Sample Letter #2

Dear Editor,

I am writing to ask your periodical to please stop devoting space to sports events or at least, to reduce the amount of coverage. I am not interested in sports and, although you may not be aware of it, most people are not interested in sports and consider any coverage to be a complete waste of their time. I know sports coverage has historically been a major and valued segment of the paper but times have changed. Consider this:

Less than one page of your periodical is dedicated to horoscopes which is of occasional interest to most people. Less than two pages are dedicated to comics which are read by most subscribers. But over 12 pages, on average, are dedicated to sports which fewer than 30 percent of the population cares about. And many of that portion are illiterate. I think it might be profitable for you to re-evaluate your audience and their interests. While you do that, I'll be subscribing to XXXXXXXX which doesn't find sports as newsworthy as your fine paper.


Your ex-subscriber