Letters 2019

4 October 2019

Subject: The Jocks are at it again

Why don't their keepers watch them more closely?

Football players at a California high school decided to end their season early following allegations that a player was sexually assaulted by teammates.

The Gilroy Unified School District announced Wednesday that "most of the varsity players" at Gilroy High School "have chosen not to finish the season and therefore, at this time, the season will not continue."

Four players were issued citations for sexual battery after allegedly assaulting a player in the locker room after practice on Sept. 26, per the Mercury News. All of the accused individuals are minors and therefore further information has not been released. Gilroy police captain Joseph Deras told the Mercury News:

“We investigated the allegations and determined there was evidence to support a criminal complaint. The aggravating circumstance was the number of suspects involved, and the use of force or fear played a role in our arresting decision.”

The school district announced the investigation in a bulletin posted Sept. 30. In an update the next day, it wrote it hoped the incident "will not affect" the football season. In announcing the students’ decision to cancel, the district wrote it was still "fully committed" to the program and finishing the schedule.

The program won it first section championship two years ago with a 13-0 record, per the News, but switched coaches and have gone 1-13 since.

The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office will determine if students are prosecuted. Gilroy is approximately 70 miles south of San Francisco.



17 September 2019

Subject: How Now Brown Cow

AP wire: Antonio Brown’s former doctor says the football star repeatedly farted in his face and laughed about it during a consultation where he showed up three hours late — and claims the receiver still owes him $11,000 in unpaid fees, according to a new report.

Dr. Victor Prisk said he was wary of signing the then-Pittsburgh Steeler because he had a reputation for being “flighty” and not paying his bills, but agreed to take him on as a client anyway, Sports Illustrated said Monday.

One of Brown’s acolytes took video of the noxious meeting in August 2018, obtained by TMZ, in which the footballer can be heard farting and laughing about it as Prisk tests his body fat.

“It seemed just childish to me,” Prisk told Sports Illustrated. “I’m a doctor and this man is farting in my face.”

In the video, Brown jokes, “I had a lot of fiber, bro,” to one friend laughing off-camera. Prisk, a former bodybuilder and gymnast who runs Prisk Orthopaedics and Wellness in Monroeville, Pa., filed a suit against Brown earlier this month in Pennsylvania, claiming Brown — now a New England Patriot — owes him $11,500 in unpaid fees.

“He tells you he’s going to make it totally worth your while,” Prisk said, claiming the footballer wanted to go into business with him but “demurred” every time the doctor mentioned his agreed-upon $500 hourly rate. “He’s gonna invest in your business, invest in you. You’re part of my family. Call God and all that. But he doesn’t do that, and he doesn’t even pay the bill.”

The allegations are contained in a bombshell Sports Illustrated report in which a second woman accused Brown of sexual misconduct in 2017. Brown is currently embroiled in a sexual assault lawsuit filed by his former trainer, Britney Taylor, who claims Brown raped her in 2018.

9 August 2019

Subject: What the kids are watching

Hello Sportssuck,

I found your site over a year ago and visit it once in a while. I was never really into sports growing up for various reasons. I never had a favorite sport or any favorite team. I just watched what others did when it was on. I do hate it when people ask “did you catch the game last night?” or “do you know what the score is?”. I honestly do believe it is good to be active and be outdoors. I like riding my bicycle and building up a sweat or going to the gym and lifting weights. I guess my favorite sport today if you can call it that would be to go to the shooting range and fire off a hundred rounds from my 9mm for an hour once in a while. The reason I mostly hate sports is because first of all players get paid way too much but what really bothers me is the way kids are exposed to this type of environment today.

I have a nephew that is really into sports. He’s only 9 and I know it’s good for kids to be active outside but I just don’t want him to grow up and turn into the stereotypical jock. I watched him play once in a soccer game while his coach dad was yelling at all the kids to get in their places. Well what do you expect from kids? What worries me most is the amount of time I see him watching a screen. Every time he comes to my house he wants to play a sports game but I don’t have any newer stuff just some old Nintendo hockey or baseball games. When that’s not happening he’s staring at YouTube watching other people playing the latest NHL game or whatever. I know it can be difficult to keep a lid on these things so I pray to Jesus that when he gets older a BIBLE will be in his hands instead of always having a remote or game controller.

God gave us many gifts and the only sport I’m really interested in today (besides shooting my 9) is getting people on the Lords team.


14 July 2019

Subject: More sport than usual

Is it my imagination, or is the UK news media clogged with even more sport than usual, this summer?

The soccer season ended a few months ago, with some "important" match or other (like I was paying attention - ha! Fie, I say), but then it dragged on, with this match and that match, and recently there's been a lot of silly hoopla about matches played by women. Women or men, it is all drivel, but surely if the soccer season ends, then it should END. Don't let it drag its decaying corpse about all naffing summer, outstaying its welcome.

And then there's cricket, traditionally a summertime activity here in Blighty. Apparently, there has been something called a world cup, and now that it has happened, can we please decide that that's our lot for another year, or will other cricketing bores flog that dead horse, too?

I heard something about netball, a couple of days ago. I accept that there are lots of different sports, for the attention of the brain-dead, but why does the guff find its way onto news programmes, when it is not legitimate news? We never usually hear about such a minority interest sport - or is it that I am more successful usually in avoiding it than I have been this week? So why is its ugly head popping up in the news? And who gives a fart about something that's for junior school girls who don't know any better?

Wimboredom: it ended today and - yet again - I seem to have had the sense and taste to have not watched a solitary second of it. I trust that, unlike soccer, we won't hear anything about tennis now until next June. This is how it should be.

Oh, hang on, just a moment, here comes endless and dull coverage of the National Yawning Championships, the Staring At A Wall World Cup and the Birdwatching In Complete Darkness finals. And you know that sport fans would watch them.


26 May 2019

Subject: (Team) Professional sports do suck.

At work right now, I am enduring the neverending, mindless drivel of certain colleagues who are relentlessly following both the current NBA playoffs and the Stanley Cup finals in the NHL. I once followed hockey faithfully but have not for many years. People look at me like I have a disease when I tell them that I DON'T WATCH professional sports.

When I was planning to visit relatives in England this year, I had people telling me I HAD TO see a soccer match. Ugh. I hate FIFA, World Cup, all that defines soccer - and when I said I hated watching soccer people looked at me like I was insane. Ultimately that trip was postponed for other reasons, but soccer will NEVER be a reason to visit England for me.

I don't really watch ANY sport, and those sports that I do play are individual sports - figure skating and tennis, in addition to regular gym workouts. Unfortunately I can't play those sports right now because of a bad knee. It pisses me off no end that even some adults still have the maturity of high school jocks when it comes to professional sports.

Thanks for keeping this site going. And keep rebutting the professional sports clowns who spout their drivel here from time to time.


14 May 2019

Subject: High school and sports

Dealt with this garbage, wasn’t a jock so barely existed in high school. Was in the marching band, got treated like a piece of shit and watched the jocks get everything.

Funniest thing? Anyone can run with a ball on a field, knock someone down whatever. Takes no real skill or talent yet they are worshipped. Marching band you have to play an instrument and remember the routine and where you are supposed to be all while following the music.

Much more involved then some moron running on a field. Fuck sports.


9 May 2019

Subject: Sportssuck

Cricket in India is the most favorite sport of many people in India. They like to watch it more than play it. Especially when there is Indian Premiere league (IPL), these cricket fans keeps themselves updated about the scores and events by watching news and discussing even after they have seen it live.

When IPL season starts many users watch it on their smartphones using 4G even when they can watch it on a tv and cause data congestion for other non-cricket lovers. All the news channels, radio, and newspaper are spammed with updates about cricket which is very annoying for non-cricket lovers.


13 March 2019

Subject: Sports

Dear sportssuck.org,

For the past 7 years, I have hated sports. And whenever I go to gym class/P.E. I always miss the ball or flinch and people make fun of me. I always get in trouble whenever I say something bad about sports in school. And the jocks can always say things bad about drama, which is a strong hobby of mine. I felt like I was alone, and nobody would get it. I discovered your site and I felt overjoyed. Just because you enjoy sports does NOT give you the right to put your life on the line for it and bully other people over it. We are not alone and our voices will be heard.

Thank you, I needed to write this.


4 Feb 2019

Subject: Marching Band a sport?


I go to a quite large high school. Everyone goes to the football games. They pay $10 to watch the game and then when it's half time, the student section leaves and gets food and goes to the bathroom. The marching band spends at least four hours a week practicing parades, pregame, halftime, postgame, and not to mention all while playing music. We put hours upon hours of effort into performing an amazing performance for the entire school. However, no one even watches.

They only care about football.

Because it's a sport.

And marching band isn't? The definition of "sport" is "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment." The band spends at least two weeks towards the end of the summer break (sometimes more depending on the school) where we march for around 12 hours a day. It is still excruciatingly hot when we are out there, sweating our butts off, working for a perfect performance. Depending on the school, the marching band may be competitive, meaning that they go to multiple competitions with several other bands. There is an audience, as there would be for a basketball or soccer tournament. And not only does the band have all this physical work, we also memorize at LEAST 3 songs! and that's just for halftime! not to mention our school song, our alma mater, and more!

Varsity athletes at our school have benefits, varsity football players have only 7 periods rather than 8, any varsity athlete may be exempt from taking a gym class for the semester that their sport takes place, and not to mention the love and attention from the entire rest of the school. We marching banders get NOTHING. Varsity marching band starts at junior year. Shouldn't, at the very least, juniors and seniors deserve the same benefits of the athletes? We put so much time and effort into sounding and looking great, yet we have none of the benefits. We deserve more benefits within the school. Either give everyone and the other, non-band students should be more accepting of and less rude to band students.

That's all. I love marching band and am passionate about it as well as concert band. I hate sports. With my entire being. So so so much. Some of my best memories in marching band are at football games, and not even because of the actual football game. The good thing about our band is that we have so much love for each other and we all enjoy being there so much.

All in all, sports SUCK and band is superior. nerds forever :)


10 Nov 2018

Subject: If You Hate Sports, You'll Love Cable

See this: