If we want to make a change, we have to make our voices heard and there is no better way to make your voice be heard than by writing a letter. When you take the time to write a letter it amplifies your concern. When an editor or clerk receives your letter stating your position, they will assume that there are at least a thousand people out there who feel just like you do. That's an industry rule-of-thumb. Most people are too timid to get involved and even more are just too lazy to write so when a single letter is received, the editor assumes it is representative of about a thousand people. I can't think of a more powerful way to express yourself. Where else do you have the voice of a thousand people? So fire up that computer and start showing those obnoxious sports fans who's the boss!

When you write, follow these tips to ensure maximum effect:

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Write to periodicals or agencies that have recently discussed the topic you're writing about.

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Write clearly and concisely following the guidelines contained on the editorial page.

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Address your major concerns within the first or second paragraph (don't ramble).

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Type your letter. Proofread and Spell check before sending.

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Sign your name and include your phone number and address if required.

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Mail, fax or e-mail your letter to the address listed by the publication.

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Remember that many publications may call you for verification. Don't Panic.

Below are sample letters to get your creative thoughts flowing!

A complaint to a periodical about excessive sports content

A request for a newspaper to limit its sports coverage

A letter to the editor explaining why sports content is superfluous

An e-mail to the Jeopardy show asking that sports categories be banned

A strongly worded e-mail expressing discontent with sports-theme advertising

An e-mail supporting a senator's stance against subsidizing sports franchises

A letter expressing our opposition to subsidizing sports franchises

An e-mail approving the removal of sports programming from basic cable tiers

If you have a publication or forum address you'd like to suggest, e-mail us

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