sit inside eating fatty/salty snack food and wash it down with lousy tasteless mass-market light ( lite? ) beer. BTW, what's with the stupid cliche's you see on ads for sports events, sports channels, and light beer that always depict the "average" male pastime as getting together with other pear-shaped buddies and crowding around the living room in front of the ever-important mega-screen TV's?


8 Sep 07

gee i watch american idol and not sports. the non sportsfan is worse then nascar fan.


10 Sep 07

All you people in here seem to think that its all right that an overpayed actor gets 15 million dollars for a crappy movie. And that the athletes who have charities for children are jerks. Well guess what i enjoy all sports and also am a devote churchgoer. So to sum it all up we all have our things and vices so dont vent on the sports fan.


11 Sep 07

In response to Roberta the sports bore's letters:

Your first letter makes no sense at all. You claim to watch American Idol and not sports, following it up by saying non-sports fans are worse then (it should be THAN) NASCAR fans. I think this is supposed to insult us in some way, but I'm not sure.

Then you send another letter two days later and ask why we think it's alright that an actor gets paid fifteen million for a movie.

Well, let's see...

-- Acting isn't something just anyone can do. A lot of them work hard to make their characters believable. Sports 'stars', however, make a ball move. Whoopie.

-- Are movies forced on us constantly like sports? No.

-- Are movies considered the most important thing on Earth, even more than life itself like sports? No.

-- Are there howling, mongoloid fans of movies like in sports? No.

-- Are you considered 'gay' if you don't like a movie or movies in general like you are if you don't like sports? No.

And again, we hear about how a sports fan likes sports. Wow, I never expected that. You mention that you go to church. Well, okay, that's good. I don't see how it helps your argument any, though.

Finally, you tell us not to vent on you. Hey, why don't you take your own advice and not vent on us non-sports fans? Why does it bother you if we don't like sports? What's the problem? Sports are omnipotent (more like incompetent), right?

Get a clue.


12 Sep 07


I was a fat nerd in highschool. I hated the jocks. They gave me the worst wedgies and really made me feel like sh!t. My dad made me play football because he loves sports, so I was constantly surrounded by these guys. My life was hell. I freaking hate sports. You will never catch a game on at my house unless we're talking about Counterstrike Source or Zelda on Wii.

Given all that, I simply cant agree with your site. The people mentioned in the above paragraph probably had really bad home lives. Plus I learned something super important from them. I learned to laugh at myself, and it gave me some character. I'm somewhat thankful I was put through that ordeal. It made me one tough mother f#@!er. I don't blame sports for their behavior. If anything, maybe they learned to be better people through teamwork and sports.

I would also like to add that if you dont like sports, dont watch them. Change the channel. If you missed your favorite show due to a sporting event, download the show later or rent the DVD.

I really hate to be rude but even I view this site as a colossal waste of time. Go grab a copy of Zelda, or a book, or go outside or something.

Thanks for wasting my time, and letting me waste yours.


13 Sep 07

The last letter is a perfect example of Stockholm Syndrome. If you're not familiar with this serious psychological affliction, it's the twisted behavior a victim adopts in order to deal with extreme circumstances. In this case, an (assumedly) normal individual is forced to participate in high school sports -a closed environment where he is continuously tormented -until, to survive, his mind adopts the mindset of his abusers. This is a very sad case but there is always hope for recovery with counseling.

BA, it is obvious that you don't like sports yet you defend your former abusers. Have you ever thought about the incongruity of those feelings? I advise you seek counseling immediately. That will be $200, please.

Dr Phil

13 Sep 07

Hey, Robert, just because you go to church and watch American idol, it doesn't mean you're normal. It only means that you're like 99% of the herd. So the fact that you like sports too is no surprise. By the way, welcome to America.


13 Sep 07

I suspect BA is actually a sports fan pretending to be a sports-hater because what he says doesn't make sense. If, during his high school days, he was so weak-willed that he caved and adopted the attitude of his captors, why didn't he continue that pattern and become a dedicated sports fan like most weak-willed people? And who could honestly encourage people to laugh at other people's frailties and clumsiness but a jock? I mean, it's fine and correct to not take yourself too seriously but some things we don't make fun of -like being fat or retarded or clumsy or stuttering. It's not healthy or supportive to make fun of people like that. BA is either a victim turned bully or a sports fan who got his sister to edit his letter.


14 Sep 07

Skul your just too smart for me. NOT get a grip and realize that 70 percent of our president were athletes not nerds like u and your boy RAY. SO athletes can be smart too. Seems RAY has no life.


16 Sep 07

Response to Roberta's latest letters

"Skul your just too smart for me."

Yes, I know I'm smarter than you, Roberta, but it's good of you to admit it. By the way, it's supposed to be "you're", short for "you are", not "your", which is possessive. At least your second use of the word was proper.

I think you're the one who needs to get a grip, Mr(s). sports bore. I'm not the one who feels the need to e-mail a site to try and convince the members that hating sports is wrong.

I see you also didn't answer my question about why it bothers you that we don't like sports and instead proceed to call us nerds, as if this is supposed to insult us, despite the fact that we know we're nerds.

Yes, I know athletes can be smart. So what? Seventy percent of your presidents have been sports fans, eh? Guess what? It proves nothing. Sports are pointless and absurd no matter what arguments you bring up.

I've also got something to say to "BA".

"if you dont like sports, dont watch them."

You think we already don't? Great suggestion.

"If you missed your favorite show due to a sporting event, download the show later or rent the DVD."

Why the hell should we inconvenience ourselves because of sports? Sports don't matter one bit! No, shut up. They don't.

"I really hate to be rude"

Sure you do...

"I view this site as a colossal waste of time."

Yeah, but guess what? It isn't. How is it a waste of time? Due to the fact we hate sports? Your letter is a waste of time. Your time.

"Thanks for wasting my time, and letting me waste yours."

We're wasting your time? Oh yeah, because we FORCED you to come to the site, didn't we? We put a gun to your head and made you visit us. Hold on, no we didn't. You chose to come here and you chose to write your e-mail, so you wasted your own time. As for wasting our time -- you're not. You're providing us with some good laughs.

Thank you.


19 Sep 07

We would beat the fuck out of mouths like you skul in high school skul with that gay name u must have amillion tattoos andacouple of fuckin earrings you bonifide dickhead pussy. and yes that isnot correct english . AND WHO GIVES A FUCK.


19 Sep 07

Oh, I'm scared! He's swearing, not pressing Space and using Caps Lock!

I'm just gonna stop making fun of him because of that. No really, I am. What, you dont believe me?

Buzz off, you moron and play your stupid games invented by little boys.


21 Sep 07



21 Sep 07

This site is communist. and skul is hitler and ray rommel. lol


24 Sep 07

How is this site communist? Just cuz we don't agree with a bunch of meat heads? I'd rather watch something like Spiderman that requires imagination and use of brain function than a bunch of fools who chase a ball around like children.


26 Sep 07

I too, much to my astonishment at the existence of others like me, hate sports! I cannot understand the hysterical fascination with the meaningless handling of balls of varied shapes and sizes. These trivial, juvenile and primitive diversions seem to engulf the lives of individuals of the same description so completely; it's sickening.

It's not that I dislike physical activity. I, for one, enjoy keeping in shape and working out at least 4 times a week, but it's the pathetic obedient allegiance to the patronship and viewership of sports with little other depth or culture that boggles my mind. Expand your minds, neanderthals.

And then radical sports fans have the nerve to label me and others like me as less masculine??? Hey, we're not the ones shunning our beautiful wives and girlfriends just to hang out with a bunch of MEN, to talk about other MEN, while watching MEN and fantasizing about MEN. Oh, the irony. While you're out thinking about jocks, I'm thinking about your girlfriend and how I may engage her in a "sport" or two!

Mike V.
Orange County, CA

4 Oct 07

Thank God, finally a site, that documents the collective stupidity of sports fans. I live in a household that, no matter what day, has one sporting event or the other on. I try to keep my IQ, walk in my room and grab a book, or just get in my truck and drive out for a hike!

And this doesn't mean,that I hate those who play professional sports, I just think that they shouldn't be paid for something that high school teams do for free. Overpriced budgets, along with a celebrity-like life style, leads to nothing more than over-bearing idiot billionaires running around sweating! What a waste!

I think that sports serve two functions: The first is that it's a wonderful way the mass media can distract the vast amount of fans from the real issues that are really affecting them. Instead of painting a person's stomach green, why not paint the amount of dollars that they are in debt? The second, has to do with our evolutionary makeup, and why we desire structure. We crave it and the rules regarding a touchdown or what counts as a foul-ball, serves this need.

Thanks for the site

12 Oct 07

Be afraid, very afraid, in England as our hallowed rugby union team, basically a bunch of oversized English jocks who went to expensive schools but still talk like the bores and meatheads they are, are playing in the semi final of this boring game's world cup, which looks like a violent form of homoerotic mud wrestling. Guess what this fucking drag is going to interfere with my drinking time tomorrow at 8pm and the usual clatter of bores will be out forcing you to get patriotic and cheer on a team I have much interest in as watching a spider climb a wall. Now that smoking has been banned inside pubs, I will now have the ultimate excuse and stand outside on the smoking patio avoiding this crap, saying that I'm enjoying a smoke and getting some fresh air.

I tried to find an anti- world cup site online, but found nothing as the English media has now found something it can support uncritically, in the same way some papers treat Big Brother as a God( another hatred of mine is this rubbish that goes on for weeks.) So I knew where to turn to vent my boredom at the Thugby World Drag and the cod patriotism that has suddenly come out of the wood work.

Glenn, Rugby hater no.1

13 Oct 07

Sports stadiums.

First, they build these massive stadiums in the MIDDLE OF A CITY. This congests traffic and traps all those who don't give a crap about muscle-head lunacy in their houses for an entire day. Woe be unto anyone who needs to run an errand or go to work -you'll be wedged in the middle of a herd of SUVs whose drivers don't understand basic traffic rules, like turn signals and street lights.

Second, these stadiums never have enough parking. This forces people to find other places to go, which is usually in the parking lots of legitimate businesses, or, worse yet, in someone's yard. For home owners, it creates property damage and declining property value. For business owners, it keeps customers away.

Third, the police are called in to keep the traffic moving, but they don't. Instead, they cone off entire lanes of the road - which is probably just an extension of their overall laziness. How about making a lane just for the rest of us? Or are we just not important enough? Or, is it because our non-sheep-like behavior makes us suspect?

Fourth - and this is the part that really pisses me off - these stadiums are usually paid for in part by city money. This means higher property or sales taxes for everyone. Oh, they say the stadium will stimulate the economy, but that's short-term bunk. In 10 years, when the team sucks, no one's coming from out of town to watch a game. There's peace in the world for a while, until someone else comes along and wants to revive the franchise. The we go through all of it again - higher taxes, traffic congestion, property damage, and completely uncivilized behavior all around.

I strongly believe in a free country, but it seems like we're slipping into a socialist dictatorship more every year. If that's going to happen, maybe the liberals can elect a "green" governor who will see fit to demolish sports stadiums and use the space for something more productive.


13 Oct 07

J, it's as if you live here in MY city! You described it so well it's spooky. All cities with sports stadiums must be the same. On game day, if I know it's a game day, I avoid driving across town just so I won't be immersed in traffic so thick it's inescapable. And not only is the whole mess to be avoided because of the traffic and the huge number of cars, but for what's IN the cars: flag waving, howling mongoloids. And I'm just as annoyed by having to fund this insanity with MY tax dollars! You're right. Tearing down the stadium and replacing it with a park would be a HUGE improvement!


13 Oct 07

Did a random search of google about hating sports and found this place which was a shock and relief. I'm constantly surrounded by people who talk about sports constantly, for hours. Stating names of athlete and what they did and didn't do. How they suck ( which is funny since that same athlete would definitely destroy them in a game), what they should have done, etc. Around this time of the year is nerve wrecking with football going on and such. A few months ago, all i could hear is that dreaded videogame Madden x.x Madden this and Madden that, constantly. Now I'm a gamer, and I know what games are good, great and the best. And I can't tell you how it infuriated me when they constantly said the Madden was "The best game on the planet".

But I'm going on and ranting, sorry about that. I wish sports fans could see that life does not revolve around Sports.

Like football (american football) , I don't see how you find a bunch of grown men, grabbing, tackling and landing on top of each other, grunting and groaning and such, for hours. o.o

Anyways, glad I found this site. Wonderful and definally will stick around.


15 Oct 07

I like this site. I found it on another night that the FOX television station interupted it's normal program schedule for a stupid game. This happens pretty regularly with FOX especially on Sundays; when my favorite programs are on, The Simpsons, King of the Hill and Family Guy. Thank God Southpark is on Comedy Central, so I never have to have it interupted by sports.

What I don't understand is how someone can sit for hours and watch something this boring on TV. Maybe that's why so many sports fans drink heavilly. I guess betting on the games might make it interesting. A slot machine would be pretty boring if it doesn't pay off occasionally.

Then of course there are the annoying sports fans. I live near Philadelphia, and the fans go nuts over the Eagles. I also went to Penn State where sports fans tore down a goal post after the Nittany Lions won one of their games. It's sad to think a portion of my tuition was wasted to repair the damage done by a crowd of drunken sports fans. It's also sad to think how much is spent on football scholarships, instead of scholarships that could be used for someone who could be a teacher, a doctor, maybe even for research to stop a deadly disease such as cancer or aids.


16 Oct 07

I am delighted to read letters from others who feel the same way I do about sports. I have hated sports my entire life and I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to spend time watching anything so dull.

I live in New Zealand, which has to be the worst possible country for non- sports-lovers. New Zealanders are obsessed by sport to a degree you will not believe if you are from the USA or Europe. We seem to have at least three national sports and the list keeps growing, as do the playing seasons.

N.Z. lost a rugby world cup game to France recently. My wife and I did not even know the game was on. But folks we met the next day said they were in mourning. We just laughed; it's so pathetic. They can't take a loss either; they blame the referee or the coach. Hardly anyone says "never mind it's just a game".

I think the worst of it is the assumption that because I am male I must be interested in sport and that I must know what they are talking about, even when I say I am not and I don't -- they never listen. I don't assume anyone is interested in my pass-times, why do they? And why does a lack of interest in sports imply that I am less of a man? As someone mentioned on this site: I am not the one who likes to watch men in action!

Fortunately I have always had the determination to go my own way, and that has made it fairly easy to stand up to the bullies when they snigger. I now have enough self-esteem to be able to say that I am not interested in their silly games, but it wasn't always that easy.

For most of my life I thought there was something wrong with me, being the odd one out, and I tried to hide my lack of interest, but gradually I realised that because I have such a rich inner life, sport by comparison will always seem dull. It really is just as lacking in merit as it first appears; there is nothing wrong with me for thinking so, and everything wrong with 'them' for lacking the ability to appreciate the more interesting things in life.

Conversation at work situation can be difficult. If I want to talk about say, science, my work colleagues think I am weird. So that leaves nothing much except the weather. But my wife says she loves me every time I turn off the sports news. Sports always seems to encroach the regular news too. We call that 'undies, undies, undies' after a TV advertisement for ice cream, in which a man walks from the beach into town to buy an ice cream wearing 'speedo' style brief swimming togs. The narrator enlightens us with 'summer philosophy', discussing when it is acceptable to wear brief togs: if you can see the beach it's 'togs' otherwise (for example when a bus moves between the actor and the beach) it's 'undies, undies, undies'. The sports intruding on the news is therefore 'undies' - inappropriate to see it there. The standard of journalism in NZ is so bad that my wife and I have stopped watching the TV news anyway, so they can put sport all the way through now if they want. I look forward to the Internet killing off the TV stations; they deserve it!

Life is short: I try to stand up to the bullshit every chance I get now, and I don't do it politely either. When a Neanderthal tries to make conversation about the 'game' I tell him straight that I think sports are stupid and boring, I didn't know there was a game on and I'd rather watch paint dry in any case.


20 Oct 07

Hi Sports Suck,

I am a Supervisor of a large insurance company. Every year the Supervisors go off site on a planning event for two days and on the evening of the first day there is an ‘event’ planned. This year someone suggested that we go to a hockey game. I protested and said that everyone else could go but that I did not wish to participate. One of the ‘sportshead’ supervisors said “what, did you have some kind of childhood trauma in relation to sports?” I am debating as to whether I should file a harassment complaint against him or not, as I feel that this is completely unacceptable. First of all, IF I HAD experienced a trauma, that comment could have triggered me with a very undesirable outcome.

Secondly, am I to feel bad for not wanting to go? And thirdly, after 46 years on this earth, is it not possible that I just might have formulated an opinion of my own and just come to the realization that I simply don’t like sports? I find it offensive that sports minded people will immediately assume that anyone who doesn’t like sports has some kind of mental issue. This is how people get bullied into pretending that they like sports and putting up with it rather than feeling they have the right to say no. I write this letter simply to voice my dismay at this kind of nonsense and encourage anyone else who ever has the misfortune of being bullied or harassed in such a manner will speak out.

Thank you

22 Oct 07

This Sunday really sucked. Everyone should email FOX, tell them to sell their broadcast rights of the Simpsons, Family Guy, King of the Hill, American dad and any other funny shows to comedy central.

Fuck Sports.


22 Oct 07


Your site is a God send. I thought I was the only man on earth that hated sports to the point where I can feel the bile come up from the back of my throat. I was actually starting to feel insignificant because people seem to dismiss you if you don't like sports. These over paid people make millions of dollars to play a game mind you, a game for god sakes and still bitch and moan that they don't make enough money while a firefighter or police officer risk their lives everyday and make jack for money and are unappreciated.

It's pathetic that people are dying in Iraq and the most important thing to the public seems to be whether or not Derek Jeeter had a good day on the baseball field. We actually had our newspaper delayed an hour the other morning because they had to wait to get some idiotic picture published of the Red Sox win the night before. It ridiculous how brain washed people actually are and I'm proud not to be associated with any of them.


7 Nov 07

Subject: sports are for herding the sheeple


I cannot begin to tell you how refreshing it is to see a site like I am outnumbered by loud sports fans at work, and I am subjected to at least one long, loud, drawn-out sports debate during lunch time every single day, which of course, always leads nowhere.

I found your site just now after being annoyed by another one of these conversations just now, led by other people in my department that know very well that I find sports to be a total waste of time and money. I finally told them today, during the standard portion of the conversation where they compared each other's "allegiance" to whichever football team, that "I'm with the 'I-don't-give-a-sh**' team, and it's a shame more people aren't." Of course, only a few people with partial brains were capable of laughing at this, and the rest of the rabble kept on with the exact same conversation that happens every day: "my team is gonna kick your team's butt on the next game."

So sad that stupidity of this magnitude is able to not only exist, but thrive.


19 Nov 07

I think possibly you over estimate the number of people obsessed with sports as opposed to those with a passing interest or no interest at all. I played high school football and I still go to the games for the school where I played. That's a couple of hours one day a week for maybe 10 weeks of the year. I don't go to college or pro games and I don't get to see many on TV because like most people I have to work and that, not sports consumes most of my time. I have a passing interest in college and pro football. Enough to read the sports page or watch highlights on the news. If the team I'm interested in loses I still manage to get up and carry on with life just fine. I don't watch or keep up with any other sports and I would count myself as an average sports fan. Hardly an obsession. I and most of my friends that are sports fans are completely able to carry on conversations that don't involve sports. I meet men not interested in sports and I don't find that weird or unusual. If they want to talk about something else that's not a problem.

If you look at some numbers you will find that sports don't occupy the majority of people's time. Take the state I live in and look at college football. Its a small state so these numbers would be on the highest of percentages. There are 3 large college teams in the state with a total seating capacity of about 120,000 fans. If on a Saturday every team was at home and every seat was filled with no one but fans from this state of 3 million that's what...4% of the population. Of course all three are never filled on the same weekend and many of the fans are from the opposing team so that would be a high figure. Hardly a population obsessed with sports.

I will agree with you on 2 points. Using public money to build facilities for professional teams is just wrong and cities and states should just say no. Colleges should stop handing out athletic scholarships to those that clearly do not belong in college. I find myself pulling for the schools that have good teams and hold high academic standards for their players.

Also I see you seem to have an issue with the fact that in sports scores are kept and winners declared. Yet you freely have photos on your website of those who have "won" scholastic contests such as the national spelling bee. A contest is a contest and I am sure there are some that just are obsessive about winning scholastic contests as football teams area about winning games.


30 Nov 07

First of all, let me say that I am excited to see that there is a website like this on the internet that allows people voice their sentiments on how idiotic today's sports obsessed culture really is. Like many others, I am in a work center where 98% of my co-workers are caught up in the hysteria of sports fanaticism. They are always talking about their favorite players, arguing with each other on why 'their' team is better than everyone else's, betting money on games, and shamelessly strutting around the office and gloating when 'their' team(s) win games. In addition to their mindless dribble, all of the televisions in the office are tuned to nothing but ESPN, everyday. Great, now I have to watch grown men spew their mindless trivial sports facts on the TV as well; my head aches just thinking of this senseless banality.

My God, I can't stand this crap; I don't understand why these people are so obsessed with this rubbish that has no real significant effects on their lives whatsoever. Do they engage in this behavior because society dictates it as being the norm for male masculinity? Do they do so in order to gain acceptance from their peers? Perhaps it's a bonding characteristic? And furthermore, why do women get so caught up in this rubbish? Perhaps it allows them to fantasize about the men they really want as they sit next to their obnoxiously loud mouthed husbands with 90 lb. beer tumors hanging over their belts, stuffing their faces with extra cheesy nachos, and screaming at the television when 'their' teams go in for the touchdown. I really don't know, and quite frankly, I couldn't care less, because there are more important and interesting things in life to obsess over than grown men playing school yard games; and this site proves that I am not the only one who feels this way.

I think it's a shame that today's society values sports knowledge over real, beneficial knowledge that can enhance our lives, and as a society as a whole. Furthermore, I think it's downright disturbing that sports is used a tool for educational institutions to obtain and showcase prestigious accolades rather than show off how effective their institution is at educating, and how much students are actually learning. Sports appear to be the only real prestige factor in the higher echelons of learning institutions (i.e., state universities, Ivy League schools), which in turn, robs the curriculums of many schools of funding for courses that are far more beneficial than a series of football games. But of course, college football brings in more money for these schools than a reputation based on how well they educate students, which therefore is more important than education itself. Oh well, maybe we'll snap out of this intellectual dry spell when the day comes that the United States has the lowest turn-out rate of doctors, scientists, and mathematicians than many 'lesser countries' because of our lacking 'sports priority # 1' education system. I can only hope this will happen down the road...

Any way, thanks for establishing this web site for people like me to vent a little bit from having to live in an environment of non-stop idiotic sports fanaticism.


1 Dec 07

In the newspaper today, in the editorial section, there was an angry letter protesting our local cable company's decision not to carry the NFL network. I wasn't even aware of this but I think it's a great thing. The writer posted an internet link where people who feels as he does can write their congressman to complain. I went to the link -here:

nfl network take action

And I used their automated form to write my congressman and do the opposite of what they wanted! I wrote that I thought keeping the NFL Network off the basic cable package was a great idea! Here's what I sent:

"I understand that the NFL Network will not be included in our basic cable package. I think that's great. I'm not a sports fan and as most people know, because of the inflated costs of sports, it costs fully as much to provide a single sports channel as it does for all of the rest of the channels combined! It's about time that cable subscribers quit being forced to subsidize sports programming when most of us DON'T EVEN WATCH IT. GOOD JOB BRIGHTHOUSE NETWORKS. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!"

If you want to make sure the NFL Network stays off YOUR basic cable tier, you can use the link above too!


4 Dec 07

All right. I hate to be the one to break it to you but it's obvious that somebody has to tell you. Because you are not getting it. I have looked at most of your site and the gist of it is that if you can't do it, nobody should. There is nothing wrong with sports. They are not some kind of anti-intellectual conspiracy. They are not some kind of bully club. Sports are a wholesome way for kids to have fun and compete and if other people get a few kicks out of watching, more power to them! Stop trying to rain on everybody else's parade just because you don't like sports for whatever reason. Lots of people do. I know you're going to say that it's your right to not like sports and that is true but you should realize that most people do like sports and that might be a good indication that there might be something wrong with you. Have you considered that?

Here in Richmond we have family values and raise our kids right. You show me a kid that doesn't want to play football and I'll show you a social misfit who maybe should be in a special school for special kids. Know what I mean? The internet is a wonderful thing until every skinny twisted trench coat mafia wanna be loser gets to spew nonsense like this.

I just want to say one more thing. If the above hasn't convinced you that you need an attitude adjustment think about this. If 99 people took a drink of a new soft drink and made faces and said it tasted terrible what do you think your opinion would be as to the taste? Probably the same as everyone else right? If 999 people thought a new movie sucked what do you think your opinion would be when you saw it? You would think it sucked too!! And when everyone in town waits all week for the game on Friday night and thinks its the best thing sinced sliced bread what do you think it is? Right! The best thing since sliced bread! NOT A CONSPIRACY TO EXCLUDE EVERYBOY EXCEPT FOOTBALL PLAYERS AND CHEERLEADERS!!!

Football is not everything but it is important and one of the things that binds us together as a school, and as a town, and as a nation. Please do yourself a favor and try and change your way of thinking. Maybe counseling. You'll be happier and everyone around you will be too.

P.S. If you want to see some real life enjoyment join us this Friday night for the game! That's right. Turn your nintendo off for an hour and give it a chance. See ya there sport!


6 Dec 07

Ed, we're not saying noone should do sports. We're trying to get the point across that sports are not everything and are not important. They're games, nothing more.

I like how you suggest there's something "wrong" with us because we don't like sports. No, we're being individuals, not sheep. Don't you compare us to the Trench Coat Mafia, EVER. We're not mentally unstable psychos who will go out and kill people.

Also, what's this crap about agreeing with everyone around you?

"If 99 people took a drink of a new soft drink and made faces and said it tasted terrible what do you think your opinion would be as to the taste? probably the same as everyone else right?"

No, not if I thought it tasted good. I've got my own taste buds and my own opinions.

"If 999 people thought a new movie sucked what do you think your opinion would be when you saw it? You would think it sucked too!!"

Again, no I wouldn't. If MY opinion was that it was good, then that's MY opinion.

"And when everyone in town waits all week for the game on Friday night and thinks its the best thing sinced sliced bread what do you think it is? Right! the best thing since sliced bread!"

Don't you ever get tired of being wrong? Why should I act like I give a crap about something that doesn't interest me in the slightest?

See, unlike you, we're not sheep, as I said before. According to your logic, if 9999 people jumped off a cliff because they thought it was a good idea, would you jump off a cliff? Yes, you would, because you're a sheep! BAAA!

Whereas people who aren't insane won't, because jumping off a cliff just doesn't sound like a good idea to them.

What if you were in a room with 99 other people and they said they hated sports? Would it change YOUR OPINION of sports? Think about that. You do have your own opinions, right?

"Please do yourself a favor and try and change your way of thinking. Maybe counseling. You'll be happier and everyone around you will be too."

Make us.

We've made our decision (by ourselves). We're not going to conform to your way of thinking just because you said to.


6 Dec 07

Sports are just a form of entertainment. I don't understand how they became so important to our society. Schools force you to play sports in phys ed. class. Physical education class should consist of exercises based on the latest research available, that works all parts of the body, and also focus on nutrition etc. Physical education, not sports education.

Why don't they force students to take other forms of entertainment -- acting class, comedian class, or --- you get the point. Schools place this great importance on the sports people but not the smart people. When you enter a town, it has signs proclaiming "Home of the 1999 football champions" or something like that. We're not baboons. It should brag on the intellectual achievements of the town students.

I would like to know how many sports freaks gave us all the technology we have now. News programs sometimes have their top story as some sports thing. Then they have a story about soldiers dying in Iraq. I'm insulted! Were the inventors of television, cars, computers, modern medicine, etc. sports freaks? I would be surprised if any of them were! Sports freaks ride on the backs of the Nerds. Without the great intellectuals, we would still be living like cavemen. Hey, high school sports freak, next time you give a nerd a hard time, just remember you can thank him for the flying car you might be driving.

Sports are the remnants of our primitive past. Our old tribal ways, that some can't let go of. Sports people you know that this is true. You are feeling that rivalry because it was bred into you over millions of years. It was beneficial to our ancestors for survival. It is no longer needed. Just do it for fun until you grow out of it. Don't make it like it is still relevant! There is absolutely nothing important about it! It is no more important than having a booger flicking contest. The sooner we can get rid of this nonsense, and put the same kind of importance sports freaks now receive, on the intellectual people, the sooner we would evolve into truly great creatures.

The spordoes (slang for sports people) need to be eradicated to set our evolution on a quicker pace. Okay, maybe that was a little overboard, but at least put them in the background and let the rest of us evolve.

P.S. I'm not one of the smart ones, but I sure appreciate them, as everyone should start doing!


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