Sample Letter #5

Dear Customer Service,

I am writing to express my appreciation for your many fine products, especially the Mars bar and the Snickers bar. I consider them to be a delicious source of protein between meals and have eaten them for years. But I do have some concern about the direction the marketing of my favorite candy bars is taking. Lately there seems to be a trend toward advertising with an athletic theme. Although I can appreciate the benefits of athleticism, it seems as if this type of advertising might be better suited to other products such as athletic shoes or jogging shorts.

This country has become sports-obsessed in the last few years and there are few places a person can go to escape the constant barrage of sports scores, statistics, advertising, etc. I would like to think that at least my favorite candy bar could stand on its own merits and not have to stoop so low as to associate itself with sports in order to make a sale.

Although I love my daily Snickers bar, until this sports-related advertising is corrected, I will be switching to whatever brand is successful enough that it doesn't find it necessary to wrap their products in sports labels. Thanks again for a terriffic product.